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The Best Himalayan Salt Lamp (Reviews) in 2023

If you ask us, the recent trend in salt lamps as decor pieces and energy boosters is a fantastic thing! They have all kinds of purported health properties, which are easily taken advantage of just by setting the lamp on the side table and enjoying its glow, but they also make rather beautiful natural chic decor pieces that, in most cases, the suit just about any color scheme.

Himalayan salt lamp

We’ve stayed on the lookout in local stores because we’ve long wanted a salt lamp for our bedroom but sadly nowhere had any, so we’ve decided to turn our search to the Internet!

10 Best Himalayan salt lamps

Like we do with essentially anything we’re investing money in, even if it’s not a large expense, we decided to conduct a little bit of research first, just to make sure we really picked the best option for what we wanted.

Because we’re big on bookmarks, however, we always end up with a little list of quality options any time we online shop, so we’ve started sharing them so that other people with the same interests can see our recommendations!

Check out these 10 awesome salt lamps that we came across in our search.

1. LEVOIT Kana Salt Lamp

Levoit kana salt lamp

Are you only just becoming familiar with the concept of salt lamps and all of their benefits but, if we’re being honest, you’re actually most interested in their pretty glow, and you can’t help thinking they’d make a gorgeous night light in the hallway? Then we think you’ll enjoy the way LEVOIT actually made this salt lamp night light for that specific purpose!

This lamp, which sits on a wooden base and has a bottom lined with rubber, so it doesn’t slide, is made from a genuine hand-picked, hand-carved crystal of pink Himalayan salt that was mined ethically from the Khewra mines in Pakistan. It radiates a warm amber glow that gently lights a space for a relaxing atmosphere. A convenient touch-based dimmer allows you to adjust the brightness depending on your needs and the time of day.

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2. Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Salt Lamp

Himalayan glow natural pink salt lamp

Did you like the size and desktop construction of the salt lamp you saw above but you’re the kind of shopper who likes to see several versions of the same concept offered by different brands, so you have all kinds of information to make your decision with before you make a final decision? Then here’s a model fromHimalayan Glow for your consideration!

This salt lamp, which is ETL Certified to guarantee that the bulbs and their heat levels are safe to use in your home, isextremely well priced, especially for its size. This salt crystal (which was ethically harvested from the Himalayan mountains) and its wooden base together weigh 6lbs together, making it easy to move, especially thanks to the lamp’s 6ft cord. Like the other, this lamp features a touch dimmer that lets you adjust its brightness according to the mood you’re trying to set at any given moment.

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3. 100% Authentic Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

100% authentic natural himalayan salt lamp

As much as you love the idea of having a salt lamp in your home, are you more partial to slightly more neat and streamlined aesthetics than you’ve seen in the chiseled and carved salt lamps we’ve shown you so far? In that case, we think you might get along a little better with something like this block-shaped lamp offered by D’Aplomb!

This salt lamp, which sits on a smooth, footed wooden base, was neatly hand-carved into an even rectangle. Altogether, the piece weighs 11.5 lbs. It features a cord with a convenient dimmer, and the package you’ll receive even comes with an extra bulb! Although it is made from the same pink rock salt from the Himalayan Mountains as you saw above, the intention of the shape is to provide your space with a slightly more modern albeit still relaxing atmosphere and aesthetic.

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4. V.C.Formark USB Himalayan Salt Lamp

V c formark usb himalayan salt lamp

Have wereally caught your attention now with this whole concept of purchasing a Himalayan salt lamp that’s a slightly more modern shape than the typical rustic piece but you can’t help wondering whether there aren’t other options than just the rectangular shape you saw above? Then we think you’ll be rather pleased to come across this piece offered byV.C. Formark!

This particular lamp is hand-carved to be shaped like a pyramid, which actually has more functions than just aesthetic (even though it looks awesome and quite modern). This lamp, which is once again made of pink Himalayan rock salt, actually releases energy balancing negative ions into the atmosphere around it and also changes colors to regulate and uplift your mood! Choose between constant color settings, so it holds one shade, no color, so it simply glows classic amber or a color shifting mode that cycles the lamp through a full shade gradient.

