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25 DIY Projects To Make Your Home Cozy For Winter

Winter isn’t upon us quite yet, but soon it will be time to start preparing for the long cold months ahead. But before you panic, thinking about all of those chilly days – read through our long list of DIY projects that will help you get through the season unscathed. Here are 25 of our very favorite cozy home decor projects.

1. DIY Lavender Rosemary Scented Candle

rosemary lavender candle diy

There’s nothing cozier than a beautiful handmade candle… except maybe one that’s scented with relaxing lavender and rosemary. These gorgeous candles are placed in small mason jars and tied with sprigs of rosemary, making them pretty enough to give as gifts. Head over to Live Simply to check out the full photo tutorial.

2. Add String Lights

string lights bedroom

Here’s an easy way to add warmth to any space… hang string lights! Hang them loosely over your bed as shown above, around the mantel, or you might even zig-zag them over across the ceiling of your home office. Head over to The Design Chaser to check out this and many other warm, cozy rooms.

3. DIY Flannel Throw

plaid flannel throw

Plaid is another trendy pattern this year, offering a hint of nostalgia along with a healthy dose of coziness. And this particular blanket has red and black flannel on one side, with warm gray fleece on the reverse so you’ll never be chilly. Head over to Let’s Go Sunning to find out how to make one yourself.

4. Cloud-Shaped Rugs

faux sheepskin cloud rug

These cloud-shaped rugs are impossibly adorable, with their rounded edges and fluffy gray color. The fabric is faux sheepskin, so it’s sure to keep your toes warm on even the coldest of winter evenings. Make your way over to Lifeflix to find out how to make one. Spoiler alert: it’s incredibly easy!

5. DIY Veneer Lampshade

diy veneer lampshade