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15 DIY Wedding Arches To Highlight Your Ceremony With

Put a handmade touch onto something extra special for the day you say, “I do.” These 15 DIY wedding arches are perfect for highlighting your ceremony with – as well as the bride and the groom. A gorgeous backdrop to both the vows and the photos, use these projects as inspiration or use them to your full advantage and follow the tutorials.

1. Wooden Posts

Diy wooden wedding arch

The Knot starts us off with a simple, wooden post arch that can easily be recreated by crafty hands. Add a bit of flowing fabrics and some florals too. This will really wrap up your vision and add a touch of bridal style.

2. “Girls” Inspired

Diy girls inspired wedding arch

A Practical Wedding was inspired by the hit show, “Girls,” with this colorful beauty. If you love lots of color and are looking for something with a bit of a bohemian style then you may want to try recreating this look. Add colors and textures of your choice to personalize!

3. Sunflowers & Baby’s Breath

Diy sunflowers and baby's breath wedding arch

For a bit of fall flavor, add some sunflowers to the overall design. Baby’s breath is always a great filler for those looking for delicacy and romance. This is definitely a more traditional look, perfect for brides with a strict vision.

4. Vintage Doors

Diy vintage door wedding arch

The Knot also gave us this sweet idea for using vintage doors. Create a space that fits your vision and adds a unique twist to the ceremony! All you need to do is some scavenging.

5. Decorative Metal

Metal & floral wedding arch diy

Pinterest gave us lots of creative ideas including this decorative metal piece! Whether you find it out and about on your flea market adventures or buy one brand new, it’s the perfect way to signify the alter for your intimate wedding. Just add some florals!

6. Silk Flowers

Lush funky floral wedding arch diy

You could always learn how to make some faux flowers that won’t wilt and will withstand the test of time. With the help of this YouTube video, you’ll be able to learn how to make some gorgeous silk florals that you can decorative your archway with. Just check out the link and follow along with the tutorial!

7. Rustic Twigs

Rustic twig wedding arch diy

If you’re looking for an arch that has a more rustic-inspired style, then this find from Pinterest may be right up your alley. Add some branches and more textural, organic materials to the design. You’ll have a lot of fun with a look like this!

8. Bohemian Styles

Bohemian style wedding arch diy

Add some offbeat textures and items to the design as well. Like take this boho-spirited piece that we found over at DIY Network, for example. A crocheted piece and some lush flowers really turn those wooden posts into something especially beautiful and bohemian.

9. Accessorized Mantle

Diy mantle wedding arch

DIY Network had this unique idea up their sleeve as well. If you don’t want to go too traditional, create a mark with a much smaller “arch,” like with an older mantle. Some vintage appeal and a beautiful, cozy photo op, we love the innovation and personalization here.

10. Ribbons

Diy wedding ribbon arch

Here’s another ribbon design that we’re swooning over. You can find the ingredients and inspiration for this piece over at Offbeat Bride. This piece is a bit different since it also combines the lush greenery, really offsetting the beautiful colors of the ribbon.

11. Fabric Streamers

Diy fabric streamer backdrop

Some basic, fabric streamers could create the arch that you’ve been dreaming of. Use this as the alter and backdrop to your ceremony but also as a beautiful photo op afterwards. Grab all the inspiration at Nouba.

12. Beatles Lyrics

All you need is love wedding arch diy

You don’t always have to have flowers involved, instead you can use some of your favorite lyrics or poetry verses as inspiration. That’s what happened here with this find from Pinterest. The Beatles could essentially be your backdrop for the entire event!

13. Church Doors

Vintage church door wedding arch diy

Cedarwood Weddings featured one gorgeous, real wedding and we were absolutely swooning for the gorgeous ceremony setup. And that includes the altar, which has been complimented by a pair of antique church doors. It’s quirky, romantic and creates such a beautiful photo.

14. Ladders & Chandelier

Diy ladder and chandlier wedding arch

A super easy, DIY idea to pull off, a pair of ladders could even make the arch you need. Some florals and a chandelier too, it’s a great design for those aiming at a shabby chic vision. It’s more trendy and, again, so easy for a novice crafter to recreate.

15. Wooden With Fabric and Florals

With fabric and flowers wedding arch diy

And finally, if you visit The Knot just one more time, you’ll find this stunning example. Wood posts, fabric and some florals come together, again, to create a design that is versatile and we all love. It’s just another great idea for you to gain inspiration from!

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