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5. Mineralamp NSL-101 Salt lamp

Mineralamp nsl 101 salt lamp

Are you still finding yourself leaning towards the idea of getting a much more classic-looking pink, orange, and amber-hued salt lamp rather than a colorful one, and you’re feeling intent on a more naturally carved looking shape than a geometric one, but you wouldn’t mind a slightly large model than what you’ve seen before? In that case, we’d suggest taking a look at what Mineralamp has to offer instead!

Like the ones you saw before, this particular salt lamp is made from 100% pink Himalayan rock salt that was mined safely and ethically. It contains a 15-watt bulb that won’t heat up or cause risk and a regulation-compliant dimmer that lets you control the brightness of your lamp and, therefore, your room. The primary difference in this model is that it weighs about 11 lbs, making it a little heavier than the previous designs, but that’s partially due to its increased height, which is 11 inches.

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6. Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

Himalayan crystal salt lamp

If you’re going to add a salt lamp to your space, would you actually rather make it quite an eye-catching piece, so it looks a little more like an intentional part of the decor rather than an additional afterthought? Well, if you’d also like to make sure it works for its usual purpose on top of being very decorative, then we’d definitely urge you to consider this crystal basket style salt lamp outlined on ARGIGU!

Rather than being made from a singular hand-carved block of Himalayan rock salt attached to a wooden base, this piece is a little more abstract and pieced together. Smaller chunks of chiseled rock salt are piled strategically together around a bulb inside a gold-plated basket frame and, to refract the amber glow even more interestingly, each circle in the basket contains a small crystal. The pieces of pink salt release negative ions into the air, absorbing moisture and neutralizing positive ions in order to eliminate odors, purify the air, and establish a calming atmosphere with a better pressure balance. The piece also just looks very pretty!

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7. Crystal Salt Lamps

Crystal salt lamps

Are you still on the hunt for a more classically built and natural or rugged-looking salt lamp, but you’d try to see as many different options as you can before you make your decision, just to make sure you put your money into the right product? Then here’s another model for your consideration, this time courtesy of Himalayan Glow!

Like some of the others, this piece was ethically harvested from pink salt mines in Pakistan and professionally hand-carved. Its base is also hand-carved from neem wood that is naturally antibacterial, shrink resistant, termite resistant, and very durable indeed. This model has a 6ft cord and dimmer, just like the others, making it a comparable model at a comparable price.

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8. 2 Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps

2 natural himalayan pink salt lamps

Have you actually been thinking about how much you’d really like to put salt lamps in more than one room in your house, but you’re hesitating to buy two at full price, so you’ve been holding out to see whether you can find some kind of package deal? Then we think you’re really going to appreciate this bundle from Crystal Decor!

This time, rather than getting a singular natural pink salt lamp, you’re actually getting a pack of two on durable wooden bases. Perhaps the most impressive part of this deal, however, is that the price forboth of these lamps together as one is even better than some of the price tags you saw on singular lamps elsewhere on our list! They’re a little bit smaller than some of the other lamps we’ve shown you, reaching only seven inches tall, but the rest of their characteristics are pretty standard.

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9. V.C.Formark USB Himalayan Salt Lamp Sphere

V c formark usb himalayan salt lamp sphere

Are you actually still thinking about the idea of getting a salt lamp that has color changing properties, but you’re just not sure that the pyramid-shaped model you saw earlier quite suits the aesthetic of your room or the space that you want to put the salt lamp in? Then here’s another cute alternative for your consideration, courtesy of V.C. Formark!

This particular salt lamp, which is once again made from pink Himalayan rock salt, is hand carved and smoothed to sit in its wooden base in a spherical shape. Additionally, it’s programmed to cycle through a whole spectrum of colored light while it neutralizes the ions in the room, purifying it and balancing out the pressure.

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10. Natural Himalayan Basket Salt Lamp

Natural himalayan basket salt lamp

Are you actually finding yourself still thinking about how much you loved the idea of a salt rock basket, but you’re just not sure that the rounded crystal version we showed you earlier is the best option for you? Then we think you’ll be pretty pleased to learn that Himalayan Glow has another slightly different version of that same basic concept for you to choose from as well!

This basket is open-top and filled with larger hand-carved chunks of salt than you saw before, still strategically placed around a non-heating bulb. This basket is bronzed rather than being metallic gold-painted, creating a slightly more rustic aesthetic than you saw in the previous design. Despite its pretty appearance, however, the basket itself is also durable and corrosion-resistant. Beyond that, it’s got all of the features you already love about salt lamps!

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