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The 8 Best Floodlight Cameras to Help Protect Your Property in 2023

A floodlight camera has the same impact as a police car lurking in the dark then blasting the home invaders with blinding light. But since you can’t have a police car guarding your house 24/7, you can always go for the second-best thing, home security with a floodlight camera.

Best Floodlight Camera

The floodlights of the camera do more than just improve the quality of the recorded footage, they also fill the intruders with shock and awe. In most cases, the would-be burglars abandon their plans and hightail it out of your property. At the same time, the security system alerts you on your smartphone so you can take any necessary further action you deem necessary such as calling the cops.

After a long and exhaustive trip in the world of home security, we chose the best floodlight camera for your home. We compiled this list of the top cameras for you and added a buying guide to help you decide on the right floodlight camera that meets your security needs and keeps your property safe.

Best Floodlight Camera Reviews

A floodlight camera is more than a security device that records. It deters intruders, records unusual activities, stores the data on the cloud, alerts the owner, and does a whole lot more. So naturally, you’d want to choose the best camera for your needs and budget. We handpicked the following 8 floodlight cameras for your consideration. But first, we start with the editor’s choice.

1. Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera – Wireless Security

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera - Wireless Security

Excellent brightness and long battery life put the Arlo at the top of the pack. The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera – Wireless Security runs on a battery that needs to be recharged once every 6 months. And since it doesn’t need a hub, you can connect it directly to WiFi and you’re good to go.

Wire-free, the camera can be installed anywhere around the perimeter of your property without having cables come in the way. It comes with 3 floodlights which offer between 2,000 to 3,000 lumens. This allows you to see objects in color at night. Bright light also reflects on the quality of the images as well since you can record video in 2K HDR and get a clearer picture with more details. And monitoring the situation in real-time on your phone, you have the ability to zoom in to examine the pictures or videos.

The security system is powered by an advanced AI that can tell the difference between an intruder and someone delivering a package. This reduces the number of false alarms and prevents the system from going off when there’s no threat to the property. The two-way talk system lets you communicate with whoever is outside your home and determine if you need to take further action.

On the downside, there’s a lag with the live feed which varies between 3 to 5 seconds. Although that’s not a big issue, it can cause a delay in your response to the situation. The camera also tends to omit the first three seconds when recording which could leave out vital evidence in the case of a break-in.


  • 3 floodlights that offer between 2,000 to 3,000 lumens.
  • No wires or cables.
  • The camera connects to WiFi directly.
  • Advanced AI that prevents break-ins but allows a delivery person.
  • Records video in 2K.
  • Long-life battery.


  • There’s a lag between 3 to 5 seconds in the live feed.
  • The First 3 seconds of the recordings are left out.
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2. Victure 1080P Floodlight Camera Outdoor Security Camera

Victure 1080P Floodlight Camera Outdoor Security Camera with IP55 Waterproof

With dual motion detection and a 2MP full HD camera, this security camera from Victure gets your attention. The Victure 1080P Floodlight Camera Outdoor Security Camera records video in 1080p resolution and with its affordable price, it gives you the best value for your money.

The built-in AI can detect three types of motion: low, medium, and high. That way it can recognize a person lurking while ignoring a tree moving slowly in the breeze or a dog crossing your yard at night.

The dual floodlights cover the area with 2,000 lumens to give you colorful images even in the middle of the night. And once the system detects a burglar it alerts you on the app on your phone. You can choose to set off the built-in siren to scare the intruder off or talk to them and threaten to call the cops. In addition, you have control over the floodlights and can turn them on at any time from your phone.

The camera comes with an SD card with 64 gigabytes capacity. There’s also the option to store the footage on the cloud which gives you more storage capacity. Both the camera and floodlights are waterproof so they can handle all weather conditions including rainfall and snow.

One thing we didn’t like about this camera is that it requires a high-speed internet connection. If you have anything below 2.4Ghz the video feed will lag considerably and the camera might become unresponsive.


  • Dual motion detection.
  • Built-in human face recognition.
  • 2MP full HD camera that records in 1080p resolution.
  • 2,000 lumens floodlights.
  • Control the floodlights from your phone.
  • Built-in siren and 2-way talk system.
  • Affordable price.


  • Requires a high-speed internet connection to function.
  • There’s no user manual.
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3. Eufy Security Floodlight Camera

Eufy security floodlight camera

Privacy and data encryption are the two main features that set this floodlight camera apart from the rest. The Eufy Security Floodlight Camera stores the video recordings locally but allows you to access them from anywhere. And to prevent unauthorized access, the data is always transmitted through a 256-bit encrypted connection. That means your data is safe and secure at all times.

What we really liked about the Eufy is the wide camera coverage. With 140 degrees angle, the camera gives you great coverage and exposes a wide area around your property. That means you’ll be using fewer cameras to keep the whole perimeter around your home fully covered and protected.

