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DIY Baby Onesies for Your Little ones

Nothing gets you in the mood for a new baby, a baby shower, or a visit with the littlest bundle of joy in your life quite like shopping for brand new baby onesies! Whether the baby is yours or someone else’s, there’s just something exciting and special about picking out the cutest onesies, looking at how small they are and how funny each print is. If you’re a DIY enthusiast like us, however, you might actually think there really is something even better than shopping for a new baby onesie: making one yourself!

Check out these 15 adorable customized baby onesie ideas that will have you changing Baby’s clothes every hour or waiting by your phone for pictures of the little one in your cute new creation!

1. Interchangable bow tie onesie with suspenders

Suspender and interchangeable bow tie onesie

As if the idea of an adorable baby wearing adjustable suspenders wasn’t cute enough, this onesie also comes with a series of interchangable DIY bow ties! Switch them in and out depending on the occasion, using the domes at the neck and on the back of each bow to snap them quickly on and off. We love that the embellishments aren’t just screen printed! Find out how to customize one just like this on Make It, Love It!

2. Stencilled wilderness onesies

Stencilled wilderness onesies

Are the parents of the baby you’re making the onesie for very outdoorsy? Do you just know that this kid will be camping before they can even walk? Make them something for the occasion! We absolutely love these stencilled fabric paint onesies by Go Home to Roost.

3. Office themed stencilled onesies

Office themed stencilled onesies

Perhaps the baby in question has parents who work from home or in offices that are occasionally child friendly? Make Baby something that’s smart looking and work ready! These adorably stencilled little onesies will have them fitting right in with the rest of the people on their work day. Find out how they’re made on Lovely Indeed.

4. Pleather star onesie

Leather star baby onesie

Do you get this weird sense that your baby is just a little more cutting edge than most? Is there something about Baby that just screams “future style icon”? Then leather is definitely the way to go. It isn’t the most baby skin friendly material, however, so See Kate Sew

found you another way to incorporate it into your DIY baby outfits: as an applique! Cut out cute shapes from the leather, like these little stars, and sew them all over the front of a onesie. Voila! Edgy style without making Baby feel hot and sticky in an actual leather outfit.

5. Silhouette cut vinyl animal onesies

Silhouette cut vinyl animal onesies

Did you like the cute animals idea, but rather than a realistic wildlife motif, you’re rather have cute cartoon beasties on a onesie? Well, if you have access to heat press vinyl and a Silhouette machine, then DIY Just Cuz

has some super easy (and really sweet) design ideas for you! We’re in love with these little negative space animal faces, featuring just their big, cute features, like their eyes, noses, and ears!

6. Cookie cutter baby onesies

Cookie cutter baby onesies

Do you think the best onesies are the ones that feature a little bit of silly humour that’s mostly meant for the adults who can read it? Then you’ll probably love this easy fabric painted design by Lil’ Luna! You can use this same hand painting technique to make just about any joke or pun you like.

7. Dip dyed and doily onesies

Dip dyed and doily onesies

Sometimes it’s nice to make something pretty for Baby rather than yet another cute or funny thing. This lace doily onesie by Vanessa Christenson, for example, is so pretty that your friends will hardly believe you made it yourself! We love the way the ombre dip dye method makes both the onesie and the lace a darker colour at the bottom, fading out delicately towards the top.

8. Heat bonded fabric scrap onesies

Heat bonded fabric scrap onesies

Do you have access to a plain onesie and an iron with an ironing board? Grab yourself some heat bond and some fabric scraps and get cutting the coloured and pattern pieces into the shape you want! The heat bond will help you iron the fabric onto the front of the onesie in a particular shape so you don’t have to sew if you don’t want to. It will make the pattern last longer, however, if you sew around the edges of your heat bonded image after you iron it. Check out the whole process on Bump Smitten!

9. Bikini baby onesie

Bikini baby onesie

Factory Direct Craft has an adorable idea for babies who want to enjoy the sun and the sand but who you still want to keep mostly covered from UV rays! Instead of really putting your little one in a polka dotted bikini, keep their sensitive skin protected by clothing and just put them in a onesie that looks like a polka dot bikini! This design is surprisingly east and beyond cute.

10. Iron-on transfer paper onesies

Iron on transfer paper onesies

Printable iron-on paper is a clothing customization enthusiast’s dream! You can design and print just about any saying or picture you like and then make a blank onesie unique simply by ironing the design right onto the front! In case you’ve never tried printing iron-on transfers before,  Handmade by Mrs G shows you how it’s done.

11. French mustache onesie

French mustache onesie

Are you inexplicably obsessed with the mustache trend, just like the rest of us? We don’t blame you! We love that silly little curled mustaches look hilarious and cute on just about any DIY project you can think up, including this metallic gold baby onesie from All Women’s Talk! Try adding a little bit of French cursive too, just to make the mustache even more trendy.

12. Girly makeup onesies

Girly makeup onesies

Burlap and Crystal reminds you once more how useful heat transfers and iron-on paper can be. Instead of designing a onesie featuring a well known baby character or a little cartoon, however, they suggest choosing some classic beauty products, like Chanel No 5 perfume or lipstick, and accompanying them with cute, girly quotes! We love that the words on this perfume bottle were changed to account for their wearer!

13. Simply patterned fabric paint onesies

Simply patterned fabric paint onesies

You’ve already seen one or two designs created with fabric paint, but Fresh Mommy wants to make sure you know just how unlimited your onesie design options really are if you choose fabric paint as your tool! As long as you’ve got a little imagination, there’s not end to the number of cute patterns, pictures, designs, and quotes you can make for your little one.

14. Cardigan and bow tie onesie

Cardigan and bow tie onesie

Do you prefer customizing the construction of clothing over simply painting or printing on it? Then we’d be willing to be that you’ll love this adorably snazzy onesie design by Baby Making Machine! Their tutorial guides you through the process of turning a plain onesie into a button down “cardigan” complete with its own adorable bow tie set.

15. Pretty pink bunches onesie

Pretty pink bunches onesie

Do you like the idea of actually altering the clothing but you’d like something a little more simple and sweet? We’re in love with this adorable blush pink gathered design by Love Maegan and we thin it might be just what you had in mind! Adding little pink bunches of fabric to the shoulders and at the waist looks like little flowers.

Do you know someone who loves making their friends and family baby gifts instead of just buying something from the store? Share this post with them so they have plenty of ideas next time someone’s expecting!

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