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50 Everyday and At-Home Uses For Castor Oil

It may not taste great, but castor oil can do wonders for both yourself and your home. There are so many different facets of life that can be helped with a bout of it. From medicinal benefits to home treatments, we’ve compile 50 everyday and at-home uses for castor oil that you may have never known about. Take a look!

1. Naturally Thicken Hair

Naturally thicken hair using castor oil

Need a boost in the hair department? If you want to take your dull tresses to a new level, then use castor oil as a component to this hair rejuvenation recipe.

2. Soothing Your Eyes

Soothing eyes from castor oil

Rub a bit of oil onto your eyes at night if you’re having trouble dealing with an overly-exhausted look. This will instantly become a quick pick-me-up and having you looking more refreshed by morning.

3. Healthy Nails

Castor oil healthy nails

Your nails will grow long and strong if you rub a bit of this oil into your nailbed before a good night’s rest. After a few months you’ll start to notice that they’re much healthier.

4. Heal Cracked Lips

Heal cracked lips castor oil

Those chapped lips can hit the road and all you need is just a bit of castor oil. Try just a bit rubbed into your lips to heal up all the cracks.

5. Sunburn Cure

Coconut oil sunburn