Christmas Joy Holiday Wreath

Instead of creating a circular wreath, try adding some simple flair to a basic wreath made of sticks and add letters with other floral decorations.

By Jon Doe

Hang it on your door, or above your fireplace mantel for a bit of rustic decor this season.

Materials Needed A smaller wreath Wooden letters Fine grit sand paper Holiday embellishments Floral wire Scissors or wire cutters

Let's make Christmas Joy Holiday Wreath

Step 1

Pick wooden letters for this project, not cardboard ones. These letters are also relatively thin, at about 5/8 of an inch thick.  Thinner letters make it easy for the floral wire to hold securely in place. For this wreath I am spelling out the word “JOY,” with the wreath being the “O.”

Step 2

Sand the letters down as much as you like with a fine grit sand paper. Sanding it reveals the brown, wooden layer underneath the white with picks up the brown in the stick wreath.

Step 3

When you feel you’ve revealed just enough of the underlining wood layer, wipe the letters down with a damp cloth to remove any sawdust.  Then attach the letters to the wreath.

Step 4

I found it easier to use floral wire to attach them instead of glue. Position the letters at the top and bottom of the wreath, and off center if you choose. Wrap the floral wire around the letter and twist it at the back to secure it.

Step 5

Add your embellishments at the top right corner of the wreath. Create a small hook with the end of the floral piece for easy weaving into this type of wreath.

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