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Really Tasty 15 Homemade Burger Recipes

If we had to list one type of food that reminds us of summertime and being on holiday from school as a kid, we’d definitely say hamburgers, without hesitation or doubt. There’s just something so classic and time-honoured about biting into a juicy hamburger with a hot side of fries as you sit at a picnic table in the summer sun! Lately, we’ve actually been trying to be a little healthier about our approach to even our favourite foods, so we’re trying not to give into the temptation of fast food and takeout as often as we might have in previous years. Even so, we’re completely aware that our hamburger craving will not go away, and we’d prefer not to leave it unsatisfied since it’s such a classic part of our summer routine. That’s why we’ve been feeling so determined to learn how to make our own homemade burgers instead!

The moment we started searching for homemade burger recipes, we were thrilled to discover that there are actually many more delicious and unique options out there than we initially thought. By the time we’d stopped bookmarking on the first round of our search, we’d amassed quite the impressive list of options, so we figured we’d might as well share those with people who love burgers just as much as us and would also like to learn how to make them homemade this year!

Keep scrolling for a mouthwatering list of the 15 best homemade burger recipes we’ve come across so far in our search.

1. Classic homemade all-beef burger patties recipe; no filler, just beef

Classic homemade all beef burger patties recipe no filler, just beef

Despite your newfound determination to make a healthier, more natural homemade burger from scratch yourself, are you still feeling rather intent on sticking to the classic taste you love and keeping things quite simple? Then we’d like to start you out with this surprisingly straight forward recipe from Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen that teaches you how to make classic homemade all-beef burger patties nice and easily, without any of the filler ingredients that you might find in store-bought patties or restaurants.

2. Special homemade burger patties

Special homemade burger patties

Have we almost got you feeling convinced by the idea of making something very classic and simple when it comes to creating your own homemade burger patties, but you’re also feeling at least a little bit intrigued by the idea of adding other flavours? Then we think you might get along quite well with something like this burger recipe from The Kiwi Country Girl. They show you how to do essentially what you saw above, but this time with a few added seasonings for a little sometime extra. They even talk about how you can customize that combination of seasonings to your own tastes very easily!

3. Homemade Burger King whopper

Homemade burger king whopper

Are you actually really struggling wth your conviction to eat at home and make your own burgers instead of ordering out or getting takeout and fast food? Well, we love a good burger night from our favourite chains just as much as the next person, so we really can’t say we blame you. We can, however, show you how awesome this recipe from Serious Eats is! Their tutorial shows you how to make a homemade burger that’s prepared and served to taste just like the Whopper burger from Burger King.

4. Beef burger “egg in the hole”

Beef burger egg in the hole

If you’re going to put in all the time and effort it takes to make homemade burgers from scratch, would you actually rather intentionally make them a little more unique and unconventional? We love that idea too, which is why this recipe from Dave Hax caught our eye so well! Their tutorial walks you step by step through the process of not just making your own homemade patty meat, but also forming the patty with a hole in the centre (like a ring) so that you can crack an egg into it and make beef burger “egg in the hole”. It’s extremely filling and very satisfying indeed!

5. Awesome homemade vegetarian burgers

Awesome homemade vegetarian burgers

Of course, we know very well that not everyone who adored the taste of a good hamburger once up on a time can still enjoy the classic beef recipe, either for their own health or in good conscience based on their beliefs about animals in the food industry. That’s why we wanted to make absolute sure that we had a great tasting alternative on hand that would keep our vegetarian friends and family feeling in the loop! Take a good look at the tutorial on Serious Eats to see how these scrumptious and flavourful homemade vegetarian burgers were made.

6. Homemade vegan, gluten free burger

Homemade vegan, gluten free burger

Having a vegetarian recipe on hand is definitely a great idea, but what if you have friends or family members who actually have even more limited dietary restrictions than what those burgers present? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest checking out how Mom Foodie made these fantastic alternative burgers that are just as homemade, but only using patty ingredients and buns that are vegan and gluten free!

