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15 Fantastic DIY Headboards – How To Revamp a Bedroom

When it comes to making home decor pieces, the bedroom might actually be our favourite place to make things for. There’s just something so calming and homey about making custom pieces for the place where you spend your most relaxed hours of the day, since it’s such an important part of your house. That’s why, when we decided it was time for a new headboard recently, we came to the conclusion that we’d rather make a headboard ourselves rather than buying one. We’ve been scrolling through options for DIY headboards all over the Internet ever since!

1. Custom painted, antique thrift headboard

Custom painted, antique thrift headboard

Perhaps you’ve actually inherited or come across a very old or maybe even vintage headboard recently and you’re feeling intent on using it but you think it needs some kind of sprucing up or customization to suit your space properly? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at the way Architectural Digest custom painted theirs! Their tutorial and outline offers you all kinds of tips and tricks for making something similar of your own.

2. Fabric covered, extra-wide headboard

Fabric covered, extra wide headboard

Perhaps you’re not convinced that an all wooden headboard would really suit your space so you’ve been considering something like tufting and other fabric based concepts? In that case, we think you’ll really appreciate the way Fabric, Paper, Glue created this headboard with panels that’s extra wide and covered entirely in fabric except for the outer frame!

3. Hand painted, string hung fabric headboard

Hand painted, string hung fabric headboard

Just because you want to add a piece behind your bead in order to make it look more finished and tie the room together doesn’t mean you have to build yourself a hard or wooden headboard that will stand structured behind your pillows! Just in case you’re feeling a little more soft and artsy, here’s an idea from The Finders Keepers that involves stringing up some hand painted fabric in place of a classic headboard for a wonderfully visually DIY effect!

4. Paper flowers headboard

Paper flowers headboard

Are you actually a very crafty person indeed, always aiming to make pretty, eye catching things that are very whimsical and impressive indeed? In that case we have a feeling you just might be the perfect person to make something like this breathtakingly beautiful paper flower headboard outlined step by lovely step, with full instructions, on Design Love Fest.

5. Painted fireplace mantel headboard

Painted fireplace mantel headboard