Simple String Art Christmas Tree

In my house, the most popular crafts are always those that let our kids get a little messy. That’s how we found ourselves making these awesome glue and string art Christmas trees.

By Jon Doe

I decided to outlined how we did it, just in case other people want to give them a try too.

Materials Needed White paper Green yarn Textile glue Scissors Hot glue A plastic file sleeve Pearl beads A bowl

Let's make Simple String Art Christmas Tree

Step 1

Fill your bowl with white textile glue. Don’t fill the whole thing; you’ll only need enough for dunking string and you never want to waste good crafting supplies.

Step 2

Turn your white paper landscape and start curling the bottom left corner inwards towards the middle to create a cone shape. The paper shape will be pointed at the top on the left and have a circular opening at the bottom towards the right.

Step 3

Slide your paper cone into the opening of your plastic file sleeve, down into the free bottom corner that does not have the binder rings attached to it.

Step 4

Hold the end of your green yarn between your thumb and the inside of your other four fingers held together, then start wrapping the yarn around your fingers.

Step 5

Put your yarn bundle into your bowl of glue and work it through with your fingers until each bit of yarn along the gull length is covered well and decently saturated.

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