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Edgy DIY Leather Accessories You’ll Love

Summertime isn’t exactly the time for full on leather jackets and you certainly won’t be very comfortable if you dig out your leather pants any time in the next couple of months! Over all, however, leather is the kind of material that looks great whether you wear it as a statement pieces or incorporate it into your outfit through simple accessories. As always, we think jazzing up your outfit is always more fun when you get down to business DIY style!

Check out these 15 edgy leather accessories that you’ll love both making and wearing!

1. Sequinned leather heart patches

Sequinned leather heart patches

We just adore combining materials, especially ones that give your outfit some serious flare. Check out how Say Yes created these eye-catching little elbow patches out of not just leather, but sequins too!

2. Stamped leather tie clip

Stamped leather tie clip

Lovely Indeed walks you through the process of creating a tie clip that definitely deviates from the norm, but without losing that element of class that’s so necessary for formal attire. We love that these are customizeable to suit your personal style.

3. Neon leather hair clips

Neon leather hair clips

Working with coloured leather is a special treat! This tutorial from A Beautiful Mess walks you through the process of cutting and folding small pieces of bright leather to create little hair clips that give your look a subtle edge.

4. Leather bow belt

Leather bow belt

We are so in love with this big, bow-shaped leather belt that we’re practically on our way out the door to get the supplies already. Talk about adding some style and texture in the form of a statement piece! Get the instructions for how to make it on A Bit of Sunshine.

5. Leather and glitter collar necklace

Leather and glitter collar necklace

Sometimes a little touch of leather is all you need to amp up your look. We love the straight, clean edges on this leather collar, as well as how the shine contrasts with the sparkling of each glitter corner. Jewels for All shows you how it’s done.

6. Geometric leather pendant necklace

Geometric leather pendant necklace

Brit + Co. shows you a great way to use up many differently coloured or patterned leather scraps fro your collection! We love the jagged edges, contrasting textures, and interesting piece sizes involved in making this necklace. It’s a visual experience!

7. Leather diamond necklace

Leather diamond necklace

Oh the Lovely Things has another project for using up different colours of leather for you! This necklace doesn’t take much leather to make, but it’ll sure add some edge to your look. People will be particularly impressed when they find out you have the patience to piece it together.

8. Leather triangle earrings

Leather triangle earrings

Do you like the idea of geometric leather shapes in your outfit, but you’re hoping for something a little subtler than the bright statement necklace we listed earlier? These cute little leather triangles incorporate the same type of straight edges and lines without drawing too much attention away from you or the rest of your outfit. Find out how to make them on Behind My Desk.

9. Looped leather necklace

Looped leather necklace

Hook n Loop Designs shows you how to use a simple, short strip of leather to create a look around the string of a necklace. We love the modern flair it gives the finished product if you cut the corners off each strip to create a pointed end.

10. Leather tassel necklace

Leather tassel necklace

Maslinda Designs reminds you how easy simple leather tassels are willing to make! Once you’ve got the technique own, you’ll be churning tassels out in no time. We absolutely love the way this necklace looks when each tassel is a different bright colour!

11. Leather and stud triangle necklace

Did you know that shiny, metallic leather was a thing? We’re so happy we learned about it! Lotts and Lots shows you how to make a little necklace from metallic leather that’s been cut into a point so the necklace looks like a celebratory hanging garland.

12. Leather cuff quote bracelets

Leather cuff quote bracelets

My So Called Crafty Life shows you one new way to express. yourself, your likes, and your personality through your accessories! A thick leather band to go around the wrist is one thing, but we’re in love with the quotes placed on these ones.

13. Leather feather earrings

Leather feather earrings

Sew Country Chick shows you how to replace actual feathers with cut leather in these feather earrings in case you’re allergic. We love the simply cute frigey edge so the earrings really resemble feathers.

14. Studded wrap bracelet

Studded wrap bracelet

The Perfect Pear Pair shows you the process for making a custom belt that puts brightly coloured leather to good use again and also lets you practice your studding techniques through something as thick as leather.

15. Leather lunch bag

Leather lunch bag

What’s cooler than bringing your lunch from home in a lunch bag? Bringing your lunch in a DIY lunch bag made of leather, of course! We love how this is the perfect combination of practical and edgy. Check out how it’s done on Heart of Neon!

Have you created other awesome leather accessories that you simply must show us? Link us to pictures of your work in the comments section!

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