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15 DIY Wedding Arches To Highlight Your Ceremony With

Put a handmade touch onto something extra special for the day you say, “I do.” These 15 DIY wedding arches are perfect for highlighting your ceremony with – as well as the bride and the groom. A gorgeous backdrop to both the vows and the photos, use these projects as inspiration or use them to your full advantage and follow the tutorials.

1. Wooden Posts

Diy wooden wedding arch

The Knot starts us off with a simple, wooden post arch that can easily be recreated by crafty hands. Add a bit of flowing fabrics and some florals too. This will really wrap up your vision and add a touch of bridal style.

2. “Girls” Inspired

Diy girls inspired wedding arch

A Practical Wedding was inspired by the hit show, “Girls,” with this colorful beauty. If you love lots of color and are looking for something with a bit of a bohemian style then you may want to try recreating this look. Add colors and textures of your choice to personalize!

3. Sunflowers & Baby’s Breath

Diy sunflowers and baby's breath wedding arch

For a bit of fall flavor, add some sunflowers to the overall design. Baby’s breath is always a great filler for those looking for delicacy and romance. This is definitely a more traditional look, perfect for brides with a strict vision.

4. Vintage Doors

Diy vintage door wedding arch

The Knot also gave us this sweet idea for using vintage doors. Create a space that fits your vision and adds a unique twist to the ceremony! All you need to do is some scavenging.

5. Decorative Metal

Metal & floral wedding arch diy