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10 Best Drill Bits for Metal (Reviews) in 2021

In recent months, we decided to take our DIY and home improvement skills to the next level by purchasing and learning how to use a new cordless power drill. We purchased it, tried it out, and put in a little bit of practice and we’re pleased to say that we had quite a bit of success.

Now, we’re ready to try all kinds of different crafting, DIY, and building projects around the house, but the variety of materials we have in mind to work with calls for more than just the basic range of bits we got with our power drill started kit. That’s why we’ve been on the lookout for great drill bits for metal lately.

What are the best drill bits for metal?

As with anything we’re thinking about investing in, we really like to put in the time and research to make sure we’re actually making the best purchase. The process of looking for drill bits for metal was no exception!

Once we’d sat down and bookmarked all the bits, kits, and designs that seemed as though they had the right features we were looking for, we realized we’d kind of created a veritable buying guide for other people who might be interested in getting new drill bits for metal as well, so we figured we’d might as well publish the list we compiled.

Check out these 10 awesome, useful options we came across in our search.

1. DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set

Dewalt titanium drill bit set

Are you the kind of person who loves a high quality product and always tends to gravitate towards products that have a more expensive price point, but unfortunately you’re actually working on a smaller budget than your taste usually allows for? Then we’d be willing to bet that you’ve learned how to search for sales just as well as we have! That’s why we were so thrilled when we came across this fantastic drill bit set from DEWALT that’s on sale for literally half its original price.

To make sure they can withstand drilling through metal, these drill bits are made of durable titanium. This pack come as a set of 21 bit in a plastic case that holds them securely in place with foam and a hinged snapping lid, reducing your chances of losing one of the sizes. The kit provides you with a whole range of standard sizes and is also great for projects made of thick wood and hard plastic.

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2. Drill America 29 Piece Heavy Duty High Speed Steel Drill Bit Set

Drill america 29 piece heavy duty high speed steel drill bit set

Are you still interested in durable metal bits with at least 20 pieces but you’re not sure that a big, flat case like what you saw above is really what you need? Perhaps you’re actually just looking for an option that’s comparable for what you saw above but you have a higher budget so you’re not feeling super tied to the need for a sale. Either way, we’d definitely suggest checking out these kit from Drill America.

This space efficient cylindrical case actually fits even more bits than the flat one you saw above, as this kit comes with 29 pieces. The bits themselves are jobber length and range from 1/16″ to 1/2″, increasing in 1/64″ increments with each size. They are made from high speed steel that’s specifically designed to resist wear with use, even on your drill’s most high powered settings. Their black and gold oxide finish also helps to resist corrosion over time.

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3. Chicago Latrobe 150 Series High-Speed Steel Jobber Length Drill Bit Set

Chicago latrobe 150 series high speed steel jobber length drill bit set

Do you actually have much more of a budget to work with than what we’ve talked so far and you’re looking to invest in something very strong indeed, right down to the case itself? Then we have a sneaking suspicion that you might get along a little better with something like this tiered pack drill bit kit from Chicago Latrobe.

These bits from in a metal case that features racks organized by size. These racks fold forward and are etched with the bits’ measurements, making the specific size you’re looking for extremely easy to find. The 29 bits themselves are made of steel and treated with a durable black oxide finish that helps steel them (no pun intended) against sharp metal edges during drilling. Each one has a conventional point and they range in size from 1/16″ to 1/2″, just like the kit above.

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4. DEWALT Cobalt Drill Bit Set

Dewalt cobalt drill bit set

Did we actually really catch your attention the most when we started talking about drill bits that are very high quality but priced a little lower, but the budget you’re trying to work with is actually even lower than we’ve shown you so far? Then we think you might appreciate the price point and quality combination on this drill bit kit offered by DEWALT.

This particular kit only comes with 14 pieces instead of over 20, but the very affordable price that comes with it made us feel totally okay with the idea of getting less sizes, particularly since they’re still within a good basic range. These bits are actually also designed purposely for use on strong metals, which accounts for their hard steel construction and the strength and effectiveness of their pilot point tips. The manufacturers also built their bases quite intentionally so that they sit anchored solidly, even when you’re working on the most intense speed settings.

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5. Craftsman 9-64085 Professional Cobalt Drill Bit Set

Craftsman 9 64085 professional cobalt drill bit set

Have you already seen quite a number of drill bit sets that feature details you’d appreciate, but you still just haven’t felt entirely sold on any of the size ranges you’ve seen, so you’d like to shop around a little more? Then we’d also suggest giving this metal-friendly drill bit kit from Craftsman a once-over.

