DIY Wire Heart With Beads – THE Gift for This Valentine’s Day

Jewelry pieces are always nice gifts, especially around Valentine’s Day. Talking of which, what better way to show your feelings than with a heart-shaped piece full of cute little beads?

By Jon Doe

 It’s going to be a wonderful pendant they can wear on a daily basis and it’s particularly great because it goes with almost every style.

Supplies Chain Beads Jump ring Thick wire Thin wire Round-nose pliers Pliers

Let's make DIY Wire Heart With Beads

Step 1

Make a heart: We’re going to start by creating a heart. Take the thick wire and start molding it in the shape of a heart.

Step 2

Start adding the beads: Now that your heart base is done, it’s time we go to the next step. Get the thin wire and cut a good length wire with your pliers.

Step 3

Complete the wire heart with beads: Now that the heart is done, you’re pretty much done. Get the large jump ring and push it through one of the sides of the heart. .

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