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15 Awesome Dice Themed Crafts

We’ve talked a lot in our posts about hosting game nights because let’s face it, we just love to play games with out family and friends! Besides crafting and creating awesome DIY projects, that’s actually one of our very favourite things to do! We find that people forget, however, that playing cards aren’t the only thing you need when it comes to hosting a truly awesome game night, whether you’re playing with adults or kids. We also love playing dice games, or at least board games that involve dice! As usual, though, we prefer find awesomely creative ways to make dice of our own rather than buying them at the store. Conversely, we also love it when we can find cool ways to make old dice into other things!

Check out these awesome dice themed and dice related crafts that are an absolute blast to make, whether they’re something you’d make for yourself or with your kids.

1. DIY jumbo light table dice

Diy jumbo light table dice

If you have kids like we do, then there’s no need for us to explain what a light table is to you because your kids will have already fallen in love with theirs the way our have! We could set them at the light table with all of the toys and trinkets that go with it and leave them there for hours and they’d be completely content. That’s why we’re always keeping an eye out for DIY and crafty things that we can either make for them or help them make so they can use them on their light table and have even more fun. These transparent coloured dice by And Next Comes L are the perfect example of what we’re talking about!

2. DIY wooden lawn dice

Diy wooden lawn dice

If your kids are anything like ours, they probably love things even more in jumbo size than they already do in their regular size. That’s why we knew we had to make them these jumbo wooden lawn dice the moment we saw them! Sometimes Homemade shows you how to create perfectly squared off wooden cubes, we well as how to use wood burning techniques to make circular marks to show the numbers on each side.

3. Colourful foam dice

Colourful foam dice

Do you love the idea of making your kids a set of jumbo dice but you’re not quite ready to handle an entire woodworking project just yet? Well, lucky for all of us, there are always crafty alternatives if you’re willing to get creative enough! One of our favourite alternatives to the wood dice idea, which are certainly best to be used in the backyard so they don’t damage anything, are these lighter foam dice that can be used indoors too. Find out how they’re made on Miss Kindergarten!

4. Paper dice templates

Paper dice templates

Perhaps you’re looking for something even lighter than the foam dice and even easier to make? We really like that idea too because the easier the craft is, the more likely are kids are to be able to make it themselves, so that’s why we were pretty happy to find these simple printable dice templates on Pinterest! Print it out, label the numbered sides if you’d prefer to make your own designs on the other side rather than folding it printed side out, and get folding!