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15 Easy Homemade Breakfast Casseroles

If you ask us, a healthy breakfast is probably the most important part of anyone’s day. We’re huge advocates for having a balanced meal to kick off your day, including all the fruits and fibres that we and our loved ones need to fuel us throughout the day. We’re also foodies and kitchen enthusiasts, however, so every once in a while we know it’s fine to treat ourselves and our families. That’s why we like to splurge in the calorie department on special mornings when we have something to celebrate! Whether it’s Christmas morning, someone’s birthday, or simply the first Sunday morning we’ve all gotten to spend together in a long time, you’ll definitely find us up early and in the kitchen on notable mornings making delicious dishes for our loved ones without a thought about health for the moment. So, what’s our favourite kind of deliciously indulgent meal to whip up on special mornings, you ask? We’re completely obsessed with breakfast casseroles!

Just in case you love the idea of a deliciously satisfying breakfast casserole as much as we do, here are 15 of the very best recipes we’ve come across (and mostly tried, if we’re being honest) so far in our search!

1. Cheesy, easy breakfast casserole

Cheesy, easy breakfast casserole

Even though you’re in the mood for a fancy breakfast casserole, would you prefer to keep things at least a little bit simple in terms of ingredients so that even the littlest members of your family will enjoy every bite? In that case, let’s start out with a simple egg and cheese idea like this casserole recipe from Budget Savvy Diva! Feel free to add veggies and meat options as you please, or leave it plain, simple, and mouthwatering just like this!

2. Hash brown, egg, and cheese breakfast casserole

Hashbrown, egg, and cheese breakfast casserole

If we’re going to make just about any kind of breakfast dish, we usually make sure that we accompany it with hash browns because they’re so darn good. Sometimes we even make hash browns alongside sweet breakfasts like cinnamon buns, even though the two don’t typically go together. Imagine our excitement, then, when we came across this amazingly delicious breakfast casserole recipe that already has hash browns cooked right in! We’re not even sure we could count how many times we’ve made this stunning breakfast creation. We’re pretty darn grateful to Just A Pinch for this one!

3. Mushroom broccoli breakfast casserole

Mushroom broccoli breakfast casserole

If you’re going to make yourself a deliciously cheesy egg casserole dish smothered with even more cheese on top, would you prefer to include at least a few vegetables? Beyond the fact that they make sure you get some nutrition, we promise that the occasional veggie in your casserole really can amp up your flavour experience! That’s why we love this mushroom and broccoli recipe from Dishmaps so much, with or without the sausage depending on who’s coming over for brunch and what their dietary restrictions are.

4. Overnight ham and veggie casserole

Overnight ham and veggie casserole

No matter what your favourite ingredients are, there are all kinds of great ways to make a delicious breakfast casserole. If you like the fresh, fluffy texture that comes with recipes that you eat right out of the oven, then you might prefer another option, but those do involve getting up early enough to actually cook a full breakfast in the morning! If you’d rather have a bit of a lie in, then perhaps you’d prefer to make your casserole the night before and have it set and ready by the time everyone wakes up. That’s the kind of prep this delicious ham and veggie casserole requires and we’re always happy to have that option, especially because it tastes just as good as the others! See how it’s done on Eating Richly.