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15 DIY Pens and Pencils That Will Make Studying More Fun

If we’re being totally honest with you, we’ve always been the ones in class who shows up with some kind of totally extra hand crafted element to our back to school gear. Whether we’ve painted our own backpack or sewn our own pencil case, there’s something DIY about the things we prepare ourselves for the new year. One of the things we liked doing best, however, is continuing to make ourselves new things as the semester goes on, just to keep ourselves feeling excited and interested while we’re doing homework or taking notes. That’s why, a few weeks into the first semester, we’ve been struck by the inspiration to make ourselves a few totally funky DIY pens and pencils to add to our kit and really impress everyone in class with.

Just in case you’re feeling just about as intrigued as we were, if not more, by the idea of making your own awesomely customized pens and pencils, here are 15 of the very best designs, ideas, and tutorials that we’ve come across in our search for inspiration so far!

1. Nail polish pens and pencils

Nail polish pens and pencils

When you’re not taking notes in class are you a total beauty guru, pouring over makeup tutorials and practicing your techniques in your spare time? Well, it nails have ever been part of your beauty routine, save up the bottles the next time you find one empty after a manicure! Believe it or not, you can turn those bottles and their lids into adorable little pencils. Your classmates will think you’re about to give your nails a touch up mid class when you first pull this funny utensil out of your bag! Get the full details on Kim Inspired DIY.

2. DIY botanical pen bouquet

Diy botanical pen bouquet

Have you actually always preferred working with softer materials like felts and fabrics, no matter what kind of project it is you’re making, but you weren’t sure you can really created something like a customized pen or pencil using soft things as your primary tools? Well, we think you’ll be pretty pleased to learn that you actually can thanks to tutorials like this one from Craft A Doodle Doo!

3. Thread wrapped pom pom pencils

Thread wrapped pom pom pens

Perhaps we really caught your attention when we started talking about customizing your writing utensils with softer materials, because that really is the kind of craft you usually prefer, but fabric wasn’t really what you had in mind? Well, if you happen to have some embroidery floss and yarn on hand, we think perhaps you’ll get along a little bit better with this awesome thread wrapped pom pom pencil idea outlined step by step on Purely Katie!

4. DIY ribbon and beaded pens

Diy ribbon and beaded pens

What if you’ve actually been scrolling through our list and hoping to come across something a little more mixed media and eclectic looking, since part of what you love so much about crafting your own things is that you can make things that look funkier than what’s available in stores? In that case, we have a sneaking suspicion that these ribbon wrapped pens with seed bead ends might be right up your alley! Get the full details for making your own on Shemi Dixon.

5. Lip gloss pens and pencils

Lip gloss pens and pencils