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11 Best Pizza Cutters to Use at Home

If you don’t currently own a simple home pizza cutter for your kitchen and you’ve been cutting your oven pizza more manually with a regular knife, then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been missing out! Besides the fact that it’s easier to portion more evenly for your family with a pizza cutter, there’s a certain authentic pizza shop charm that goes along with using a wheel cutter on your pies even when you’re at home.

Best Pizza Cutters

Pizza cutters aren’t, however, something you might want to take a whole shopping trip for specifically, so we decided to make things a little easier by gathering the links for the best cutters we could find for order on the Internet.

What is a pizza cutter?

If you’ve never used a pizza cutter before then, we’re willing to bet that you’ve at least seen one on TV. A pizza cutter is a rounded blade that rotates along its sharp edge in a safe handle and lets you cut all the way across things like pizza in a straight, continuous line. When you cut across in different directions, the lines intersect, and that’s how you get even, perfectly pointed slices like the ones that pizza is classically served in. You can also use a cutter to make square pieces or any shape involving straight lies.

Why use a pizza cutter?

Because you can press down well in a pizza cutter and roll it through the toppings and dough without an uneven cutting motion like that of a knife, your pieces will come out more evenly sized and intact. It’s easier to measure the intersections of your cuts with a pizza cutter, and the action of how it cuts pulls the cheese, meat, and veggies off the top of your pizza much less. It’s a quicker, smoother, and neater experience! It also makes all the pieces more evenly sized so the kids won’t fight for the biggest one.

What is the best pizza cutter on the market?

In order to make the task of choosing which pizza cutter to purchase a little easier, check out this list that compares and contrasts the 11 best pizza cutters we came across in our search.

1. Kitchy pizza cutter wheel

Kitchy pizza cutter wheel

Even though you’re interested in a rather classic tool like a pizza cutter for your kitchen, are you also always a fan of putting more modern twists on classic ideas? Then we think you’ll like this unique pizza cutter fromKitchy. Rather than featuring a long handle that causes you to press down on the blade at an angle, which is kind of uneven pressure, this smaller version is gripped right on top and rolled from there with an even downwards pressure that makes cutting through the dough even easier than usual.

Although this reinforced, ergonomic cutter is very safe to use and designed very carefully, you’ll still want to be careful in how you apply your pressure, so the wheel doesn’t slip out from under your hand and make weird cuts.

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2. KitchenAid classic pizza cutter

Kitchenaid classic pizza cutter

Perhaps a more classically designed pizza cutter is actually precisely what you’re looking for, but you’re also interested in a modern look and great materiality? Then we think you’ll get along quite well with this one from KitchenAid. It has a solid blade and handles, a safeguard between the two, and it can withstand all the pressure you can muster. Additionally, it comes in a range of fun, bright colors.

When using this kind of angled pizza cutter, make sure you’re pressing downas you push it forward so it cuts properly and the blade doesn’t drag all the cheese off as you go.

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3. Love This Kitchen ultimate pizza cutter rocker blade

Love this kitchen ultimate pizza cutter rocker blade

Have you actually been looking for a totally different kind of pizza cutter to replace the classic rolling one you had before because you just can’t get the hang of making even slices without dragging the topics around? Then maybe you’d prefer this durable rocking pizza blade instead!Love This Kitchen gives you a long tool that still lets you get straight and evenly, but this time with downward pressure and rocking action, rather than a rolling one.

We’d suggest keeping this toolfar out of the reach of your family when you store it in your kitchen. Although the rocking cutter comes with a protective sliding case for its sharp edge, that’s still a very large blade.

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4. Zulay cushioned pizza cutter

Zulay cushioned pizza cutter

Do you like the idea of a slightly more classic pizza cutter, but you’re just not sure that the angled handle kind is what you want to am for? Then maybe you’ll get along better with this one from Zulay that has a free-spinning handle you can position however you want around the rolling blade. If pushing it forward feels best, then you can angle it, but you can also keep it straight up and down and apply downward pressure as you roll it if that feels better.

Although this bladedoes have a protective guard between the bottom of the handle where you grip it and the blade’s sharp edge, it’s not a very big one. Make sure you don’t press hard enough that your hand slips forward, just in case you miss the guard.

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5. OXO good grips 4-inch pizza wheel

Oxo good grips 4 inch pizza wheel

Are you fully confident in your ability to use very sharp kitchen tools, and you know they’ll be kept away with children, so your real priorities are blade quality and grip? Then maybe this design from OXO is the right one for you. The anti-rusting stainless steel blade is large and well crafted, while the thick handle, which is easy to grip, also stops your hand from sliding thanks to a rubberized surface that’s easy to clean.

