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Crazy About Cake Pops

We’ve written about cake pops before, but at that time we talked about flavours and unique recipes involving things like fruit centres and unique kinds of cake when you bite into the pop. This time, we’re taking a look at the unlimited gorgeous ways you can decorate cake pops to look like basically anything you want! How could possibly resists writing about such happy little treats again?

Check out these 15 cake pop decor ideas that every guest at your next party will love!

1. Pac Man cake pops

Pac man cake pops

Are you throwing a birthday party for a total video game nerd? Theme their cake pops after their favourite thing, but go vintage to keep things extra kitschy and unique! My Modern Met shows you how to make cake pops shaped like the characters from Pac Man!

2. Muppets cake pops

Muppets cake pops

Foodista gets detailed with the icing in these adorable Muppets themed cake pops! The shapes aren’t easy enough, but you’ll sure put your cake decor skills to the test icing the faces and fine details on each character. We’d say they’re worth it!

3. Teletubbies cake pops

Teletubbies cake pops

Does your toddler repeat after the Teletubbies every day when they’re on TV? Give him a thrill by having them show up at his next birthday, in a matter of speaking at least. Check out how Creative Cakepops used fondant icing to make these miniature Teletubby cake pop lookalikes.

4. Easter bunny cake pops

Easter bunny cake pops

The best part about cake decor of any kind is that you can make cute things to go with any season at all. These little bunny cake pops by Cake-Pop are the perfect dessert for after Easter dinner. Kids will get a kick out of receiving one last bunny treat now that their Easter egg hunt is over.