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These 30-Minute Rice Recipes Will Save Your Weekly Menu Prep

We all seem to have a few extra boxes of rice hidden in our pantry. And, thankfully, that staple gives us the perfect foundation for making a lot of different, easy, and quick meals for the family. From chicken favorites to vegetarian dishes, let’s have a peek at these 15 30-minute rice recipes that will save your weekly menu prep. Pro top: every one of these dishes make the best leftovers for school meals or quick weekend lunches at home.

1. Chicken Fried Rice

Easy 30 minute chicken fried rice

Chicken fried rice is a family favorite – even the kiddos enjoy this one. And it’s such a great way to sneak in extra vegetables into everyone’s diet. We also love to add a bit of extra soy sauce on top. Check out Jar of Lemons for this quick recipe.

2. Black Beans & Rice

Rice and beans 30 minute recipe

My Darling Vegan has a no-meat option for the fam to indulge in. Some classic black beans and rice can be full of flavor and you can top it off with some of your favorites such as pico, sour cream, or even some cheese! Squeeze a bit of lime to finish it off.

3. Almond Chicken With Minute Rice

Almond chicken and rice 30 minute

How beautiful would this meal be to spoil the family with this week? Juicy, almond chicken with some rice and a side salad, everyone will be filled to the tippy top by the end of dinnertime. Grab the details by visiting All Recipes.

4. One-Skillet Sausage & Rice

Sausage and rice skillet 30 minute meal

Diethood knows how much we all love a great one-skillet recipe. They’re easy, they’re quick, and there isn’t too much fuss. Sausage and rice is just another family-friendly and flavorful meal that you can whip up on a weekday night in a pinch.

5. Broccoli Cheese Rice

Broccoli cheese rice

This dish can made into a main course or as a delicious accompaniment to so some grilled chicken or steaks. This cheesy goodness is made with fresh broccoli, beans, rice, and a lot of indulgent cheese. Thanks for the inspiration Pinch of Yum!

6. Mushroom Portobello Fried Brown Rice

Fried brown rice with mushrooms

Here’s a fried rice recipe for the vegetarians out there. Instead of chicken or pork fried rice, How Sweet Eats threw in some portobello mushrooms instead. You can meal prep with this recipe!

7. One-Pan Mexican Chicken & Rice

One pan mexican chicken and rice

The Girl Who Ate Everything gave us a one-pan recipe that you’ll want to double because the family is going to want seconds, possible thirds, and definintely leftovers. This Mexican chicken and rice is full of cheesy goodness and some sour cream on top wouldn’t hurt.

8. Greek Lemon Chicken & Rice

Lemon chicken and rice

Hello Creative Family will satisfy your Mediterranean cravings with this Greek lemon chicken and rice creation. Everything goes in the pan like so, and the family will eat up well. Serve it with olive salad on the side or mixed greens.

9. Creamy Parmesan One-Pot Chicken & Rice

Creamy one pot chicken and rice

The Salty Marshmallow went the Italian route and created a creamy, parmesan chicken and rice pot full of yum. Serve this as a side to a large Cesar salad if you’re watching carbs or use it as leftovers for the kids’ lunches tomorrow. Either way, it’s worth the 30-minutes of your time.

10. Cajun Chicken & Rice

Cajun chicken and rice skillet

If you’re feeling spicy, visit our friends at Life Made Simple for a Cajun treat. This chicken and rice concoction pays homage to the streets of New Orleans with the best kick. Grab some cornbread to serve as an appetizer (and to cool everyone’s palate).

11. Mongolian Beef with Coconut Rice

Mongolian beef with coconut rice

The Chunky Chef will show you how easy it is to make Mongolian beef right in your own home. The real star here is the gorgeous coconut rice though. For a change of pace, whip this up instead of another chicken dish.

12. Cheesy Ham & Rice Skillet

One pot cheesy ham rice skillet

Lightened Up! gave us the best brunch treat to bring to your next family meal. A bout of peas, chopped ham, rice, and cheese too (of course), it’s a kid-friendly splurge that the adults at the table will absolutely want a few scoops of. It’s also a great plate to make throughout springtime celebrations!

13. Pork & Rice Bowl

30 minute pork rice bowls

Betsy Life has some of these beautiful pork and rice bowls featured – including the directions on how to make them at home. Level up lunchtime with this colorful concoction. You can always add in some extra veggies!

14. Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl

Teriyaki chicken rice bowls

Together As Family went a classic route with this teriyaki chicken and rice recipe. Instead of ordering out, just stay in and learn how to make your own! It only take 30 minutes to accomplish.

15. Chicken & Rice

Chicken and rice 30 minute recipe

Cook With Campbells finished off our list with this delicious chicken and rice recipe. But, this isn’t the chicken and rice recipe you once knew. It’s new and approved, and filled with delicious, fresh peppers.

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