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15 Cute Ways to Upcycle Glass Bottles, Jars, and Cups

Everyone knows that recycling your glass bottles, jars, and cups is a good idea, but how many people think about upcycling the occasional glass container instead? You don’t necessarily need to wash the bottle and stash it away from crafting every time you enjoy a beer in your favourite arm chair, but bigger bottles with interesting colours and shapes or jars of a size that you think will be useful are often great DIY opportunities.

Check out these 15 awesome ways to upcycle glass containers of all kinds!

1. Wine bottle pendant lamps

Win bottle pendant lamps

I Love to Create walks you through the process of cleaning, decorating, and wiring an empty win bottle in order to transform it into a practical hanging pendant lamp!

2. Chevron painted pencil holders

Chevron painted pencil holders

It’s amazing how some all-surface paint and a simple pattern can transform a boring old drinking glass into a bright, useful container. The Suburban Mom mom shows you how to create the pattern straight and neatly, without smudging or crooked free drawn lines.

3. Painted mason jar brush holder

Painted mason jar brush holder

Painting a mason jar might not sound like a labour intensive DIY project, but Everday Trish still reminds you how useful they can be to upcycle! For example, mason jars are the perfect height for storing makeup brushes easily and accessibly.

4. Decorative drink bottles

Decorative drink bottles

Have you ever seen small Starbucks drinks for sale in convenience store fridges? Those little glass bottles are the perfect size for making little decor pieces. The Casual Craftlete shows you how to make them in a number of different styles and looks.