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15 Delicious Squash Recipes for Fall

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, there are plenty of dishes that we love. We’ll fully admit that we’re pretty partial to the carb heavy options, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love vegetables too! In fact, there are all kinds of vegetables we adore. We actually like vegetable dishes so much that sometimes we pick out seasonal things and make them in lots of different ways all season so that we really get to enjoy them in diverse ways. In the fall, for example, we don’t just make seasonal vegetables for Thanksgiving dinner alone; we make them all autumn long so we can get the most out of it! So, what’s our very favourite fall vegetable to make seasonal dishes with right now, you ask? We’re completely in love with squash!

Just in case you’re as obsessed with squash as we are, here are 15 delicious recipes that are so tasty and fragrant your mouth will water!

1. Sage havarti butternut squash lasagna

Sage havarti butternut squash lasagna

Have you always loved recipes that put a fancy twist on a classic favourite, especially if they involve one of your favourite seasonal vegetables? Then we think we’ve found something you’re going to completely adore! Noshing With the Nolands shows you how to make a delicious lasagna that, instead of being based on tomato sauce and hamburger meat or sausage, is made with butternut squash smothered in melted cheese!

2. Honey roasted butternut squash with cranberries and feta

Honey roasted butternut squash with cranberries and feta

Perhaps your favourite way to enjoy squash is simply roasted and cut into bite sized pieces? Well, just because you like things simple doesn’t mean you have to make them taste boring! This delicious honey roasted butter nut squash recipe uses cranberries and feta for a subtle but delicious flavour blend. Check it out on Peas and Crayons!

3. Butternut squash mac and cheese

Butternut squash mac and cheese

If there’s one thing we love more than almost anything, it’s a good, hot bowl of mac and cheese. Just because we adore a classic recipe, however, doesn’t mean we’re opposed to putting an exciting twist on our favourite thing to add a little extra flavour! That’s why we were so excited to give this mouth watering butt nut squash mac and cheese recipe from Life Currents.

4. Thai red curry with butternut squash and chickpeas

Thai red curry with butternut squash and chickpeas

Are your favourite recipes usually the ones that have a whole lot of flavour and a little bit of a kick in terms of spice? Then we’d be willing to bet that you’re already a huge curry fan! We also think, then, that you’re going to enjoy this recipe that combines the curries you can’t get enough of with your favourite fall veggie. Epicurious shows you how to make a fragrantly delicious Thai red curry that features squash and chick peas, making it a delicious options for any guest, even if they don’t eat meat.

5. Butternut squash gratin recipe

Butternut squash gratin recipe

Ever since we were little kids, we’ve just found something to satisfying about a good baked gratin dish. Variety is the spice of life, though, so we’ve been known to collect all different gratin recipes so that we always have delicious options whenever we find ourselves craving it! That’s why we loved this butter nut squash gratin recipe from The Kitchen is My Playground so much.

6. Butternut Squash chili

Butternut squash chili

Chili has always been one of our favourite dishes to both make and eat because you can customize it in so many different ways without losing what you love about the original dish! We like that you can make it spicy or mild, that you can use different types of ground meat depending on your tastes, and that you can pick and choose the veggies you put in to really make sure you’re making a dish you’ll love. Imagine our excitement, then, when we came across this scrumptious butter nut squash chili recipe from Chew Out Loud.

7. Easy carrot and butternut squash mash

Easy carrot and butternut squash mash

Don’t get us wrong, we’re absolute mashed potato lovers and we don’t often shy away from carbs like some do, but we do like trying out recipes that our vegetarian or more health conscious friends and family will enjoy! It’s always a bonus when the ingredients are things we absolutely adore too. That’s why we’ve actually made this delicious butter nut squash and carrot mash so many times in real life! Get the full details for making your own on Love Foodies.

8. Tex Mex stuffed butternut squash

Tex mex stuffed butternut squash

Are you still thinking about the delicious recipes we’ve shown you that combine flavours in unique ways to make your favourite fall vegetable even more tempting than it already is? In that case, stuffed dishes are going to be a life saver for you! They’re a great way to easily amp up your veggies and combine an almost endless amount of ingredients so you really get all the things you love in one place. This Tex Mex stuffed butter nut squash recipe from Our Life Tastes Good is the perfect example of what we mean.

9. Creamy butternut squash pasta

Creamy butternut squash pasta

The best part of making your own dinners is that you can get creative with how your incorporate your favourite veggies into all kinds of dishes. Lately, we’ve been completely obsessed with making unique pasta dishes, so we were practically itching to get our hands on the ingredients for this awesome dish from Noshing With the Nolands before we’d even finished reading the entire page. They show you how to make a decadent butter nut squash cream sauce for your al dente noodles.

10. Spicy ground beef and butternut squash

Spicy ground beef and butternut squash

Are you trying to keep the calories to a minimum wherever possible so you’re not really in the market for these creamier dishes or the meals smothered in cheese? Well, we think that’s an admirable goal, so here’s a recipe from My Heart Beets that keeps things to the simple basics without sacrificing any flavour. They combine ground beef and roasted butter nut squash but they also show you how to spice it to perfection.

11. Butternut squash and apple soup

Butternut squash and apple soup

If we’re being fully honest, one of the things that makes us adore butter nut squash quite as much as we do is the ease with which it can be turned into a soup ingredient! There are few things as satisfying and comforting on a chilly fall day as a warm, fragrant butter nut squash soup. Now, there are so many different kinds of squash soup out there that we could practically write an entire post about those alone, but this butter nut squash and apple soup recipe from Who Needs a Cape takes the cake for us!

12. Butternut squash fries

Butternut squash fries

If you’re the kind of cook or food lover that enjoys finding slightly healthier alternatives for your common favourites then you’ll definitely have tried sweet potato or yam fries already. Did you know, though, that there are other fall veggies out there that you can quite easily make equally delicious fries from? This recipe from My Fussy Eater is the perfect example of what we mean! They show you step by step how to whip up delicious homemade butter nut squash fries, salted and seasoned to preference.

13. Butternut squash chipotle dip

Butternut squash chipotle dip

Have you actually been scrolling through this post hoping to find a way to turn your favourite seasonal vegetable into an appetizer dish because you’ve already got the entrees and side dishes for your meal decided upon? Then we think we might have finally found just the dish for you! Life Currents shows you how to make a blended squash taco dip with a flavourful chipotle kick.

14. Gingered butternut squash soup

Gingered butternut squash soup

Are you still thinking about how delicious the idea of a butter nut squash based soup is but you’re not so sure about the previous recipe we showed you because you’ve never been a fan of how apples taste when they’re cooked or baked into other things? Then here’s a mouth watering alternative for your consideration instead! Check out how Noshing With the Nolands made this super seasonal tasting gingered butter nut squash soup instead.

15. Roasted butternut squash salad

Roasted butternut squash salad

As tempting as each of the recipes we’ve shown you so far has been, are you intent on finding one that’s a little more health conscious and will make you feel both fresh and satisfied? Then perhaps a delicious vegetable salad would be the best idea for you! Salads might seem like a summertime thing, but we’re always pleased to remember that roasted vegetables make a good, fresh salad into a fall dish just as filling and decadent as any other, without the calories. That’s why we make this roasted butter nut squash salad with feta cheese so often. Find out more about it on Lemon Tree Dwelling.

Do you know someone who loves squash just as much as we do, if not more? Share this post with them to give them all kinds of ways to enjoy their favourite thing!

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