The two floodlights give you a combined 2,500 lumens. And you can use the app on your phone to adjust the brightness of the floodlights at will. This saves you energy while letting you scare off intruders with extra bright light when you need to.

Designed for outdoor use, the Eufy floodlight camera can handle temperatures between -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. That makes it resistant to erosion and it will keep working even in harsh weather conditions. We also liked its compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant which makes it easier to communicate with the camera at all times.

Despite all these excellent features, the Eufy has a few hiccups. One of them is the short range of the Wifi. You’ll need to be physically near the camera to connect your phone to it. Otherwise, you’ll need a beacon nearby to extend the connection range. The camera has 4-gigabyte local storage which is quite limited.


  • Wide camera coverage with a 140-degree angle.
  • Data is transmitted on a 256-bit encrypted connection.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • 2,500 lumens floodlights.
  • Can handle temperatures between -4 and 122 degrees F.


  • Limited local storage of just 4 gigabytes.
  • The camera uses short-range Wifi.
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4. Ring Floodlight Camera with Echo Dot

Ring floodlight camera with echo dot

With a siren, two-way talk, and a motion-activated HD camera, Ring offers a security camera that has all the bases covered. The Ring Floodlight Camera with Echo Dot records in 1080p HD and uses infrared night vision to give you a clear image in full color even when it’s totally dark outside.

The Live View is a nice feature that lets you access the video and audio feed of the camera at any time from your phone. That way you can check on your home even when you’re thousands of miles away and take any necessary action.

The camera’s motion sensor detectors allow it to spring to action when an intruder gets close to your property. That action ranges from starting recording to sending you an alert to your phone, tablet, or PC. Using the features on the app, you can set off the siren or talk to the intruder and examine the situation closely.

The phone app gives you full control over who has access to the camera and which client devices have authorization. The camera is also compatible with Alexa so you can control it without the need to use the phone app.

However, a major disadvantage of the Ring is the absence of local storage. All files and data are stored on the cloud and you need to subscribe to that service. Another problem has to do with its motion detection. It cannot tell the difference between a rabbit or a dog and a human being. So if a rabbit ventures into your lawn, that could set off the camera and send you an alert about the furry intruder.


  • Live View features to access the video and audio feed at any time from your phone.
  • Motion-activated HD camera.
  • Infrared night vision.
  • Compatible with Alexa.
  • Full control over the camera from the phone app.


  • No local storage.
  • Subscription-based cloud storage.
  • The Motion-detection system doesn’t tell the difference between a dog and a human being.
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5. Floodlight Camera Pro, Victure Security Camera Outdoor

Floodlight camera pro, victure security camera outdoor

The point of having a siren is to alert the neighbors as well as put fear in the heart of the would-be burglar and dissuade them from proceeding with their plans. And for that to work, the siren has to be loud enough to rouse the neighbors from their sleep. The Floodlight Camera Pro, Victure Security Camera Outdoor comes with a 110db siren that you can activate remotely and a motion-activated camera that starts recording when it detects someone acting suspiciously near your property.

The camera is also equipped with night vision. When the combined 2,500 lumens of the two flood lights turn on, you get videos in full color. And with the camera’s 140-degree horizontal and 78-degree vertical angles you got a wide coverage of the perimeter of your property. As for installing the camera, it takes on average about 20 minutes. The detailed instructions in the manual make it easy to get the installation done without issues.

The phone app is another good feature that we liked about this security camera. It gives you full control over everything from turning the lights on and off, setting off the siren, starting the Live View, and communicating with the intruder through the two-way talk system.

The local storage is 64 gigabytes which is enough to record about 15 days’ worth of data. However, the camera seems to have trouble staying connected to the WiFi. Without WiFi, you cannot control the camera from your phone or Alexa.


  • 110db remotely activated siren.
  • 2,500 combined lumens.
  • Night vision.
  • Wide camera angles both horizontally and vertically for better coverage.
  • Good phone app with lots of features.
  • 64-gigabytes of local storage.


  • The camera loses the WiFi connection sometimes.
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6. Geeni Sentry Wi-Fi Wireless Smart Floodlight Security Camera

Geeni sentry wi fi wireless smart floodlight security camera

When you have more than one security camera covering every angle of your property, you’d want to get multiview of all cams at the same time instead of going through them one at a time. That’s one of the features that make Geeni Sentry Wi-Fi Wireless Smart Floodlight Security Camera stand out. Besides its web view feature that lets your view up to 9 camera feeds on your PC, you can also view them on your phone using multiview.

Geeni also has a 140-degree horizontal camera angle that covers an area of 30 feet in diameter. It also has an IP54 rating which means the camera and equipment are weatherproof and can handle everything from rain to snow and glaring sun. The included spotlight floods the property with 2100 lumens of light to increase the quality of the images. As soon as the motion sensor detects movement, it turns on the lights and starts recording.

