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15 Last Minute Recipe Ideas That Utilize That Frozen Chicken

Instead of keeping those extra meats in the freezer for a rainy day – not knowing what to do with them. Go ahead and get them out! Today we’re sharing 15 last minute recipe ideas that utilize frozen chicken and will have you on your way to the easiest, most delicious (and family-friendly) of dinners. From classics to fun twists, let’s have a peek at so many dishes you can whip up when you’re in a pinch and need to use what you’ve been saving.

1. Garlic-Breaded Roast Chicken Breast

Garlic breaded roast chicken breast

Purewow is serving up one of the most versatile of chicken breasts dishes. Take your frozen breasts out, bread them, roast them and then create sandwiches, salad toppings, or even a meat to your baked potatoes this week. They’re perfect as leftovers for the kiddos too!

2. Chicken Parmesan

Frozen chicken parmesan

Everyone should have a good chicken parmesan recipe up their sleeve and this one from The Cookful is one to bookmark for sure. Serve it up with any kind of pasta on its side and some garlic bread too. It’s a wonderful weekend, date night at-home treat.

3. Avocado Chicken Salad

Avocado greek yogurt chicken salad

Give your traditional chicken salad recipe a twist by adding some fresh avocado. This is a great way to utilize those frozen chicken breasts. Grab the recipe by visiting out friends at Family Fresh Meals.

4. Italian Baked Chicken Breasts

Italian chicken baked chicken

If you have those breasts on hand and some Italian seasoning, you can make this dish happen to. Busy Creating Memories paired these Italian-style chickens with some rice and veggies, but it will also serve well with pasta or salads as well.

5. Instant Pot Crack Chicken

Instant pot crack chicken

There’s a little thing called “crack chicken” that makes some of the most addicting sandwiches and dips. Aileen Cooks will give you all the secrets. And those secrets include some bacon and lots of cheese (also a great combination).

6. Bacon Ranch Chicken and Potatoes

Bacon ranch chicken potatoes

Savory Nothings went with a classic combination as well – chicken, bacon, and Ranch. This is a family-friendly, which means the kids will love it, recipe that never fails to satisfy. Green salads and Texas toast pairs with it nicely.

7. Garlic Butter Chicken

Garlic butter chicken recipe

Garlic butter chicken from Diethood has so many benefits. It utilizes those frozen chicken breasts. It’s guilt-free. And will, quite literally, pair with any kind of side dish you’re craving – from potatoes to leafy, kale salads.

8. Honey Teriyaki Chicken

Instant pot honey teriyaki chicken

You could also go with an Asian-inspired recipe. Whipping this up is so much better than ordering take-out. Frugal Family Times will walk you through the process of this teriyaki chicken masterpiece.

9. Shredded BBQ Chicken

Crock pot shredded bbq chicken

Shredded BBQ chicken tops a pieces of toast nicely and also some extra-large baked potatoes. This is a perfect summer recipe. Snag all the details from The Country Cook.

10. White Chicken Chili

Instant pot white chicken chili

White chicken chili is a nice pot to put together throughout the year. Have you ever topped white chicken chili off with shredded mozzarella and sour cream? If not, you totally should. Recipe can be found at Platings + Pairings.

11. Cheesy Provolone Baked Chicken

Cheesy provolone baked chicken

My Montana Kitchen went the Italian route as well. This frozen chicken breast was baked and smothered in delicious, provolone cheese. Top pasta or salad with one of these scrumptious bad boys. *It works well on rice too, don’t worry.

12. Chicken & Noodles

Instant pot chicken noodles

Simply Happy Foodie will make the entire family smile with this pot of chicken and noodles. It’s a great recipe to whip out when someone doesn’t feel good or when you just don’t know what to make. For the ultimate comfort meal, check this out.

13. Mexican Shredded Chicken

Instant pot shredded chicken mexican style 7

There’s just so much you can do with this flavorful chicken recipe. Lemon Blossoms will walk you through the process of making it. But, it’s up to you to figure out if you want to make tacos, burritos, salads, inspired strombolis, dips, or more with it!

14. Chicken & Dumplings

Chicken and dumplings

The Country Cook does it again with this classic recipe. Everyone should know how to make a great batch of chicken and dumplings. Again, this is the ultimate comfort food and one to whip together if someone in the fam doesn’t feel well.

15. Sous Vide Chicken Breasts

Sous vide chicken

You’ll want to visit Platings + Pairings just one more time to check out this beauty of a chicken breast. Have you ever had a sous vide before? It’s just the juiciest – trust us!

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