Wine Cork Mobile Phone Holder

Mobile phone holders a huge convenience when it comes to keeping your phone properly protected and out of the way. Instead of buying a mobile phone holder, why not make one yourself?

By Jon Doe

You’ll be saving a ton of money and you can easily personalize these items through color and design.

Supplies Light rose and grey acrylic paint Wine corks Silk ribbon Wood glue Scissors Ruler Swipe Up for the full list of Supplies

Let's make Wine Cork Mobile Phone Holder

Step 1

Preparing Your Corks: In order to make this project positively pop, you’re going to want to color your corks in varying patterns or designs with plenty of color.

Step 2

Paint: Now that all of your lines are set up, you an begin to paint your corks. One side should be that gorgeous rose pink and the other should be that muted smoky grey.

Step 3

Arranging the Corks: Once you have all your corks painted, you can start to think about how you want them arranged.

Step 4

Gluing: Once you know exactly how you want to arrange your corks, you can start the gluing process. It’s best to glue them with adjoining colors so that they make an interesting pattern or design.

Step 5

Assembling: As you are gluing your corks together, you are going to want to start assembling your base piece to your mobile phone holder.

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