DIY Pastel Christmas Table Top Centrepiece

Have you ever seen a Christmas display that’s done in shades other than the traditional green and red colours you’re used to and just fallen in love with it?

By Jon Doe

I did that recently when I saw a Christmas decor scheme that was all white and pastel pink.

Materials Needed A miniature pot (white) A white ribbon Two pencils (one for drawing and one for the craft) Hot glue Scissors Miniature faux pinecones Styrofoam A styrofoam cone

Let's make DIY Pastel Christmas Table Top Centrepiece

Step 1

Cut a piece from your Styrofoam block that’s about the diameter of your mini planting pot using your folding knife. Then round off the corners and edge to make a cylinder that will fit in the pot better.

Step 2

Lay your white scrap of fabric flat and place the tip of your foam cone in the top right corner, angling it downward diagonally.

Step 3

Place your circle on the fabric and trace around it but with a slight margin, drawing a circle that’s slightly bigger than the first. Cut this out too.

Step 4

Apply hot glue to the end of a pencil and stick the end of your white ribbon down there horizontally.

Step 5

Wrap your arced piece of white fabric around the outside of your Styrofoam cone so it curves in the same shape.

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