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Feathered and Feather Themed Crafts and DIY Projects

Whether we’re talking about fashion, interior decor, or simply just things you’ll find in nature, we adore feathers. We’re especially big fans of them, however, because there are so many amazingly versatile crafts and DIY projects you can make using or including feathers and feather themed things! Each and every project looks natural, whimsical, and rather adorable and no matter which technique we’re looking at, we just can’t get enough.

Check out these 15 awesome feathered and feather themed projects that will satisfy your feather obsession 100% (and totally up your trendiness factor while you’re at it)!

1. Feathered love arrows

Feather arrows

Have you always been a fan of seasonal novelty crafts as long as they’re made from or include your favourite things? Then you’re he perfect person to make these completely adorable feathered love arrows from Design Sponge! They’re a great decor detail for Valentine’s Day but we actually love them so much that sometimes we just make them and hang or place them around our bedroom in decorative places just because we like them.

2. Beautiful painted feathers

Diy painted feathers

Hand painting things is always a hugely detailed skill but we’re even more impressed by it when it’s done on an unconventional surface rather than just a flat canvas, paper, or wall. That’s why we fell so in love with these pretty little painted feathers featured on Free People! No matter what you turn them into later (they’d make lovely jewelry pieces, hanging decor, or gift wrap embellishments), you’ll be as satisfied as ever when you see how gorgeous your own hand painting skills look on a simple set of feathers.

3. Feathered boutonnieres

Feathered boutennieres

Prom and graduation season is coming so there are plenty of great tutorials out there right now for pretty floral corsages and boutonnieres, but what if flowers aren’t really what suits the aesthetic of your and your date’s ensemble? Try wearing something a little by different by making your date a beautiful DIY feathered boutonniere instead! Find out how it’s done on A Beautiful Mess.

4. Painted canvas feather necklaces

Painted canvas feather necklaces

As a crafting and DIY enthusiast, you’ll already be more than familiar with the idea of painting on canvas stretched over a frame, but did you know that’s not the only format you can use canvas in? We love the way Alisa Burke painted stunning, detailed little feathers onto stretched canvas, cut them out, and turned them into soft necklace pendants. This lets you wear and enjoy feathers but also put your own twist on them and add whatever colour scheme you love best.