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9 Best Crochet Hooks for Crafters in 2022 (Reviews)

Ever since we were young children, crocheting has been one of our absolutefavorite ways to pass the time whenever we have a free moment. We learned before we’d even hit double digits in age, and we’ve been grateful for that ever since because yarn crafts have fuelled all our other love for creative things in the years since!

Best Crochet Hooks

Now we’re trying to teach our kids how to crochet as well, and they are very keen indeed. Being the careful shoppers we are, we’ve naturally been doing a whole lot of research into the best hook sets and starts kits to buy, and we’ll fully admit that we’ve found a few neat things along the way that we just might treat ourselves with.

By the time we’d narrowed our search down to the things we wanted to consider a little more seriously, we had realized we’d actually made a pretty awesome recommendations list with all that bookmarking we had done, so we had figured we’d as well share it! If you’re another yarn crafting enthusiast looking for an awesome crochet hook set for yourself or someone you plan on teaching, check out these cool options that we came across in our search.

1. Yarniss rechargeable light-up crochet hook set

Yarniss rechargeable light up crochet hooks

Are you the kind of fun-loving crafting enthusiast who adores a little bit of novelty here and there so long as the product also works for its intended purpose, just to keep things interesting? Then we have a feeling you’ll adore this first kit sold byYarniss! It’s an interchangeable design where you swap out the hook heads’ thicknesses on and off the same handle, which is a useful feature in itself, but the best part is that the handle has an LED light in it, so the hooks light up!

These hooks range from 2.5mm to 8mm, which is a great standard range, especially for a beginner. They’re made with clear acrylic that’s smooth and durable, making them easy to use no matter your experience level. They even come organized in a convenient, portable case with a zipper! The light-up capabilities of this set actually do more than amuse you; the clean white light that the bulb gives off can increase visibility for people who have trouble seeing their stitches clearly when they knit with dark colors.

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2. Bontime crochet hook set, case, and kit

Bontime crochet hooks set, case, and kit

Do you love the idea of purchasing a crochet hook set with a good range of sizes and a zipping case that you can keep everything organized in or take on the go, but what you’rereally on the hunt for is a whole start’s kit that will really set your beginner on the right track with everything they could possibly need to make their first few projects? Then we’re pretty sureBontime has precisely the kind of thing you’re looking for.

This kit features elastic pockets to keep hooks ranging from 2.0mm to 8mm in place, pinning them around their easy-grip, ergonomic handles. The flap in the center with the zipping pockets lets you store all of the other goodies the kit comes with, like snippers, a measuring tape, stitch counters, stitch markers, darning needles, and cable needles.

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3. Teamoy crochet hook set, kit, and cat case

Teamoy crochet hooks set, kit, and cat case

Did wereally catch your attention when we started talking about purchasing a well-rounded kit but you could see a few things here and there in the previous option we showed you that you’re just not sure the person you have in time for teaching will need right now? Maybe you just need the kit to be a little smaller because you’re mailing it to your friend. Either way, check out this alternative from Teamoy!

This kit still prepares you fully for the word of beginner crochet, and even a few more advanced techniques, making it well worth its already reasonable price. Just in case you’re also still interested in keeping things a little more fun, as we talked about before as well, we’d like to point out how adorable their zipping case is, printed all over with little cartoon cats!

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4. BCMRun multi-colored aluminum crochet hook set

Bcmrun multi coloured aluminum crochet hook set

Perhaps you’re actually already very well stocked indeed with the basic things a crochet enthusiast needs, but your crochet hooks are very old now, and many of them need replace? Maybe you just need a few additional doubles in the most standard sizes because you crochet so often that you’re always in need of backups. Either way, this hook kit fromBCMRun makes a great replacement or supplementary pack.

These bright hooks are made from durable but smooth aluminum and are color-coded so that you have no trouble at all finding the right size in scenarios where they aren’t organized in order. The sizes range from 2mm to 8mm, giving you an extra-large option that many of the kits you’ve seen so far don’t actually have!

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5. Clover Amour singular crochet hook

Amour crochet hook

Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to find a good suggestion for one singular crochet hook, rather than a fully stocked kit, because you’re already quite well equipped, but you’re looking for a better version in just one or two of the most common hook size that you use the most? Well, as people with experience in aching hand joints, we can totally understand wanting to have more ergonomic models in the hooks we used the most frequently. That’s why we liked this option from Clover so much!

These colored hooks, which are made specifically for easy grip, are sold individually and at affordable prices. They’re even color-coded by size so that, in the event that you do decide to purchase more than one, you won’t get mixed up or have any trouble finding the size you’re looking for.

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6. Be Craftee ergonomic comfort crochet hooks, kit, and case

Be craftee ergonimic comfort crochet hooks, kit, and case

Are you still thinking most about this whole idea of purchasing ergonomic crochet hooks because youdo have some joint pain, and you’re trying to limit it? Well, if you’re looking to replace several sizes of hooks at once, then maybe purchasing them in a bundle like this one from Be Craftee is the best option for you!

Besides having a great standard size range, these hooks also come in a simple, durable, and well-organized case, featuring a central zipping pocket full of just a few essential items that can always use topping up, like stitch markers. It’s priced just about right on par with the other kits you’ve seen, just with a better grip handle than some previous options we showed you.

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7. BCMRun ergonomic crochet hooks set, kit, and case

Bcmrun ergonomic crochet hooks set, kit, and case

Besides a very small number of additional essentials, are youreally just hoping to keep things simple and find an easy-grip hook set that’s got a good range and also a case, but you’re not picky about extra compartments or keeping things in order? Then we’re pretty sureBCMRun has just the kind of thing you’re looking for!

Because their case doesn’t have elastic straps, the brand has made sure to make an impressive range of colors in their handles, ensuring that you have no trouble at all telling the hooks, which come in the widest size range you’ve seen on our list so far, apart. Besides a few darning needles in a little case and some stitch markers, the hooks are the real star here.

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8. Lewhoo extra long ergonomic crochet hooks set and case

Lewhoo extra long ergonomic crochet hooks set and case

In crochet, everyone’s hands sit differently on the hooks, even if we’re all taught how to hold it the same way. For some people, standard-sized crochet hooks tend to be just a touch too short for their comfort, which is why Lewhoo developed this set that’s a little bit extra long!

In addition to their extra length, these hooks are built to be a little easier and more comfortable to grip around the middle in terms of their width and their shape. As if that’s not enough to draw your attention to this site, the hooks also come in a good standard size range and are well organized in a nicely sized case that’s easy to travel with!

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9. Soft n’ Style microbraiding hooks

Soft n' style microbraiding hooks

Did you know that crochet hooks in their standard size and thicknesses for yarn aren’t actually the only kind out there, nor the only kind that some people use for crafts? These microbraiding hooks featured in detail on Soft n’ Style are the perfect example of what we mean!

These hooks, which have a soft-grip handle and also come in a good size range (albeit a range of much smaller thicknesses than you’ve seen so far), can be used to adding bundles of synthetic hair to certain types of hairstyles, but there are also many people who used these hooks for miniature crochet, detailed carpet hooking, and other kinds of delicate crafting.

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Do you know another yarn crafting and crochet enthusiast who has been thinking about investing in a new set of crochet hooks but feels like they could use a little bit of guidance to weigh their options making the right choice? Share this post with them, so they have all kinds of information to consider in order to help them out!