DIY Christmas Doll Ornament for Tree

I asked my kids recently if they’d like to help me make something simple that we could hang on our Christmas tree and when they said yes, I asked them what they’d like to make. They answered “a doll”.

By Jon Doe

The outcome was actually so cute that I decided outline the process so other people can give it a try as well.

Materials Needed Ribbons (pink and gold) Gold thread Doll hair (from the local craft store) A spun cotton ball Red felt Markers (black and red) Scissors Hot glue Glitter White glue A dotting tool

Let's make DIY Christmas Doll Ornament for Tree

Step 1

Poke your dotting tool into the spin cotton ball so you can move it around it easily. This ball will become your doll’s head! Holding the dotting tool, dip your paintbrush into your white glue and paint it all over the ball, turning it by the handle as you need.

Step 2

Continue holding the ball over that scrap paper for this next because, because things are about to get messy! Before your glue can dry, sprinkle your white glitter all over the ball. Turn it by the dotting tool to try and get as even a coverage as possible. Set the ball aside to let it dry.

Step 3

Cut a square from your red paper about three inches by three inches. Starting at one corner and ending at the corner diagonally across from it, round the edges and the spare corner between those two off.

Step 4

Cut a scalloped edge all along the rounded side you just made, opposite your remaining pointed corner, so it looks like the paper has frills.

Step 5

Make a bow from your gold ribbon. Rather than tying one that might slide undone, I brought each end inward in a loop towards the centre and glued them in place. Trim the ends if they’re a little long.

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