This set, which comes in a sturdy, locking flat plastic case, contains 21 drill bits in all. Rather than being made from titanium or coated steel, these bits are constructed from cobalt, which is another durable metal capable of withstanding drilling through other metals even at the highest speeds. The size range runs from 1/16″ to 3/8″ and the points on each are designed to reduce “walking”, which is where the drill bit jumps across the surface of the metal a bit before cutting into it; this means you’ll get better accuracy and a steadier experience.

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6. DEWALT Black Oxide Drill Bit Set

Dewalt black oxide drill bit set

Are you still thinking about how much you loved the idea of an extremely sturdy drill bit set that’s coated for extra durability but you’re also intent on finding something that’s based at a much cheaper price point than some of the options you’ve seen so far? Then here’s another option for your consideration thanks to DEWALT!

This 20 piece drill bit set, which comes in a durable locking plastic case that’s organized and clearly labelled by size, gives you bits that are coated in black oxide for durability. Even the bits’ shape is intentional and designed for strength; it’s called the parabolic flute and it helps the pieces withstand pressure. The tips of the bits are also specifically shaped. They have a 135 degree split-point design that helps reduce walking and slippage when you first start drilling.

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7. Makita B-65399 Impact Gold 14 Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set

Makita b 65399 impact gold 14 pc titanium drill bit set

Just in case you’re still working on an even tighter budget than we described before and hoping to find something that your wallet can withstand, here’s a kit from Makita that’s perhaps our most affordable option yet! It also contains the least number of bits, but that’s a price we’d be more than willing to pay in order to get a kit for on dollar per bit.

This kit contains 14 drill bits in a locking flat plastic case. The bits themselves are made of steel with a scratch resistant titanium nitride coating that the company guarantees to last up to 2.5 times longer than other kinds of coatings often found on drill bits. The point on these, like on many others, is purposely shaped and angled to reduce walking and increase precision, and it helps make the bits effective on not only meta but also thick wood and stone.

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8. NEIKO 11402A Stubby Drill Bit Set for Metal

Neiko 11402a stubby drill bit set for metal

Are you actually just looking for a small selection of metal worthy drill bits because you don’t find that you use your cordless drill on metal very often, but you do need the capability for something very specific that you’re working on? Then we think you might get along a little better with something like this much smaller five piece set offered by NEIKO.

These drill bits are kept intentionally short for dense power and are made of Molybdenum steel. Like the others, they have the specifically cut and angled tip for a more precise experience, which just makes them pack more punch in combination with their density and length. These bits might also be the most diverse option in terms of which models of handheld power tool they’ll actually fit into and sit solidly in.

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9. CO-Z 5Pieces Hss Cobalt Multiple Hole 50 Sizes Step Drill Bit Set

Co z 5pieces hss cobalt multiple hole 50 sizes step drill bit set

Are you simply trying to build small holes and openings rather than deep ones because that’s all your current project calls for? Well, if you’re also in need of only a few of the most practical sizes, then you might get along well with these durable and fast acting short bits offered by CO-Z.

These bits, which come in a well labelled and secure case, are made from cobalt high speed steel coated in a thick and durable layer of titanium that stays scratch free for years. Their tip cuts and angles, though different on each according to size, are each designed to resist walking and slipping, but their short length is designed primarily to handle strong but thin pieces like metal sheeting and wooden boarding.

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10. Hiltex 10005 HSS Silver and Deming Industrial Drill Bit Set

Hiltex 10005 hss silver and deming industrial drill bit set

Are you still looking for a smaller metal-worthy drill bit kid that’s a little more compact to store but you still think you’ll need more than five? Then perhaps this mid-sized kit that comes organized by size in a lovely hinged wooden case would be a little more up your alley! Hiltex has you covered.

These bits are made from a dense, high speed carbon steel that has been heat treated and coated with a black enamel coating to increase its durability and its ability to withstand heavy duty work for long periods of time without wear. In this kit, you receive eight bits with secure tri-flat shanks, ranging in size from 5/8″ to 1″.

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Do you know another DIY lover and home improvement enthusiast who has an electric drill already but has been thinking about investing in a good drill bit set for metal, but they’ve also expressed that they could use a little more information and guidance before they make their final decision? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of options and models to look at before they make their purchase!