You can control every feature of the camera through the phone app and use the 2-way audio to communicate with the suspicious person in front of your door. Or you could set off the siren from your phone and scare them off.

Although installing the camera is straightforward, the screws that come with the package are not of good quality. They either break through the plate while screwing them or they just don’t screw tight. Another downside to the Geeni is that it’s not compatible with Alexa.


  • Multiview to view up to 9 camera feeds at the same time.
  • 2100 lumens spotlight.
  • IP54 rating to work in any weather condition.
  • 2-way audio.
  • 140-degree camera angle covering a 30-foot area.


  • Not compatible with Alexa.
  • Included screws are of low quality.
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7. Amcrest Floodlight Camera, Smart Home 1080P Security Outdoor Camera

Amcrest floodlight camera, smart home 1080p security

With a combination of a boisterous siren and 2,000 lumens floodlights, Amcrest knows how to deter intruders and would-be burglars. The Amcrest Floodlight Camera, Smart Home 1080P Security Outdoor Camera doesn’t leave anything to chance when it comes to keeping your property secure.

The camera has a high-resolution image and can record video at 1080p HD quality. So whether you’re viewing the camera feed on your phone or on a large screen, you get a great amount of detail and vivid colors even if it’s dark out there.

The floodlights with their 2000 lumens are responsible for these vivid pictures you get. They’re triggered by any suspicious movement within the perimeter once you have armed the security camera. And if the floodlights are not enough deterrent on their own, the 110db siren blasting off would give the intruder no other option but to turn around and flee.

The camera sends you alert and email notifications and records the incident for you to review it later and take further action if needed. And you don’t have to worry about running out of storage space. You have options between storing the data on the cloud for a monthly fee or you can fit the camera with a 256-gigabyte MicroSD card.

On the downside, the camera doesn’t pivot so well. So you can’t really aim it toward a certain part of the property unless it’s directly facing it.


  • 1080p HD quality video.
  • 2000 lumens floodlights.
  • 210db boisterous siren.
  • Options to store on the cloud for a fee or fit the camera with extra storage.


  • The camera doesn’t pivot when mounted which limits its movement and coverage area.
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8. Home Zone Security Floodlight Camera

Home zone security floodlight camera

If motion detection range, high lumens, and camera angle are your main concern then look no further than this security camera from Home Zone. The Home Zone Security Floodlight Camera has a 270-degree motion detection range that covers every angle of your property and floods the place with 2,700 lumens of light and records at a 150-degree horizontal camera angle. This camera gives a new meaning to the term full coverage.

Durability is another feature that makes this outdoor security camera shine. The floodlights are made of an aluminum cast making it weather-proof. But what really got our attention was the mobile app. It gives you full control over every feature of the camera including whether to turn the floodlights on or off. The camera is also compatible with Alexa and you can send it commands using Alexa instead of the phone.

For storage, the camera has a slot for a MicroSD 128gigabyte card. That eliminates the need for monthly subscriptions but it also limits your storage space in the absence of cloud storage options. We also liked the ability to adjust the camera once it has been installed. This allows you to take full advantage of the cameras around the property to cover every inch and angle.

What we didn’t like was that the storage card was not included. And since there’s no online storage feature, that means the camera cannot record any data until you have purchased a memory card. The motion detector also tends to pick cars and moving objects more than 50 feet away. That can turn into a problem as you get flooded with alerts and notifications if you live in a busy area.


  • 150-degree horizontal camera angle.
  • 270-degree motion detection range.
  • 2,700 lumens floodlights.
  • Alexa compatible.
  • No subscription fees.


  • No memory card included with the camera.
  • High price tag.
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Floodlight Camera Buying Guide

If the above floodlight cameras have anything in common is that they put the security of your home front and center. You probably have found more than one of them to your liking. So to help you pick the right camera for you, we put together this buying guide. It focuses on the main features to look for in a floodlight camera and how to get the most out of these home security devices.

Benefits of Floodlight Cameras

If you’re new to home security and haven’t been keeping up with the latest advances in that field, you might be wondering why not just do it the old fashion way and get a dog to guard your home. While a dog such as a rottweiler or a German shepherd can do a good job keeping your home secure, dogs come with their own set of issues. Not only are guard dogs high maintenance, but a clever burglar can find a way around your dog to enter your property. A floodlight camera on the other hand doesn’t go to sleep, get sick, or can be bribed with a raw steak. Here are some more security benefits you can get out of the floodlight camera.

