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The 8 Best Cordless Drills For Home Projects (Reviews) in 2023

As any DIY enthusiast will tell you, sometimes the joy of making and doing things yourself spills over from crafts and creative projects into the world of home improvement. Even if you’re notthat experienced with handiwork and using power tools, there are certainly some simple home DIY concepts that just about anyone can do.

Cordless drills

Lately, we’ve been feeling rather keen about the idea of improving our handiwork skills around the house, so we’ve been hoping in invest in a quality power drill that’s simple to use but good enough to ket us do basically any project that our DIY whims lead us to.

We were set from the beginning on the idea of getting a cordless drill because years of living with small children and pets has taught us very well what a hassle cords can be, but besides that feature, we know we’d have to do a little more research before making our choice, just to make sure we got the one that’s best for us.

What Is the Best Cordless Drill?

As usual, when we’re looking to make a big or practical purchase, we took to the internet to investigate the options and learn more about the drills that were in our budget. By the time we’d finished bookmarking the things we were interested in and gone back to them to re-evaluate, we realized we had quite the awesome list going, so we decided to share it for other people with the same interests and needs to see.

Check out this list of eight awesome and very useful cordless power drills that we came across in our search.

1. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit

Dewalt 20v max cordless drill combo kit

Are you actually the kind of person who is very good at home improvement need and needs a new drill in the first place because you used your old one so much, but you’re looking for something that’s got fantastic quality but also gives you a lot of bang for your buck? Well, what if we told you that you could actually gettwo cordless power tools for the prices of what some companies would charge you for one, without sacrificing any quality? That’s precisely what this package from DEWALT has to offer you.

Besides a high-powered cordless hand drill with lots of torque, this particular bundle, which is rather affordable when you see how much you’re really getting, also gives you a power impact driver tool for projects that require both. Both of these cordless handheld pieces are lightweight and designed for easy maneuvering as you work. Each tool features a clearly visible digitized LED screen allowing you to adjust and see your settings without trouble.

The bundle you see here comes with a durable bag specially designed to be a portable carrying case for both handheld tools and also the charging dock that recharges their maximum capacity lithium batteries, each of which is long-lasting. Besides longevity, ease and power are the top priorities in these models. The bit mechanisms are designed to be easy to change with one hand for convenience while you’re working and the drill’s motor has the capacity to provide 300 unit watts out for high impact.


  • Easy to charge and powerful.
  • Great kit.


  • While the kit is great for home projects, it’s not made for bigger projects.
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2. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill

Black+decker 20v max cordless drill

Are you feeling rather intrigued by the idea of a high powered drill with easy to change bits that are convenient to adjust while you work but you’re working on a slightly stricter budget than the option you saw before and you’re just not sure that you need two power tools when you know you’re really only going to use the handheld drill itself? In that case, we think you might get along a little better with this singular drill fromBLACK + DECKER that comes with a full range of of drill bits and useful attachments despite being offered for half the price.

In fact, this drill actually comes with over 30 accessories designed to help you do all types of handiwork and achieve all different effects. This drill, which is specifically built for durability, holds the power to drill easily through all kinds of wood, metal, and plastic. The drill features a soft grip handle intended for comfort during use, accounting for the weight of the drill; it’s designed to be lightweight as well, but any power drill naturally has some heft to it.

One of our favourite features of this particular drill is that the high powered battery, which is formulated to be quick-charge, can hold a full charge without losing power for up to 18 months between uses without being re-charged. This makes the drill perfect for people who might only actually need to use a power drill sometimes. The useful package that the drill comes with also includes over 24 bits for all different purposes.


  • Affordable price.
  • Is pretty powerful, so will do great with most projects.


  • Heavy-duty projects will need more torque.
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3. Makita CT225R 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Compact Cordless 2 Piece Combo Kit

Makita ct225r 18v lxt lithium ion compact cordless 2 piece combo kit

Are you actually still thinking about how much you loved the price combination and convenience of buying a dual power tool pack that includes a cordless power drill and an impact tool, but you’re just not feeling sold on the first option since you’re never one to purchase the first design you read about without looking at other things? Then here’s another design and dual power tool package for your consideration, this time fromMakita!

In terms of the driver, this cordless and handheld tool offers two different speeds that can be adjusted extremely easily and are powered by a built-in 4 pole motor. This motor is capable of giving you 1460 inch pounds of “max torque” even though the entire piece, with its battery included, weights under three pounds. The drill is designed in the same way, despite being slightly bigger and having a longer front mechanism for loading the variety of bits it comes with, which can also be changed with one hand just like the one we showed you above.

The battery that powers the drill is one of the best features of the whole thing due to its quick charging nature. This battery can reach a full charge in less than 25 minutes, which is rather fast indeed as far as high-powered cordless tools are concerned.


  • Works great with most home projects.
  • Battery lasts a while and it’s easy to recharge.


  • Drill bits aren’t the most durable.
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4. Milwaukee M18 18V Lithium-Ion 1/2 Inch Cordless Drill Driver Compact Kit

Click image to open expanded view milwaukee m18 18v lithium ion 1:2 inch cordless drill driver compact kit

Do you actually have a slightly larger budget to work with and you’re willing to invest a little more money into a singular drill so long as it’s a heavy duty design that will really work well for you? Well, particularly if you’re actually a little more of an experienced handiworker looking for something that will really last you through a lot of use, then we have a sneaking suspicion that you might get along a little better with something like this high powered cordless drill offered byMilwaukee!

This particular drill has a lot of power behind it, in a way that’s usually more typical of pound based driver tools, making it appropriate for drilling through essentially anything. The motor inside this surprisingly lightweight handheld drill puts forth 500 inch pounds of torque, completing 1800 rounds per minute. To work in combination with the high powered motor, this drill also has a sensitive anti-overload protection system to keep things from becoming out of control if you’re doing really heavy duty work.

