DIY Modern Paint Chip Wall Art

Finding the perfect piece of artwork for your home can be difficult, especially if you’re faced with a large wall and a tight budget. But we have the perfect solution for you… paint chip art

By Jon Doe

This project takes some time, so be sure to set aside at least a couple of hours to complete it.

Supplies Paint chips in a variety of colors Large brown kraft paper Painter’s tape Scissors Glue stick Pencil Pixelized printout of artwork

Let's make DIY Modern Paint Chip Wall Art

Step 1

Begin by creating your pixelized artwork. Feel free to print out the image above if you’d like to use Girl with a Pearl Earring as your inspiration. Or bring any other image into Photoshop and click on the Filter menu.

Step 2

Next, tape a large piece of kraft paper to the wall using blue painter’s tape.

Step 3

Next, cut all of your paint chips into four equal sized pieces. You’ll also want to tape your printout to the wall so you can reference it easily throughout the process.

Step 4

Begin working from a center point outward – I chose the white of the eye to start with. Use the glue stick to begin attaching squares using colors that correspond with the squares on your printout.

Step 5

Work outward, continuing to glue squares into their corresponding spot. It is extremely helpful to check off the squares on the printout as you glue them onto the kraft paper.

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