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Creative DIY Projects Made With Playing Cards

Is your family the kind of group that gathers around the table after dinner each night to play cards? Do you adore games like Uchre, Poker, and Bridge? Then your household sounds like the perfect place for some DIY projects that upcycle or incorporate playing cards into your creative life too!

Check out these 15 crafting opportunities that repurpose playing cards into all kinds of awesome things.

1. Playing card and hot glue toy house

Playing card and hot glue toy house

Do you have a pack of cards that’s so bent or that’s lost its glossy finish so badly that the cards sort of stick together as you play? This doesn’t have to mean that they’re destined for the garbage or recycling box! Crafting a Greener World shows you how to use simple stacking techniques and glue to make a toy house out of playing cards. It might look unstable, but if you build it from triangles like the picture shows and glue it well, the house will actually be able to support small toys!

2. Playing card Valentine’s Day Garland

Playing card valentine's day garland

Holiday themed garland is cute for any occasion, but we’re pretty big fans of this slightly “punny” Valentine’s Day garland idea from No Time for Flash Cards! Collect all of the cards in the hearts suit from an old deck of cards and string them along some ribbon or crafting string. From other cards, cut heart shapes out of the red side and string those between the heart faces!

3. Playing card cut out magnet

Playing card cut out magnet

One of our favourite ways to upcycle small things is to make them into magnets, because they’re easy to make and you can create so many different designs. Playing cards are not exception! Cut Out and Keep shows you how to create a flowered magnet from rounded strips of old playing cards.

4. Playing card Las Vegas themed bouquet

Playing card last vegas themed bouquet

Are you and your bridal part headed to Las Vegas for your bachelorette party, complete with costumes and novelty props or accessories? This faux flower bouquet from Pinterest, featuring dice and playing cards between the roses, is the perfect way for you to reuse those old cards sitting in your games chest!