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15 Basil Recipes To Ignite SO Many Meals

Sweet and savory, sophisticated and welcoming, basil is such an underrated but supremely delicious herb that you should be incorporated into your meals much more often than you probably have been. It’s much more versatile than you may think too, since it’s so closely associated with Italian dishes, you’d be surprising the true variety of complimentary pairings this green has. These 15 basil recipes will ignite so many meals. Scroll and take a look!

15 Delicious Basil Recipes

1. White Pizza with Shaved Veggies & Pesto

Basil Recipes

This pizza looks stellar. Not only delicious but guilt-free too. The more colorful your plate, the better, and greens are always a necessities. This vegetarian-friendly pizza will satisfy even the carnivores.

“This fresh take on white pizza has a base of pesto and white cheeses topped with a veritable salad of all our favorite green vegetables. Peas and crispy, thin-shaved asparagus, zucchini, and leeks are topped with watercress, basil, and pecorino curls for a satisfying slice that just happens to be vegetarian.” – Epicurious

2. Tomato Basil Shrimp

Tomato basil shrimp

This looks like quite the scrumptious summertime meal, don’t you think? The best part about the meal is it will only take 20 minutes to complete and the leftovers are just as heavenly. The ingredient list is small too!

“This quick and easy shrimp recipe is great with toast, pasta, or on its own – a great, versatile recipe for busy weeknights!” – Life As A Strawberry

3. Creamy Parmesan Basil Shrimp

Creamy shrimp with basil and roasted red peppers 3 of 7

Here’s another shrimp recipe for our seafood lovers out there but this time it’s a bit creamy and heartier. There’s a bout of parmesan mixed in here as well so it’s defining slightly more indulgent as well.

“This Creamy Parmesan Basil Shrimp is a restaurant quality dish you can make at home! Creamy luscious sauce envelops plump shrimp, perfect for serving over pasta, or make it keto and serve with spaghetti squash instead!” – Fox and Briar

4. Sticky Basil Chicken

Sticky basil chicken

Is your mouth watering? Upon first glance, ours certainly were. This version of sticky chicken is also non-friend so there’s a layer of health consciousness that makes this a great meal for even when you’re trying to do better with your lifestyle choices. And the basil truly elevates the palette.

“Skip takeout and make this AMAZING chicken that tastes like it’s from an Asian restaurant at home in 15 minutes!! So EASY with the perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and plenty of fresh basil!! ” – Averie Cooks

5. Fresh Basil Pesto

Fresh basil pesto

Everyone needs a classic homemade pesto recipe and this is the one that will pull through for you. It’s simple. It’s easy to follow and it’s versatile for adding to all kinds of meals – from pizzas to sandwiches!

“Such a simple recipe with amazing results, thoroughly enjoyed it over pasta and a grilled chicken breast. Great way to utilize the extra basil in my garden.” – Food Network

6. Braised Eggplant with Garlic & Basil braised eggplant finished dish plated

This is another vegetarian dish that is tasty enough to satisfy everyone at the table. It can also be used as a tasty side as well! The garlic and basil, as we know, play so nicely together. Service is alongside some simple rice.

“Softened chunks of Asian eggplant braised with garlic, chilies, soy sauce and finished with a flourish of fresh basil for a satisfying yet easy summer dish.” – Serious Eats

7. Tomato Basil Pasta with Balsamic Chicken

Tomato basil pasta with balsamic grilled chicken

The pasta. The chicken. The fresh basil and balsamic glaze. It all pairs well so beautifully. There is so much flavor here but it’s also so kid-friendly and not intimidating for the pickiest of easy. It’s a lovely family meal idea.

“This Tomato Basil Pasta with Balsamic Grilled Chicken is a lighter pasta dish filled with fresh tomatoes and basil. An easy and flavorful dinner perfect for weeknights!”Recipe Runner

8. Cinnamon Basil Cookies

Cinnamon basil cookies

Yes, you read that right. Basil actually goes quite well in cookies. These are such a unique bite and they’re the perfect way to win over the next cookie swap or potluck!

“The unique flavor of these simple cookies is perfect for pairing with a cup of tea, or even a cold lemonade. You’ll have your friends guessing at the ingredients, and gobbling them up as they try to figure it out!” –My Midlife Kitchen

9. Basil Goat Cheese Pasta Salad

Basil goat cheese pasta salad

Isn’t this a stunner? This pasta salad is filled with so many delicious ingredients. There’s beet root, there’s goat cheese, basil, pasta, more veggies – it’s colorful, it’s satisfying, but there’s not an ounce of guilt in sight.

“Trust me, it’s going to become your go-to summer pasta salad!” – Half Baked Harvest

10. Lemon Basil Guacamole

Lemon basil guacamole

Who doesn’t need another guacamole recipe, especially with a fun twist like this. For a summertime flair on your go-to chip dip, check out this lemon and basil addition. Oh, and there won’t be any leftovers of this creation.

“Traditional Mexican guacamole gets an Italian twist with the addition of freshly squeezed lemon and sweet basil leaves.” – Food & Wine Magazine

11. Everything Basil Pizza

Everything basil pizza

Stop your scrolling, we have another pizza recipe for you. It’s got a unique spin but it’s packed with flavors. The pesto really packs a mighty punch here.

“This epic basil pizza is all about one thing: BASIL. It’s got a thick layer of savory pesto, and is topped with loads of fresh leaves!” A Couple Cooks

12. Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Pinwheels

8 ingredient 15 minute sun dried tomato and basil pinwheels an easy crowd pleasing summer friendly appetizer or snack vegan recipe appetizer

We have found a great dish to bring to your next night in with friends. If you’re searching for a yummy, pick-up food, these pinwheels are it! Sun-dried tomatoes and basil are such a delicious pairing.

“This recipe is simple, requiring just 8 ingredients and 15 minutes to prepare! Just stir filling ingredients, spread into a tortilla, roll and slice!” – Minimalist Baker

13. Pasta with Basil Cream Sauce

Basil cream sauce

Basil and pasta are another couple that we love. And this basil cream sauce, well, you could eat up by itself with a spoon.

“Creamy pasta is an easy dinner dream. Al dente pasta served with basil cream sauce is the perfect vegetarian meal and can be ready in 20 minutes.” –Simply Delicious

14. Thai Basil Chicken

Thai basil chicken

Homemade is always the best route to go. Skip ordering out tonight and have a little fun in the kitchen. This Thai basil chicken is begging for you to make it!

“Savory Thai Chicken Stir-Fry with fragrant Thai Basil and delicious homemade stir-fry sauce.” – ChefDeHome.com

15. Lemon Basil Chicken

Healthy lemon basil chicken

One pan or pot recipes are just lifesavers. And this lemon basil chicken (with lemon and spinach too) just knows how to hit the spots on nights you need a quick and easy bite.

“One Pan Lemon Basil Chicken with Spinach—Ready in 20 minutes! Fresh, flavorful, and healthy. Serve with rice for an easy weeknight meal.” – Well Plated by Erin

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