7. Beef and pork Burger with freakishly good homemade mayo


Are you still hoping to get at least a little bit creative with your burger patties but you’re also hesitant because you don’t want to risk the classic burger taste, like you’re pretty sure happens at some of these gourmet burger places that get wild with the unconventional toppings? Then maybe this delicious recipe from Cooks With Cocktails will be a little more up your alley. Check out their page to learn more about these beef and pork burgers served with a homemade mayonnaise that they teach you how to make and also describe as “freakishly good”. That might really be what roped us in!

8. Asian style pork burgers

Asian style pork burgersAre you the kind of slightly more unconventional foodie who adores putting international inspired flavours on North American classics in ways that you wouldn’t necessarily normally find brought together in one dish? Well, we’re really big fans of “fusion” foods lately too, so we can’t blame you! These irresistible and super flavourful Asian style pork burgers featured step by step on Food & Wine are the perfect example of what we mean.

9. Beef burger with deep fried bacon and thousand island dressing

Beef burger with deep fried bacon and thousand island dressing

Have you actually been scrolling through our list in the hopes of finding something very unique indeed that you can guarantee your family has never tried before, almost like something you might find in a specialty or gourmet restaurant? Well, if you’re also a bacon lover than we can almost guarantee that you’ll get a real kick out of the concept from Unilever Food Solutions! They show you in detail how they made these classic beef burgers but topped them with deep fried bacon and homemade thousand island dressing.

10. Chipotle bacon turkey burger

Chipotle bacon turkey burger

Of course, beef and pork aren’t actually the only things you can make delicious burgers from! If you’re hoping for a total deviation from the norm but still feeling determined to stick around the “homemade burgers” wheelhouse, then we think you simply must take a look at this next recipe from Chowhound. They’ll show you how these chipotle bacon turkey burgers were made, topped with a yummy, crunchy slaw!

11. Roasted jalapeño cheddar turkey burgers

Roasted jalapeño cheddar turkey burgers

Did we actually really catch your attention with all this talk of turkey burgers but you’ve also always been the kind of person who prefers any recipes with a little extra spice or added kick? Then we’re convinced that you’ll get along even better with this recipe from How Sweet Eats. They’ll show you how these roasted jalapeno cheddar turkey burgers were made.

12. Homemade ground chicken burgers

Homemade ground chicken burgers

Are you actually in the mood for making something that’s still delicious but is also a little healthier than even homemade beef burgers are, even though you still want tons of flavour? Then we have a feeling you’ll appreciate just how lean and tasty a homemade chicken burger can be. Get the full details for making these homemade ground chicken burgers on Art and The Kitchen.

13. Homemade Indian syle chicken burgers

Homemade indian syle chicken burgers

Are you actually still finding yourself feeling completely enamoured with this concept of homemade burgers that have international spins on them, but you just haven’t seen the idea that quite has you feeling convinced? In that case, especially if you’ve ever been a fan of Indian inspired flavours, then we’d definitely suggest checking out this recipe from Peek n’ Cook for homemade Indian style chicken burgers.

14. Pulled chicken burger recipe

Pulled chicken burger recipe

If you ask us, the messier the burger recipe is, the better it usually tastes! In fact, this next recipe featured in detail on Barry Lewis might actually be our favourite one on this whole list. Take a closer look at their page to find a step by step guide for how they made these pulled chicken burgers completely from scratch, including the sauce (but minus the bun).

15. Homemade lamb burgers with feta-mint spread

Homemade lamb burgers with mint spread

Are you actually a little more experienced in cooking and food preparation, so you’re really been hoping to put your skills to the test and create a burger that’s a little more gourmet, just to really impress your friends and family? In that case, you just might be the perfect person to give this phenomenally tasty recipe from My Recipes a try! Check out their tutorial to learn more about how these homemade lamb burgers with a creamy feta-mint spread were made.

Do you have a friend who loves making homemade version of their number one restaurant favourites and wants to take a crack at making their own burgers, but who has been hesitating? Share this post with them so they hav all kinds of recipes and options to work with!

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