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These 15 Small Bedroom Hacks Will Save Your Spring Cleaning

If you’re working with a small space, things can get a bit tricky. Whether you’re trying to organize the chaos or you just want to decorate a trendy area to enjoy, when there isn’t much square footage on hand, it becomes more of a challenge. Thankfully, there are plenty of genius ways to utilize every inch and create something special. Check out these 15 small bedroom hacks that will save you time, stress, and your spring cleaning.

1. Double Side Table & Desk

Double side table as desj

We start over at Apartment Therapy and find some great example of ways to utilize every inch of your small bedroom. If you need both a desk and a side table – pick a piece and have it do double duty. This acts nicely as a place to get your work done and a spot to keep alarm clock too.

2. DIY Laundry Hamper

Hang your laundry hamper

Hang up and DIY your own laundry hamper. This beautiful project is from Making Nice in the Midwest and will leave a bit more square footage for yourself to work with. Don’t clutter the corners with dirty clothes when you can hang this on your closet door instead.

3. Create a Storage Wall

Create a storage wall

Refinery 29 really inspired us with this magical, organized wall. It holds all of the essentials in one spot, utilizes every inch, and everything is tidied to perfection. Take notes here and try create both an accent and chic space like this in your own bedroom.

4. Use Trunks

Use trunks as dual purpose in small bedroom

Glitter Guide had us thinking about double-duty pieces as well. Trunks are great for this! They can act as stools and tables all while being storage options for our “stuff” as well. Everything from media to photos to out-of-season clothing or accessories could fit inside.

5. Above-the-Bed Shelving

Install above the bed shelves