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90s Inspired DIY Halter Lace Crop Top

Look who’s back, have you missed them? 90s inspired fashion is all over Pinterest lately and expanding to all sorts of industries and materials: for instance, have you noticed the return of holographic and silver objects in home decor? And neck tied tops? Not to talk about the return of chokers and backpacks. All over us. So, it’s time to get out all your Spice Girls albums ladies, we know you’re secretly hiding them under the bed.

Diy 90s inspired lace croptop wear

And do you know what summer + the return of the 90s means to us crafters? We can make our own unique halter crop tops and wear them all season with our fave buttom ups or, like in my case, with the most dreamy full yard skirt and get a nice boho vibe that perfectly pairs with lace and summer. Enough chatting, let’s get to the tutorial immediately!


  • lace cloth
  • scissors
  • matching thread
  • leather thread
  • pins
  • sewing machine (optional)

Diy 90s inspired lace croptop supplies

1. Start by cutting a triangle shape like shown in the picture, and measure it on your body to decide the height of the top. This will be the front side of the top. Cut off the points so that it will be easier to sew the front and the back.

Diy 90s inspired lace croptop front piece

Diy 90s inspired lace croptop cut

2. Now cut a rectangle shape that will be the back of the top, measure it on your own body too see how much cloth you need, and cut.

Diy 90s inspired lace croptop back piece

3.  Next put the two parts together , with the right sides facing each other and pin the sides like show in the picture. If you have extra lace on the back it’s ok, keep it, because this lace isn’t elastic thus we need plenty of space to wear it and get both of our shoulders in it. Very carefully reverse the top and wear it to see if everything looks good. Make any adjustment on size if needed.