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50 Everyday and At-Home Uses For Castor Oil

It may not taste great, but castor oil can do wonders for both yourself and your home. There are so many different facets of life that can be helped with a bout of it. From medicinal benefits to home treatments, we’ve compile 50 everyday and at-home uses for castor oil that you may have never known about. Take a look!

1. Naturally Thicken Hair

Naturally thicken hair using castor oil

Need a boost in the hair department? If you want to take your dull tresses to a new level, then use castor oil as a component to this hair rejuvenation recipe.

2. Soothing Your Eyes

Soothing eyes from castor oil

Rub a bit of oil onto your eyes at night if you’re having trouble dealing with an overly-exhausted look. This will instantly become a quick pick-me-up and having you looking more refreshed by morning.

3. Healthy Nails

Castor oil healthy nails

Your nails will grow long and strong if you rub a bit of this oil into your nailbed before a good night’s rest. After a few months you’ll start to notice that they’re much healthier.

4. Heal Cracked Lips

Heal cracked lips castor oil

Those chapped lips can hit the road and all you need is just a bit of castor oil. Try just a bit rubbed into your lips to heal up all the cracks.

5. Sunburn Cure

Coconut oil sunburn

If you pair castor oil with coconut oil you’ll have the perfect cure for your sunburn. Protect yourself and find relief in this combination.

6. Remove Scar TissueRemove scar tissue with castor oil

Check out this remedy for removing scar tissue. It will smooth out the area and have you feeling a little less self conscious.

7. Homemade Baby Balm

Homemade baby balm recipe with all natural ingredients

Create some homemade baby balm with the help of castor oil. This recipe from Wellness Mama will do wonders – and it’s all natural!

8. Great Looking Skin

Castor oil healthy skin

Castor oil, similar to olive oil, can be applied directly to the skin and it will easily rejuvenate. Less wrinkles, more moisture and a surge of elasticity.

9. Makes Lemon Soap

Castor oil lemon soap

Claudia’s Welt show us how to take castor oil as an ingredient and make some coconut lemon soap! This stuff is quite magical and you’ll fall in love with how it makes your skin feel.

10. Helps With An Anti-Frizz Serum

Anti frizz serum

Over at One Good Thing, you’ll find out how to create an anti-frizz serum for your hair. And what do ya know, castor oil is one of the ingredients!

11. Concoct PH Balance Shampoo

Diy castor oil shampoo

Yes, even your shampoo could use some castor oil. Check out this recipe over at Scratch Mommy and get to moisturizing!.

12. Create A Body Wrap Slimming Gel

Diy body wrap gel

Over at eHow, you’ll learn how to create your very own body wrap slimming gel. Add some castor oil along with some other ingredients and try this out ASAP!

13. Some Solid Bubble Bath

Solid bubble bath diy

You can use castor oil to help create some snazzy, solid bubble bath! Soap Queen has all the details for this fun DIY.

14. Acne Treatment

Castor oil acne treatment

Yes, castor oil can also help in your acne treatment. Even deep cystic acne can be relieved with it massaged right into the skin.

15. Increase Your Circulation

Improve circulation

Use castor oil to increase your circulation. It’s important to have proper blood flow for a variety of reasons, keep it going with this natural remedy. (photo via)

16. Improve Immunity

How to improve immune system

Castor oil also naturally improves your immunity. If you want to keep your overall state of health in a better position for the future – find out how to utilize it. (photo via)

17. Create Some Whipped Body Butter

Eucalyptus mint whipped body butter lead

Food For My Family makes a luxurious and homemade eucalyptus and mint whipped body butter – with castor oil as one of its key ingredients. Get smooth, moisturized skin in no time!

18. Get Rid of Calluses

03 corns and calluses oil vinegar sl

Your corns and calluses can be relieved with the help of castor oil too. Check out how after the jump and get your hot water running!

19. Remove Moles & Skin Tags

Use castor oil to remove moles

Style Craze gives us the details on how to use castor oil to remove moles and pesky skin tags. Check out how after the jump!

20. DIY-ed Hand Soap

Liquid hand soap diy1

Over at Mrs. January, you can learn how to make some liquid hand soap with castor oil as a key ingredient as well. Just another everyday necessity that this natural remedy can help out with.

21. Protein Hair Treatment

Protein hair treatment

Strengthen and rejuvenate your hair with this snazzy protein hair treatment from eHow. Of course, castor oil is one of the secrets!

22. Repel Moles In Your Yard

Repel moles with castor oil

With a mix of water and castor oil, you can get rid of these pests quickly. Check out this recipe for the repellent!

23. Thicken Eyebrows

Jamaican black castor oil on eyebrows

Eyebrows can be thickened with some castor oil too. Throw out the pencil filler and just use this natural remedy to bulk up those eye frames.

24. Reduce Skin Pigmentation

How does castor oil reduce skin pigmentation1

Learn how to reduce skin pigmentation with the help of castor oil. Style Craze has all the details and information, take the leap!