This drill’s battery is another reason for the heightened price; it’s built with a technology that, compared to the average run of the mill drill battery, runs 40% longer, 20% faster, and with 20% more power. To help you make the drill last as long as possible and stay charged for whenever you need it, this bundle also comes with a speedy charger and a hard carrying case that’s about as durable as the drill itself.


  • Powerful tool that will work through most materials.
  • It’s not very heavy.


  • Pretty pricey.
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5. SKIL 20V 1/2 Inch Cordless Drill Driver

Skil 20v 1:2 inch cordless drill driver

If you’re going to invest in a singular drill that can do everything you need itself but you don’t have quite as much of a budget as the design above calls for, then we’ddefinitely suggest taking a look at this design fromSkil that’s designed to be heavy-duty and fully equipped enough to handle any job, easy or difficult, but in a more simplified and slightly more minimalist way.

This drill is powered by a high-quality lithium battery that powers back up nice and quickly on a 20 volt charger. This particular model is actually marketed by the brand as their resident “go to DIY drill” because it’s so accessible and simple to use that actually powering it is the least of your worries, letting you concentrate on whatever it is you’re making for yourself, even if you don’t have that much experience in handiwork and home improvement.

Although it’s extremely durable, it’s also an ideal model for simple, everyday things like tightening screws in furniture or hanging things on the wall. Even though it’s otherwise a decently straightforward model, there’s one really standout feature of this drill that sets it apart. This drill’s lithium battery has a built-in temperature control system that’s designed to sense when the battery is working hard and prevent it from overheating and crashing in the middle of your project.


  • The battery doesn’t overheat when working.


  • Drill bits may need replacing.
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6. Kobalt 24-Volt Max Lithium Ion (Li-ion) 1/2-in Cordless Brushless Drill

Kobalt 24 volt max lithium ion (li ion) 1:2 in cordless brushless drill

Are you still finding yourself a little more interested in the slightly more expensive models because you find that the price generally accounts for a better materiality that will give you more durability in its use, but you’re also just still feeling intent on seeing as many different options as you can? Then we think you might appreciate what this next model fromKobalt has to offer.

This cordless drill comes with a high powered 24 volt maximum lithium ion battery and a charger that’s incredibly speedy in its process despite the large capacity of the battery. The whole intention of this design is to have it be a simple but durable and effective drill that you can just grab and use without hassle or a lot of steps. This is part of why it comes with a very small but durable case and only a few accessories; the whole idea here is to simplify the process.

Also included in the pack, besides the drill, case, battery, and charger, is a belt clip for hanging the drill on between parts of how you’ll use it in your project, a double ended driver bit, and a bit holder. Because of its extremely heavy duty materiality, this drill is a little bit heavier than a lot of the models you’ve seen so far, weighing in at four pounds.


  • Comes with loads of accessories.
  • Works even with more heavy-duty projects.


  • It’s quite heavy, so you may tire easily.
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7. Bosch DDB181-02 Power Tools Drill Driver Kit

Bosch ddb181 02 power tools drill driver kit

Are you actually looking for a cordless power drill that’s a little more geared towards beginners even though it’s got good capabilities for someone doing heavier duty projects? We can totally understand the feeling of wanting to purchase something that will help you learn how to use and create with power tools better but that will also last you into coming years where you have more experience and might use it more effectively. That’s why we liked this model and its bundle offered byBosch!

One of the most beginner-friendly features of this drill is how compact it is versus what it has to offer, making it surprisingly light and easy to maneuver despite the fact that it can withstand so much. The drill was also made intentionally sleek so that it can be used in small, tight spaces during either building or heavy crafting.

Even though it only weights three pounds, this drill has enough torque to handle essentially any surface or project. It presents 350 pounds of optimized torque and runs at 1300 RPM, making it comparable with drills much larger and heavier than itself. We’re actually huge fans of perhaps the smallest feature on this drill, which is a very bright little LED light at the front that can be used to light your space for better visibility no matter where you’re working or how small and dark it is. It’s the perfect combination of ease and practicality!


  • Only weights 3 pounds.
  • Comes with an LED light.


  • May be a bit too small for some users.
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8. Avid Power 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill

Avid power 20v max lithium ion cordless drill

Have you been scrolling through our list hoping to come across something much more affordable than some of the options you’ve seen so far but you’re also not willing to sacrifice quality, so your hopes weren’t up very high? Then we’re pleased to report that your patience has finally paid off thanks to this cordless drill model and its featured accessories fromAvid Power!

One of the most useful parts of this drill’s features is the fact that the battery is multifunctional. This means that, even as it charges the drill, the battery can also charge something else, like your phone, thanks to a conveniently placed USB port in one side. In terms of the drill itself, it was specifically designed with handle comfort in mind, giving you an ergonomic design that accounts for the drill’s weight and ease of movement.

This drill offers you enough torque to handle working with all kinds of materials, including wood, ceramics, drywall, and plastic among other things. It can even handle steel plating! Like the model before, this drill comes with a built-in LED light for illuminating dark spaces to make your work easier. This awesomely affordable drill comes in a bundle with 10 driver bits and an extension bar for a fastener that has a magnetic, flexible shaft that will help you use the drill in hard-to-reach places.


  • Can handle loads of durable materials, like wood, steel plating, and more.


  • The drill bits aren’t very durable.
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Do you know another DIY and home improvement enthusiast who has long been on the hunt for a new drill but who has also been open about needing a little bit of help narrowing down their search? Share this post with them so they can consider all of the different options you’ve seen and learn a little more about what’s out there before they make their final decision!