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15 Unique and Delicious Homemade Chili Recipes

Where we come from, this time of year is always tough because the weather is so erratic. Some days it’s so mild outside that we’re basically ready to pack our parkas away and embrace spring, and other days we’re back in deep freeze mode, piling scarves and layers on to keep out the chill. We’ve always been pretty cold people, however, and even though winter has its charm, we’re cautious to give up all the warm clothes, habits, and snacks that usually comfort us in cold weather too soon. That’s why you’ll still find us making deliciously toasty meals all the way through until Easter, just to make sure our families are warmed through until nicer weather really does arrive for good for the year! What’s our favourite late winter meal to make, you ask? Well, we find that around this time of year, we just can’t resist a good chili!

Just in case you love chili as much as we do but you also like to switch up your favourites with a unique flavour twist or two as well, here are 15 of our favourite unique chili recipes for you to try before spring comes.

1. White bean chicken chili with butternut squash

White bean chicken chili with butternut squash

As much as we adore out classic beef chili with kidney beans, we always think it’s nice to have a lighter tasting version available, just to keep things interesting. That’s why we’ve been so obsessed with chicken chilis lately! This particular recipe from Foodie Crush is a huge favourite in our house because the butternut squash adds a deliciously satisfying bit of extra flavour and texture into the mix.

2. Indian spiced turkey chili

Indian spiced turkey chili

Perhaps you’ve been on the hunt for a recipe that’s got a slightly leaner meat alternative to ground beef, but chicken chilis aren’t really your thing? Then we have a feeling turkey based chilis are probably the best option for you! If you like a little bit of spice in your meals as well, then this Indian spiced turkey chili from Two Healthy Kitchens just might be the answer to your warm late winter entree prayers. We like to pack ours full of all kinds of veggies too, just to really make it hearty and satisfying.

3. Beanless orzo chili

Beanless orzo chili

If you’re going to put a unique twist on a recipe, why not make it a really unique one so long as you don’t lose the part of the chili that made you fall in love with the dish in the first place? We’d be willing to argue that this delicious beanless orzo chili recipe from iFood Blogger fits that bill just about perfectly! Our kids especially love this one because the orzo is mild and filling and, while they will eat beans when we serve them, they’d certainly prefer not to. This particular meat seasoning recipe does have a little bit of kick and spice to it, but the beauty of making dinner at home is that the amount of spice you add is totally within your control, so feel free to swap what’s recommended with what your family will like best.

4. Crockpot Thai chicken chili

Crockpot thai chicken chili

Just because the kind of chili you’re used to is the classic all American version doesn’t mean that’s the only kind of delicious chili around! One of our favourite international flavours has actually always been Thai food, so we were nothing short of ecstatic when we came across this Thai chicken curry inspired version of a house favourite dish! Honest and Truly shows you how to make it from scratch, control how much spice you put in, and even how to garnish it with a lime wedge because that fresh squeeze of added flavour really makes each bite even more delicious than it already would have been.