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Irresistible Fried Pickle Recipes

When it comes to restaurant favourites that you can get just about anywhere and that we’ll order any time, no matter which place we’re eating at, friend pickles really take the cake for us! There’s just something about the tangy taste of the pickle in contrast to the batter that makes our tummies happy, especially if there’s a sauce to dip them in as we eat as well! Of course, one of our other favourite things is when we get to try making our favourite restaurant dishes at home. That’s why we’ve had our eyes peeled for as many different kinds of homemade fried pickle recipes as we can get our hands on lately!

1. Basic fried pickles with panko crumbs and salt and pepper sliced pickles

Basic fried pickles with panko crumbs and salt and pepper sliced pickles

Are you actually quite new to the cooking world so, while you’re definitely open to experimenting, you’re also kind of hoping to keep things just basic enough to be simple to make? In that case, we think we just might have found the best recipe option for you right off the bat! Check out how Dish Maps made these simple panko crumb sliced pickles with salt and pepper for seasoning.

2. Fried pickles with Italian seasoning and hot sauce

Fried pickles with italian seasoning and hot sauce

Are you quite intrigued indeed by the idea of making simple little bite sized fried pickle slices but you’re pretty sure you’d like a little more flavouring than what you saw above? In that case, we think you might prefer making something along the lines of these ones by She Wears Many Hats that are made with Italian seasoning and then dipped in hot sauce for some kick!

3. Fried, panko dipped pickle spears

Fried, panko dipped pickle spears

If you’re going to make yourself a helping of fried pickles, would you much rather eat the large spear kind than the little bite-sized kind because you really just can’t get enough of them? Then we’d definitely suggest checking out how Eclectic Recipes made these fantastic panko dipped fried pickle spears and included them with a heaping side of ranch, because why not?

4. Copycat Texas Roadhouse fried pickles

Copycat texas roadhouse fried pickles

Perhaps you actually have a specific favourite place that makes the best friend pickles you’ve had for miles around, despite having tried all the different versions offered by different restaurants in your area? Well, if that favourite place is the Texas Roadhouse, then we just know you’ll love this homemade dupe recipe outlined step by step on All She Cooks! They show you how the restaurant makes them, right down to the dipping sauce.

5. Beer battered fried pickles

Beer battered fried pickles