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EcoSmart ECO 27 Review – The Specs, The Pros, The Cons

A water heater ensures that your home will never run out of hot water, whether you want to take a bath or a shower, or just wash the dishes. It has become an indispensable asset to homeowners, whether they are living in the city or countryside.

Ecosmart eco 27 review

Tankless water heaters are all the rave right now, thanks to the fact that they supply endless hot water. Even if you accidentally leave the faucet running on hot water, it won’t run out.

There are numerous brands promoting tankless water heaters right now, and EcoSmart is one of them. EcoSmart ECO 27 is one of the most popular models, thanks to its powerful features, compact design, and affordable price.

Our EcoSmart ECO 27 Review

EcoSmart ECO 27 is a water heater that doesn’t require a tank, which means that it provides your home with an infinite supply of hot water.

You and your family will no longer have to create schedulers to take showers, wash the dishes, and wait for hours until the tank gets filled with hot water.

Contrary to popular belief, tankless water heaters don’t heat up the water instantly since it takes a bit of time for the water to reach the faucet. But they are significantly faster than tank-based water heaters.

Compact Design and Digital Display

Ecosmart eco 27 size

The EcoSmart ECO 27 electric tankless water heater is lightweight. Made from aluminum, it has a ‎size of 17 x 17 x 3.625 inches (43 x 43 x 9.2 cm) and a weight of 14.7 lbs (6 kg). That means that it’s durable and fits anywhere in your home.

Its heat exchanger unit is made out of copper. Furthermore, the ECO 27 has a Digital Display that allows you to accurately adjust the temperature by 1 degree so that you can fully control how hot the water is. The thermostat can reset automatically.

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Runs on Electricity

Ecosmart eco 27 electrical requirements

The EcoSmart 27 tankless water heater runs on electricity, which comes with several benefits when comparing it to natural gas or liquid propane. Firstly, they are safer to operate since there’s no risk of gas leaks, which is a huge benefit for parents.

Secondly, an electric-powered tankless water heater doesn’t need ventilation, so it’s not necessary to find a large space to store it. Thirdly, the initial costs are lower.

When it comes to maintenance costs, it mostly depends on how electricity is priced in your area. In some regions, natural gas is cheaper than electricity if it’s easier to obtain, so it’s definitely something you should research before even considering to purchase the ECO 27.

As its name suggests, EcoSmart ECO 27 requires 27 kW at 240 Volts to run. It has a maximum power of 112.5 amps and it’s recommended to have an electrical panel of 200 amps. The water heater was specifically designed to handle demanding water needs, so you can use it to fill an entire jacuzzi.

Flow Rate and Cold Climates

Ecosmart eco 27 how it works

As far as the flow rate is concerned, EcoSmart ECO 27 delivers between 2.7 GPM and 6.5 GPM, depending on the pipeline temperature. It was specially designed for high flow rates and cold climates where the pipeline water temperature drops below 45 degrees F (7 degrees C).

For example, if the incoming water has 37 degrees F (2.77 degrees C), the ECO 27 delivers a flow rate of 3 gallons (11.4 liters) per minute. It’s enough to sustain hot water for two showers running simultaneously.

To adapt to all types of climates, the ECO 27 comes integrated with a patented self-modulating flow sensor, which automatically detects and adjusts the total energy necessary to heat up water. It also helps reduce water consumption by up to 50%, which makes it ideal for the environment.

Technical specifications:

  • Voltage: 240
  • Phase: Single
  • Energy consumption: 27 kW
  • Amperage draw: 113 A
  • Required breaker: 3 x 40 A
  • Required wire: 3 x 8 AWG
  • Connection fittings: 3/4 inch NPT
  • Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 3.625 inches (43 x 43 x 9.2 cm)
  • Weight: 14.7 lbs ( 6 kg)
  • Activation flow: 0.3 GPM
  • Certification: UL-499, ETL Listed
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited


  • An endless supply of hot water
  • Runs on electricity
  • Up to 99.8% energy efficiency (certified)
  • Flow rate between 2.7 GPM and 6.5 GPM
  • Excellent for cold climates
  • Self-regulating temperature control
  • Compact design, fits anywhere
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Affordable price


  • You need to hire a professional plumber for installation
  • Your home’s plumbing system might have to be adapted to accommodate a tankless water heater
  • Electricity could be more expensive than gas in your area
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What About Alternative Tankless Water Heaters?

If you’re unsure about EcoSmart ECO 27, you should check out the best tankless water heaters for your home.

Rinnai RUR199iN runs on condensing natural gas, delivers a steady flow rate between 9 and 11 GPM, and heats up temperature up to 140 degrees F (60 degrees C). It uses dual-heat exchangers and has a 96% energy efficiency (certified by Energy Star). Moreover, it supports recirculation, Wi-Fi, and voice activation.

Rinnai RUCS75iP is another excellent tankless water heater. It runs on condensing propane gas using two heat exchangers, has a flow rate from 6.5 to 7.5 GPM, heats up water up to 140 degrees F (60 degrees C), and has an energy efficiency of 93%.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus is one of the best electric tankless water heaters. It’s wrapped in a small package, delivers a stable flow rate of around 4.68 GPM, heats up water up to 140 degrees F (60 degrees C), and has an almost perfect 99% energy efficiency.

FAQ: Learn More about EcoSmart ECO 24

Who makes EcoSmart water heaters?

The EcoSmart Us, LLC company was founded in 2008 and has been manufacturing water heaters ever since. The company also distributes electrical appliances, TV, and radio sets. In 2013, EcoSmart was acquired by Eemax, an American company that was bought in 2015 by the Rheem Manufacturing Company.

Is EcoSmart water heater a good brand?

The EcoSmart brand has an excellent reputation and produces quality water heaters that have raving reviews.

How does an EcoSmart tankless water heater work?

An EcoSmart tankless water heater warms up water without storing it in a tank. Instead, it quickly heats up the water through the pipe until it reaches the faucet.

An electrically powered heat exchanger is responsible for the heating process, which begins as soon as you turn on the faucet. As such, you can obtain an endless supply of hot water. However, the speed is directly tied to the water heater’s flow rate as well as ground-level water temperature.

How old is my EcoSmart tankless water heater?

The EcoSmart company doesn’t embed the manufacturer date in their tankless water heaters. However, you can get in touch with customer service to find out this piece of information.

Why does my tankless water heater keep turning off?

If your EcoSmart tankless water heater keeps switching off, make sure that it’s receiving power. It’s also a good idea to try using a different power outlet if there’s no power outage in your area.

Plus, you should check for loose wires, that water is reaching the heater, and that the minimum flow rate requirement is reached. Set the water temperature to a lower setting to see if that jump-starts the tankless water heater.

If this doesn’t get the trick, you can always get in touch with EcoSmart and take advantage of your lifetime warranty. There could be an issue with the flow sensor, heat exchanger, corrosion, or something else.

Final Thoughts: Is EcoSmart ECO 27 Worth It?

To recap, the EcoSmart ECO 27 electric tankless water heater comes with a ton of benefits. It has a compact design, runs on electricity to provide your home with an endless supply of hot water, delivering a flow rate between 2.7 GPM and 6.5 GPM.

The water heater is excellent for cold climates, thanks to a patented self-regulating temperature controller, which also lets you manually adjust the water temperature by 1 degree. It has a 99.8% energy efficiency (certified).

And if that doesn’t convince you, the ECO 27 can be purchased at an affordable price and comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you decide to purchase this tankless water heater, make sure to return to this page and let us know if you’re happy with your decision by leaving us a comment in the section below.