DIY Paper Straw Wreath

A lot of people are crafty on a budget, whether due to short finances or simply being frugal. What is universally true is that some of the least expensive projects turn out the best and are the most fun to do.

By Jon Doe

A paper straw wreath requires hardly any investment, working with basic supplies like ribbon and cardboard.

Supplies paper straws cardboard glue gun pencil scissors small round mosaic mirror silk ribbon

Let's make DIY Paper Straw Wreath

Step 1

The center: Grab your piece of cardboard. It doesn’t have to be large, as you’re only going to use a small piece of it anyway. With your pencil, trace a circle on it. Now, take your scissors and cut the circle out.

Step 2

Adding some décor: If you can get two different colors of paper straws, that would be great. Line them up like the rays of the sun, as even as possible, all the way around your cardboard cut out. When you have them all laid out, take a moment to make sure they are distributed evenly around the base. There should be some space between them.

Step 3

Mirror, mirror: Grab your small round mosaic mirror. Add hot glue to the back, and glue it to the center of your cardboard, as evenly as possible.

Step 4

Hanging: Take your entire wreath and flip it over so it’s face down. Find your silk ribbon, and fold it like an ‘awareness’ ribbon, folding the ribbon over itself in the center and pinching it to hold it like that.

Step 5

Test your placement of the hanging ribbon. Your loop should rise above the cardboard circle but not be imposing. When you’ve determined where you want it, use the glue gun to put a dot of hot glue on each side of the ribbon where it crosses over itself.

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