  • The camera works 24/7 to keep your property secure. As long as you have power and internet service, the camera doesn’t stop watching and recording any unusual activity around your house or business.
  • The floodlights of the camera stop the burglars in their tracks before they even attempt to break into your property. This saves your home or business from potential damage.
  • The camera records and stores the data on the cloud safely for you to browse it later at your leisure.
  • These systems are connected to your mobile phone and will alert you to any suspicious activity around your property even if you’re thousands of miles away.
  • The camera works under all conditions be it rain or snow.
  • The recorded footage can be used as evidence by the police to nab the culprits and bring them to justice.

Key Features

With the advances in technology, new floodlight cameras are coming out every day with more dazzling features. But depending on your particular security needs, you might not need all of those fascinating new features. Here are the key features to focus on.

  • Night Vision: Since the majority of break-ins take place under the cover of darkness, you need your camera to have night vision. So if for some reason the floodlights malfunction, the camera would still be able to record a clear image of what is going on around the property. The Ring Floodlight Camera with Echo Dot stands out with its infrared night vision.
  • Two-Way Audio: If the floodlights don’t deter the intruders, then talking to them on speakers would certainly do the job. Some cameras have microphones that let you hear what the burglars are saying and talk to them in real-time.
  • Motion Sensors: Some floodlight cameras will remain in an idle mood until their motion sensors detect movement. Then they start to record, turn on the floodlights and alert you at the same time. This feature saves you power and hours of recording when nothing is happening.
  • Solar Panels: In cases of power failure, a camera equipped with solar panels will keep running and recording. Another alternative is to have a camera with backup batteries.
  • Storage: There are two ways for the camera to store its footage. Either on a built-in hard disk or on the cloud. Cameras with hard disks have limited storage space and are less secure than those that send the footage to be stored on a remote server.
  • Alert System: A camera with an alert system lets you know if some suspicious activity is taking place around your property. You usually get the alert on your phone and you can watch in real-time what the camera is recording and take action.
  • Encryption: The data that the camera sends to the remote server can be encrypted to add another layer of security. A good example of this is the Eufy Security Floodlight Camera with its 256-bit encryption. This feature is especially important if you’re protecting a place of business and worry that hackers might intercept and manipulate the camera footage.
  • Image Quality: The image quality varies depending on the capabilities of the camera itself. You can have an image between 720 pixels to 2000 pixels. For most cases, a 720p image is enough for investigators to collect evidence. Keep in mind that the higher the image quality the more energy and bandwidth the camera requires.


Does the camera use any encryptions to protect the data?

Data encryption in home security systems is an important feature that prevents hackers from infiltrating your system. Most cameras these days use a 256-bit encryption system to secure the data it transmits to the storage server. This ensures that your data will be safe from any manipulation and that your property is more secure. Although only hi-tech security systems used to have this feature, nowadays home security systems come equipped with this feature.

What’s the ideal storage capacity of the camera?

Floodlight cameras have two ways to store the data they record. They could send it to a remote server on the cloud or they could store it on a hard disk locally. A camera that stores footage locally works the same way your mobile phone or regular camera works. It has a hard disk with limited capacity. To increase that storage, you can plug in an SD card. Depending on how large your property is and how many security cameras you have installed, a 128-gigabyte card can be ideal for your camera.

Cloud storage is a better option since it has almost unlimited storage space depending on the package you choose. It stores data at regular intervals that range from once every 24 hours to once every 96 hours. Cloud storage is more secure and cost-effective in the long run.

How fast should my internet be to operate a floodlight camera?

For the floodlight camera to function properly, you’ll need to have a steady and reliable broadband service. A fast internet service allows the camera to send you an alert and stream the images it’s recording to your phone in real-time. If the camera has a 2-way talk system, you can also talk to the intruders as if you’re inside the house. For best results, you’ll need a 2Mbps-internet service. This is low bandwidth compared to more demanding streaming services such as Netflix. Good bandwidth also ensures that your data is transmitted to the remote server safely and without interruptions or hiccups.

The Last Word

The security of your property cannot be overestimated. And nothing lets you feel more secure than a floodlight camera that keeps watch over your property 24/7. Out of the above 8 best floodlight cameras, the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera – Wireless Security won our editor’s choice by a unanimous decision. It’s not just that the camera has 3 floodlights that offer between 2,000 to 3,000 lumens, but it’s also a wire-free portable camera that has no need for cables or a power source. Running on a long-lasting battery, the camera connects to WiFi directly without the need for a hub. Its advanced AI and human recognition system allow it to tell the difference between an intruder and a delivery person.

Victure 1080P Floodlight Camera Outdoor Security Camera was our best budget pick since it gives good value for your money with its 2MP full HD camera and built-in face recognition. Its dual motion functionality allows it to detect a suspicious person moving near the house but to ignore a moving tree or a car.

Our premium pick was the Eufy Security Floodlight Camera. It takes data privacy to a new level with its 256-bit encrypted connection that ensures the integrity of your data. And with 2,500 lumens floodlights and a 140-degree camera angle, it makes it worth the investment even if the price tag is a little too steep.