The base of the handle just above where it connects to the bladedoes have a small lip that’s intended to act as a guard, but its size doesn’t provide huge protective value, so just be aware of that.

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6. Home Hero stainless steel pizza cutter

Home hero stainless steel pizza cutter

If you’re still looking for a slightly more classic angled handle pizza cutter, but you just haven’t seen the design that hits the right angle for you yet, give this design from Home Hero a bit of consideration! We like that it’s clearly angled for a forward pushing action, but it’s also got a bend near the base that helps you apply effective downward pressure for better cutting too.

Just in case you’re working on a slightly tighter budget than others might be, it’s worth noting that because of its durable materiality, this pizza cutter is a little pricier than most of what you’ve seen so far.

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7. Rosle stainless steel ergonomic pizza wheel

Rosle stainless steel ergonomc pizza wheel

Are you still thinking about how much you loved the idea of a handle-less pizza cutter design, but you haven’t seen the design that quite made you feel convinced yet? Well, particularly if you love a material that lends itself to super easy cleaning, then we think you’ll appreciate this stainless steel, ergonomically shaped pizza wheel fromRosle.

Like the design above, this piece is a little more on the pricy end of the scale as far as pizza cutters go. The price is reasonable for the durability and design, but it’s still something to note.

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8. KitchenAid professional pizza wheel

Kitchenaid professional pizza wheel

Just in case you’re still not feeling entirely convinced by the particular angle of some of the pizza cutter handles you’ve seen so far, here’s a slightly differently shaped model fromKitchenAid for you. This time, the handle is flatter and leans back a little farther for more pushing power. It also has a bigger protective guard between the handle and the blade, where your fingers are likely to get the closest.

This pizza cutter actually comes with a slide-on cap for the rounded blade that stops it from turning and covers what’s exposed. Even so, we’d still suggest storing it somewhere safe rather than just tossing it into your utensils drawer, just in case the cover was to ever come off.

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9. Dreamfarm “scizza” (pizza scissors)

Dreamfarm scizza (pizza scissors)

If you’re the kind of person who always prefers the unique design and tool possible, just for fun, then we’d be willing to bet that you’re going to love the “scizza” fromDreamfarm! These are quite little scissors for pizza- hence the word blended name- with sharp up and downward blades for easy, even cutting. The base features a smoothly pointed tip designed to slide easily underneath the bottom layer of dough so you can really cut the pieces all the way through.

Although this tool isn’t preciselyhard to clean, it does present unique cleaning needs thanks to its shape. It’s more like cleaning an extremely sharp pair of kitchen scissors than a pizza cutter.

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10. Fred & Friends Pizza Boss circular saw style pizza wheel

Fred & friends pizza boss circular saw style pizza wheel

Are you the kind of person who enjoys having fun in the kitchen, and you like having a little bit of novelty in your supplies whenever possible? Well, if you also happen to have an appreciation for tools and woodworking, then we think you might get a real kick out of this circular saw-shaped pizza cutter from Fred & Friends. It’s actually also ergonomic and effective in terms of its pressure and rotation, but it’s mostly funny to watch your pizza be cut by a tiny “power tool.”

Be aware that, although fun, the bulky shape of the plastic handle on this cutter makes it ever so slightly awkward for cleaning.

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11. Vony bicycle pizza cutter

Vony bicycle pizza cutter

Just in case you’re still feeling quite intent on purchasing a pizza cutter that’s a whole lot of fun on top of being effective, here’s a cute option fromVony! This version is shaped like a bicycle, and, believe it or not, both wheels are actually steel pizza cutter blades. This means that your slices willdefinitely be cut apart effectively the first time around, thanks to the dual cutting action that happens in a single pass through the dough.

Besides being a little bit strangely shaped for cleaning, this pizza cutter is also slightly difficult to really push down on while you’re cutting since the thin bike frame doesn’t make for a hugely substantial or easy gripping handle.

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Who should use a pizza cutter?

Because pizza cutters are so easy to use, almost anyone can successfully slice a pizza into even pieces with one. The rounded blades on high-quality pizza cutters are very sharp, however, so it’s recommended that only adults and much older children who are prepared to be very careful indeed actually use them.

Storing your pizza cutter

Because the blades on pizza cutters can be so sharp, you’re best to store them separately from your regular cutlery or utensil drawer. This will stop anyone from cutting themselves when they’re reaching for something else. Some people keep the box their pizza cutter came in and set them in a cupboard, so the blade is always safely concealed.

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