25. Make A Castor Oil Pack

Castor oil packs

You may want to learn how to make a detoxing castor oil pack over at One Good Thing. You’d be surprised how much this little DIY can do for your body.

26. Natural Dog Shampoo (that repels fleas)

Sony dsc

How about making some natural shampoo for your dog’s next bath? It repels fleas too, which is a plus thanks for castor oil!

27. Create An Oil Face Wash

Oil cleansing method

Learn how to cleanse your face using oil with this idea right here. It won’t ever dry out your skin, which is a major plus for sensitive ones.

28. Remedy Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Remedy carpal tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be remedied a bit with the help of castor oil too. Grab all the needed details here. (photo via)

29. Detox Your Lymphatic System

Detox lymphatic system

Use castor oil to detox your lymphatic system too. Why? Well, first of all you’ll boost your immunity. All of the other benefits can be seen here.

30. All-Natural Perfumes

Herbal perfume recipe with essential oils

Check out Wellness Mama and learn how to make a natural perfume with the help of castor oil too. This one is herbal!

31. Treat Dry Eyes

Treat dry eyes

Treat your dry eyes with castor oil drops. Visit Style Craze to snag the right info and have yourself free from the irritation this afternoon! (photo via)

32. Relieves Muscle Soreness


You can grab some castor oil if you’re feeling a bit sore as well. It can help relieve that pain in your muscles naturally. (photo via)

33. Enhances Your Hair Color

Castor oil hair help

Check out Natural Living Ideas and grab the scoop on how to keep your hair color vibrant and enhanced. The secret? Castor oil, of course.

34. Fight Eye Infections

Eye drop castor oil

You can help fight eye infections with castor oil too. Just follow the information over at Style Craze and snag all of the details.

35. Prevent Dark Circles

How to get rid of dark circles under eyes fast

If you visit Style Craze again you’ll find new ways to find those dark circles. Castor oil is really a beauty regimen life saver. (photo via)

36. Fight Toenail Fungus

Well groomed toys on a single female foot
well-groomed toys on a single female foot with french pedicure on a white background

Castor oil fights fungal infections, and that includes toenail fungus. Throw on some before bed with some socks and have it do its magic. (photo via)

37. Perk Up Your Ferns

Perk up ferns with castor oil

You can also use this castor oil mixture to perk up dull ferns. Give them new life with this natural remedy.

38. Fight Insomnia

16 insomnia treatment

A bit of castor oil on your eyelids can give you a better sleep every night of the week! Fight your insomnia with this everyday, easy oil. (photo via)

39. Whip Up Some Mint Chocolate Soap

Milk chocolate mint soap recipe

How does milk chocolate mint soap sound to you? The Nerdy Farm Wife has the recipe for this yummy concoction.

40. Gift Mango Butter Lip Balm

Mango butter lip balm

Simple Pure Beauty uses castor oil to create some mango butter lip balm. Use it for yourself or gift it to a friend or family member – it really will help smooth out your cracked lips.

41. Kill Ringworm

Smiling young woman applies cream on her hands on a white background

You can even kill fungal infections – such as ringworm – with castor oil. It’s just another one of its many, everyday benefits. (photo via)

42. Fix Your Chapped Hands

Cracked hands castor oil

You can ix your chapped hands right up too with a bit of castor oil. Just follow the instructions right here!

43. Healthy Bowels

Castor oil keeps healthy bowls

If you mix a bit of castor oil into your glass of juice in the mornings, you can keep your bowels working at full function. Be careful not to mix too much though – it works wonders as a laxative!

44. Mix Up Some Pre-Shave Oil

Pre shave oil diy

Make your own pre-shave oil for sensitive skin with the help of One Good Thing – and castor oil of course. Say goodbye to razor burn!

45. Homemade Body Wash

Homemade natural body wash recipe

Wellness Mama uses castor oil in her homemade body wash recipe and we love the final product. Whip it up in an afternoon or gift it!

46. Rid Yourself Of Stretch Marks

Natural remedy to get rid of stretch marks 1

Use castor oil in this recipe and you’ll have a natural remedy for ridding your body of stretch marks. From your arms to your tummy, say bye bye!

47. Cure Eczema

Cure eczema

Over at Bustle, you’ll learn even more about the benefits of castor oil. It can help cure your eczema from your legs to behind your ears.

48. Make A Shampoo Bar

Goat milk and honey shampoo bar soap recipe2 550x402

For something extra special and unique, learn how to make some shampoo bars. Again, castor oil is a key ingredient and you can grab the recipe at Simple Life Mom.

49. Longer Eyelashes

Castor oil longer lashes

Just like promoting hair growth on your head, rubbing a bit of castor oil into your lashes at night will promote their growth as well. It’s a natural way to get that same look we all love.

50. Arthritis Reliever

Castor oil arthristic home remedy

Using castor oil as an arthritis pain remedy is a great idea as well. Just massage some oil into your worst spots!

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