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DIY Long Leather Tassel Necklace

Is there anything more classy than leather tassels? They are cute in any way and used almost everywhere, so when I bumped into this rectangle of scrap leather I immediately knew what to craft with it: a tassel! The initial idea was to add it to a black leather bag but turns out I don’t have any (weird, uh? All ladies should have at least one!). So I found this gold chain and thought it would pair perfectly with my leather tassel to be. I’m of curse using eco-friendly leather, but as always this is up to you. Also, the size of the tassel we’re about to make can be changed based on your taste: clearly, the smaller, the cuter, the most difficult to make.

 Long Leather Tassel Necklace

Here’s what you’ll need to craft a leather tassel necklace:

  • leather
  • scissors
  • chain and jump ring
  • needle nose pliers
  • needle

Step by step guide process:

diy leather tassel necklace material

Step 1: Cutting leather

Start by cutting a rectangular leather shape approximately 3.14 x 4.7 inches. You can of course make it smaller (or bigger!)

diy leather tassel ncklace cut

Step 2:  Same height for fringes

Next, cut fringes. Make them 85% the length of the rectangle, trying to make them all finish at the same height.

diy leather tassel ncklace fringe

Step 3: Needle process

Roll it up and push a needle through the part without fringes.

diy leather tassel ncklace roll

Step 4: Add hole

Take out the needle and make the jump ring enter the hole just made. I had some trouble making this step because the jum ring kept bending, so I recommend you keep on using the needle to push it in more easily.

diy leather tassel necklace pin

Step 5: Blend it

Help yourself with pliers to bend the straight end around the ringed end.

diy leather tassel necklace close

Step 6: Trimming

Finally, give a trim to tassel fringes that aren’t in line: they must be all at the same level.

diy leather tassel necklace trim


Our leather tassel is ready! Now you can potentially attach it to anything! I added it to this gold chain to make a trendy necklace.

diy leather tassel necklace assemble

Well done! Have you ever upcycled something with tassels? I can’t wait to make more of these cute gorgeous elements to attach to all my home decor!

diy leather tassel necklace set2

diy leather tassel necklace set

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