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15 Ways to Get Creative with Wicker Pieces

Whether you’re weaving your own basket piece from the wicker itself or just crafting with a premade wicker base piece that you got at a local store, DIY projects involving wicker are some of our favourite. No matter what you’re making, the finished product always looks well put together, homey, and authentic, with just a little bit of handmade flair.

Check out these 15 awesome wicker crafts and DIY projects that will help you add some cottage-style happiness to your space!

1. Bathroom wicker basket shelf

Bathroom wicker basket on shelf

Do you have a set of plain wicker baskets that you love the look of but that you don’t know what to do with? We love the way they’ve build the wooden shelf part so that the baskets can be taken down very easily in case you really need to search them for something. Paint the wood whatever colour you please to suit your bathroom’s colour scheme!

2. Antique wicker table restoration

Antique wicker table restoration

Do you remember when we were kids and everyone’s grandma filled their house with summery wicker furniture no matter the time of year? Well, a lot of those pieces are considered vintage now, but not all of the ones you’ll find in sales and thrift stores are in mint condition. That’s why Frugal Mom, Eh wrote this tutorial! They’ll help you restore the pieces you find so that they look kitschy and fantastic in your home.

3. Numbered wicker toy storage

Numbered wicker toy storage

Perhaps the wicker baskets you have are a little bit bigger than what we showed you in the first idea, so you’re not sure hanging them on the wall is a good idea? Then check out how Knot All That I Seam combined their big wicker baskets with a cubby shelf to create great toy storage! They suggest keeping things organized and helping your kids out with toy cleaning by stenciling numbers on the side.

4. DIY wicker wreath plant holder

Wicker wreath with plant holder

When you think of wicker décor pieces, do you automatically picture garden pieces and plant décor? Then this project from Seeking Lavender Lane is the one for you! Their tutorial walks you through the process of creating a cute door wreath that is also a plant hanger. It’ll be like you’re changing your décor all summer but it’s actually the same piece, just with flowers growing and blooming throughout.

5. Wicker transparent mini clutch

Wicker transparent mini clutch

Have you always loved the look of wicker in fashion but been unsure of how to incorporate it in comfortable ways? We usually find that accessories are the best way to go, which is why we totally fell in love with this clutch made of transparent plastic and strips of wicker as a filling. The Architect of Style teaches you how it’s done.

6. Wicker basket gardening case

Garden tools storage wicker basket

We’ve already talked about using wicker as part of the décor in your garden, but things like wicker baskets are good for more than just their looks. The big ones make a great place to put all your tools too! That way you get a little bit of fashion and function in one place.

7. DIY painted wicker storage baskets

Diy painted wicker storage baskets

Perhaps you’re okay with the idea of using your wicker baskets as just that- cute storage baskets- but you’d like to switch their aesthetics up a little bit so they don’t all look the same throughout your house? Then you’re going to love all of the customization ideas that DIY Decorator has for you! They’ve used paint to jazz up their baskets with all different cute colour blocks and striping designs.

8. DIY wicker basket with wheels

Wicker basket on wheels

Have you had a lovely wicker basket laying around for a while that’s very large and that you really want to use for stylish storage, but that’s extremely heavy to lift once you get it all filled up? We find that heaviness can limit how much we’ll actually use something because, if we’re being honest, we’re not the strongest. Plum Doodles suggests solving that problem by attaching wheels to the bottom of the basket! Once you’re done, you can wheel it around to different places in the house as you need it.

9. Lined wicker summer market tote

Wicker summer tote

Okay, we know that technically a tote bag isn’t part of the “home décor” theme we gave this post at the outset, but this project from Décor 8 is such a cute idea that we just couldn’t resist including it anyways! Their tutorial will walk you through the steps of lining the inside of a soft-sided wicker basket with fabric and attaching straps so you can carry it with you to the market or the beach.

10. Painted wicker pouf stools

Painted wicker pouf stools

Every once in a while, we find a versatile craft that will work for you whether you’re an advanced DIY enthusiast who has lots of practice or more of a beginner who would rather customize something pre-existing so that it suits your tastes a little more. This painted wicker pouf project is the perfect example! You might buy one from the store and follow along how Remodelista has painted theirs to give them a sort of fashionably weathered effect, or you might crochet yourself a pouf from wicker of faux wicker made of plarn (plarn is plastic “yarn” woven from twisted plastic bags) and paint that when you’re done!

11. Faux grass flower basket tray

Wicker basket

Are you the kind of person who loves seasonal crafts more than just about anything, so you’re always on the lookout for projects that remind you of spring and summer? Then this adorable flower basket project that is also a pretty display is probably right up your alley. Take a look how they used a small piece of faux grass and some wicker baskets to make a little scene as though your flowers or vegetables are nestled outside on the lawn, even if they’re actually sitting on your porch or inside the sun room.

12. DIY wicker chair makeover

Wicker chairs painted in white in front of fireplace

Are you still enamoured with our earlier idea of creating new wicker pieces out of vintage wicker furniture that has seen better days but the ones we showed you just weren’t quite your style? Then check out these pristine white chairs instead! Do It Yourself Divas walks you step by step through the process of replacing the cushions and giving the whole chair a fresh lease on life.

13. Silver sprayed wicker pieces

Silver sprayed wicker pieces

Perhaps your personal and home décor style actually falls into that unique category that sits somewhere between rustic and modern, so you’re always on the lookout for pieces that can be altered to your creative tastes? Well, if you ask us, Tanyesha has hit the nail on the head with these silver painted wicker pieces! The way the metallic paint contrasts with the rustic texture of the wicker and takes some of it on perfectly embodies that blended style you’re aiming for.

14. Paper wicker DIY box

Paper wicker diy box

By now, you’re probably realizing, as we did, that painting and wicker often go hand in hand when it comes to wicker DIY… and we couldn’t be happier about it! What’s better than a simple project that gives you something entirely new and different look after just a quick and easy coat of paint? Create Your World is totally on our page, which makes this tutorial for a painted wicker storage chest a useful thing indeed.

15. DIY wicker basket pendant light

Repurposed handmade wicker basket case hanging pendant

Have you ever seen wicker basket garbage cans that were popular when we were children many years ago and are still often found in beach themed décor or vintage styled homes? Well, perhaps you’d like to harness that cute aesthetic in a way that’s a little less subtle than the trash can in your bathroom? Viral Creek shows you how to do just that by flipping the can upside down, cutting a hole in the bottom, and turning it into a lampshade for a simple hanging pendant light.

Do you know of some other great ways to repurpose wicker pieces but you don’t see them on our list? Tell us all about them in the comments section!

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