Urban Outfitters Knockoff: Indoor Hanging Gold Planter

Urban Outfitters has some unique planters in their Apartment section, but they can be a bit pricey for what they are.

By Jon Doe

So I got to thinking… maybe I could make my own version of their Assembly Home Eos Hanging Planter.

Supplies A bowl Darice Gold Metal Ring Gold tone wire, High-quality gold tone chain Gold tone hook, Wooden dowel rod  Gold spray paint Electric drill Small saw Swipe up for the full list of supplies

Let's make Urban Outfitters Knockoff: Indoor Hanging Gold Planter

Step 1

Begin by setting the dowel on your work surface, then set the ring on top of it and the bowl on top of that. Mark where the bowl edges are, and mark the outside of the ring.

Step 2

Saw at those marks. Sand down the ends of the dowels so everything is nice and smooth.

Step 3

Next, drill a hole in the side of the bowl. Although it doesn’t look like it in the photo above, the drill angle should be parallel to the top of the bowl. Drill only about a quarter of an inch into the bowl, not all the way through. Now repeat this process on the opposite side of the bowl.

Step 4

Now is the time to test out the sizing and make sure that your measurements were correct. Stick the dowels that you cut into the holes you drilled and put this whole piece inside of the metal ring – the edges of the dowels should it should fit snugly across the diameter of the ring.

Step 5

Some glue may ooze out – wipe it off with a piece of paper towel. Let the glue dry for a half an hour or so.

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