DIY Concrete Door Stopper

I make myself something from concrete that’s a little more practical, even though I still wanted to keep it simple. That’s how I came up with this DIY concrete door stopper idea!

By Jon Doe

Now I have several and I’ve bee so happy with them that I decided to make sure other people can learn how they’re done too

Supplies DIY fine particle cement Water A spoon A sandpaper block Scissors Tape Oil A paintbrush Swipe up for the full list of supplies

Let's make DIY Concrete Door Stopper

Step 1

Cut the tube: Use your utility knife to carefully cut your chips tube in half through the cardboard.

Step 2

Mix the cement: Use your spoon to mix your DIY fine particle concrete mix until it has the right consistency!

Step 3

Cut the twine: Measure out a length of about four inches from the end of your jute rope, and fold that in half to make a loop of about two inches.

Step 4

Oil the mold: Use your paintbrush to brush the entire inside of your bottom tube half with oil. Make sure you coat the whole bottom and all of the sides well.

Step 5

Spoon in the cement: Use your spoon to fill the inside of the tube entirely with concrete mix. Leave a little bit of space at the top just to make sure nothing spills over.

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