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15 Ways to Get Creative with Wicker Pieces

Whether you’re weaving your own basket piece from the wicker itself or just crafting with a premade wicker base piece that you got at a local store, DIY projects involving wicker are some of our favourite. No matter what you’re making, the finished product always looks well put together, homey, and authentic, with just a little bit of handmade flair.

Check out these 15 awesome wicker crafts and DIY projects that will help you add some cottage-style happiness to your space!

1. Bathroom wicker basket shelf

Bathroom wicker basket on shelf

Do you have a set of plain wicker baskets that you love the look of but that you don’t know what to do with? We love the way they’ve build the wooden shelf part so that the baskets can be taken down very easily in case you really need to search them for something. Paint the wood whatever colour you please to suit your bathroom’s colour scheme!

2. Antique wicker table restoration

Antique wicker table restoration

Do you remember when we were kids and everyone’s grandma filled their house with summery wicker furniture no matter the time of year? Well, a lot of those pieces are considered vintage now, but not all of the ones you’ll find in sales and thrift stores are in mint condition. That’s why Frugal Mom, Eh wrote this tutorial! They’ll help you restore the pieces you find so that they look kitschy and fantastic in your home.

3. Numbered wicker toy storage

Numbered wicker toy storage

Perhaps the wicker baskets you have are a little bit bigger than what we showed you in the first idea, so you’re not sure hanging them on the wall is a good idea? Then check out how Knot All That I Seam combined their big wicker baskets with a cubby shelf to create great toy storage! They suggest keeping things organized and helping your kids out with toy cleaning by stenciling numbers on the side.

4. DIY wicker wreath plant holder

Wicker wreath with plant holder

When you think of wicker décor pieces, do you automatically picture garden pieces and plant décor? Then this project from Seeking Lavender Lane is the one for you! Their tutorial walks you through the process of creating a cute door wreath that is also a plant hanger. It’ll be like you’re changing your décor all summer but it’s actually the same piece, just with flowers growing and blooming throughout.