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Triple Herb Christmas Stuffing

Triple Herb Christmas Stuffing is an easy side dish to serve at any holiday gathering! Its crisp crust, soft stuffing, and big herb flavor is sure to make this an instant classic.

Triple herb christmas stuffing

This Triple Herb Christmas Stuffing is the perfect addition to your Christmas table. It’s a traditional stuffing – no pears, no apples, no nuts, no nothing weird – just the best classic stuffing you’ve ever tasted.

The herbs in this recipe add heaps of savory flavor to our stuffing. Rosemary, thyme, and sage are quintessential winter herbs that add that special holiday flavor to this side dish.

Triple herb christmas stuffing recipe

Technically speaking, this Triple Herb Christmas Stuffing, isn’t actually dressing. Stuffing is baked inside a turkey or other bird, but dressing can be made in a pan, not requiring it to be “stuffed” into anything.

Dressing is easier to make, its suitable for vegetarians, and when made right, it has just as much, if not more flavor, than stuffing. Since our Triple Herb Christmas Stuffing is not encased inside a bird, the top can brown and get a nice crunchy crust – which is the perfect textural compliment to the soft stuffing underneath.

Triple herb christmas stuffing easy recipe

A few tricks make this Triple Herb Christmas Stuffing the best stuffing on the Holiday Table:

The single most essential trick to perfect stuffing is this: use dry bread. Always. If you have the time, cube your bread and let it sit out, uncovered, on the counter overnight. If you are making stuffing in a rush, cube your bread and dry it out in a 350 degree oven for 10-20 minutes. Though it seems odd to use old and dry bread, when the bread is less than table quality, it can better absorb flavor. Don’t worry, your Triple Herb Christmas Stuffing won’t be the least bit dry.