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15 Thrift Shop Dress Alteration Tutorials

We are self admitted thrifting masters. There are very few things we love doing more than searching for great, fashionable finds at thrift stores and really seeking out pieces we love and will actually wear in order to save a little bit of money on brand names and pricey styles. If we had to choose one thing, however, that we enjoy even more than just plain thrift shopping, it would have to be doing awesomely transforming alterations on the things we find there in order to turn them into something even cooler and more wearable!

We haven’t always been total pros at thrift shop clothing alterations, however, and even now we often feel like we need a little bit of guidance, so we’ve been keeping a list of great tutorials that we can try depending on what we find at each second hand store haul!

1. Skirt to caplet

Skirt to capelet

Have you found an old woolen skirt that you absolutely adore the fabric of but you’re just not sure you’ll wearing the skirt itself at the length or in that style? Then we think perhaps we’ve found the perfect alteration for you! This tutorial from Trevor Loves Mommy shows you how to split, shorten, and finish the skirt into a new shape in order to make a stylish caplet that can be worn casually or dressed up fancy. Getting a versatile garment out of something you paid sale prices for at a thrift shop is like an extra bonus.

2. Baggy dress refitting

Baggy dress refitting

Have you found an old dress that you adore the colour of and you even like the feeling of the fabric but it just plain and simply doesn’t fit? Well, if you really like the other aspects of the dress that much, it’s still worth getting as long as you’re up for the prospect of getting a little creative when you get home! Fashion Toppings show you how to tailor it to your shape a little bit more so you can actually see your silhouette.

3. Shift top to party dress

Shift top to party dress

Have you found a negligee, shift, or other piece of nightwear that’s made of an absolutely gorgeous fabric you’d have worn in a second if it was an actual dress? Well, what’s to say you can’t make it into a dress with a little bit of creative altering? So You Think You’re Crafty is here to tell you how it’s done! We love the lovely silky floral style of this dress that was created out of a shift.

4. Prom dress to pleated skirt

Prom dress to pleated skirt

Have you found an old prom dress that you love the flared bottom of thanks to the pattern and pleats but you’re unsure about buying it because you’re not very fond of the top part and you don’t really have anywhere to wear a full gown right now? Well, if Trevor Loves Mommy‘s prom dress story is anything to go by, there’s totally still a reason for you to buy the dress! Their tutorial shows you step by step how to detach the bottom part that you love, refinish and resize the top, and turn it into a pleated high waisted skirt instead.