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Delicious Recipes Made With Pitas

When it comes to choosing simple foods at the grocery store, we’re big fans of things that can be used to make both entrees and snacks. That’s why we love pitas so much! We can make ourselves a delicious pita wrap or sandwich for lunch time and then have pita bits and hummus with the kids when they come home from school asking for a snack. Lucky for us, the kids love pitas just as much as we do, so we’re always on the lookout for new recipes that we can make with them. After all, once you’ve found a staple food that your kids will happily eat without convincing, it’s always worth using that as much as you can before they’re sick of it, right?

Just in case you and your family love pitas as much as we do but you don’t know how to keep them interesting so that your kids keep loving them, here are 15 simple and delicious meal recipes and snack food ideas that we actually make all the time!

1. Easy Mediterranean pita pockets

Easy mediterranean pita pockets

We’re the kind of food enthusiasts who will eat any kind of meal during any season, but there’s something about pita pocket sandwiches that just makes us feel like summer. You won’t be surprised to learn, then, that we’ve been making them more and more now that the weather is warming up! One of our favourite ways to add lots of flavour to the simple tasting pita outside is to make what is basically a whole Mediterranean salad on the inside. Check out how Cait’s Plate cut their pitas in half and filled them like half circles for easy biting.

2. Flavourful chicken fajita pita

Flavfourful chicken fajita pita

Perhaps you’re quite a big fan of the pita sandwich idea but you’d rather make a recipe that has a little bit of meat involved because you know your kids love chicken? Then we absolutely think you should take a look at how Life, Love, and Good Food created these mouth watering fajita chicken pitas. Their recipe shows you how to make the fillings of a classic Mexican fajita (you can control the spice levels) but they suggest putting it in a half pita for easier holding and less messy biting than when you wrap the chicken and veggies in a classic wrap.

3. Slow cooker Greek chicken pita

Slow cooker greek chicken pita

Did we really catch your attention with the idea of a delicious chicken filled pita but you’re working long days this week and you know you won’t have time to make yourself a good, hearty meal from scratch after work before you fall asleep? In that case, we’d suggest digging out the slow cooker and going in that direction instead! What 2 Cook shows you how to make irresistible Greek chicken that’s cooked in the slow cooker so all you have to do when you get home is scoop it in to the pita. It’s even already seasoned and accompanied by delicious veggies!

4. Greek style 15 minute pita pizza

Greek style 15 minute pita pizza

We know we’ve talked a lot about pita pocket style sandwiches so far (if you know how delicious those are, we’re sure you won’t blame us), but sandwiches aren’t the only things you can make with pitas! One of our kids’ very favourite meals in the whole world is actually pita pizza, which we’re happy to make them just about as often as they want because the pizzas are light, healthier than a regular pizza, and surprisingly quick and easy to make! Check out how this fragrant Greek style pizza from My Greek Dish was made in just 15 minutes.