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Cool DIY Laptop Sleeves

Do you take your laptop almost everywhere you go? We sure do, and we find that we’re very paranoid about it unless it’s in something that will protect it. We’ve tried clip on cases, laptop bags, and cases designed to make your computer “life proof”, but most of these just ended up making it a lot more heavy and cumbersome than it needed to be. In the end, we discovered the concept of simple laptop sleeves, rather than chunky cases, and it totally saved us! The best part? We made our own!

You’ll note, however, that we said our laptop sleeve was simple, not boring. Take a look at this list of 15 awesome sleeve designs and you’ll soon realize that DIY sleeves can be just about anything but boring!

1. Geometric leather sleeve

Geometric leather sleeve

Just because your laptop isn’t in a fancy briefcase doesn’t mean it can’t look classy enough for a business meeting when it’s slid into your laptop sleeve. Check out this beautifully geometric leather design covered in triangles of all different colours. Ann Margritt shows you how it’s done!

2. Lined zippered sleeve

Lined zippered sleeve

Most of the laptop sleeve designs that caught our eye were simple slide-in ones, but this one was just too good to pass up even though it has a zipper! Because it’s lined, it protects the outer shell of your computer from scratches rather exceptionally. Sewing in a lining also gives you extra decor value because that’s another spot for more cool fabric! Check out the pattern for this one on The Late Afternoon.

3. Bulky stitch and leather sleeve

Bulky stitch and leather sleeve

Another reason we love the concept of laptop sleeves is that you can make a single design bigger to fit your computer or small to fit your tablet. That’s what we want to do with this awesomely chunky stitched leather case! As long as you have the right dimensions for your own technology, Curbly‘s design will work for you.

4. Patched triangles sleeve

Patched triangles sleeve

Do you have some scrap fabric or leftover pieces of material that are too small to use but that you don’t want to waste? Check out this laptop sleeve design by Shelterness! It’s like a mini quilting project, meaning you’ll be able to practice your stitching skills to your heart’s content while you clear out your fabric bins just a little.

5. Scrap fabric sleeve

Scrap fabric sleveve

Do you like the idea of using scrap fabric to make a sleeve but you don’t have enough different kinds or colours to make a very interesting pattern? Check out this design from Arts Technica instead! It’s simple, but it’s a great chance to pair patterns and colours together in unconventional ways.

6. Stud sided leather sleeve

Stud sided leather sleeve

Do you love the idea of the leather sleeve we showed you previously, but you’re kind of rethinking the chunky stitching part? Here’s an edgy alternative that we can’t get enough of. Oh Happy Day shows you how to seal the sides of a leather case with cute miniature studs instead.

7. No-sew bubble mailer sleeve

No sew bubble mailer sleeve

When it comes to easy access and slipping your laptop in and out of the case easily, this idea for making a sleeve out of a bubble mailer is probably the best one around! It’s also one of the most effective for actually protecting your technology. Check out how you can customize your own version on Curbly.

8. Scalloped felt sleeve

Scalloped felt sleeve

Felt is soft and protective, making it the perfect material to create your laptop sleeve from. This design is quite plan with just a hint of cute detail along the edge, so if you’re feeling minimalist in your style, maybe the scallops are all you need! Get the full instructions on Oh So Lovely Vintage.

9. Quilted felt scraps sleeve

Quilted felt scraps sleeve

Did you like the quilted triangles idea above but you actually don’t have much fabric left because you’ve been a lot more into felting lately? That’s totally okay! Pieces of felt can be quilted together in just the same way and the finished product is completely adorable, especially if you use many different colours. Check out the steps for making this one on My Poppet.

10. Two-toned felt and button sleeve

Two toned felt and button sleeve

Are you a big can of how the bubble mailer idea fastens and stays closed, but you’re not actually into the idea of putting your laptop in a real envelope? Try making this chic unfolding version instead! Choose brightly coloured felt to your tastes and following Curbly’s lead when it comes to measuring the folding flaps correctly and fastening on the buttons and string.

11. Upcycled sweater sleeve

Upcycled sweater sleeve

We’ve talking a whole lot about “sleeves”, so we wouldn’t blame you if you’ve accidentally head sweaters on your mind all throughout this list, even if you knew what we actually meant. Well, here’s an idea that will make you feel less crazy for making the association, because it’s actually made from an upcycled sweater! Apartment Therapy shows you how to make it step by step.

12. Belted envelope sleeve

Belted envelope sleeve

The sleeve design where you just slip your laptop easily in and out is cute, but some people still worry that their device will slip out and get damaged. Stop that from happening with this cute belted design from iSpy DIY! We love the way they’ve used a loud pattern and a bright contrasting belt colour to draw the eye.

13. Upcycled blazer sleeve

Upcycled blazer sleeve

Do you like the idea of making a sleeve out of upcycled clothing but you don’t have any available sweaters to cut up right now? Check your closets for an old, ill fitting blazer instead! Follow That’s My Letter‘s lead and make a sleeve out of an old blazer that looks very smart indeed.

14. Wool and lace sleeve

Wool and lace sleeve

Are you looking for something that manages to be both simple and girly all at once? Then we think this adorable lace and wool combination takes the cake! You could use whatever colour you like for the sleeve itself, as almost anything will look adorable with clean white lace. Check out how it’s done on All Things Lovely.

15. No-sew laptop clutch

No sew laptop clutch

Are you looking for something that looks a lot more like an accessory and a lot less like an obvious attempt to protect your laptop from clumsiness? A Cup of Sparkle has the perfect idea for you! This folding sleeve is so pretty that we’re tempted to use it as a purse at our next formal outing.

Do you know another DIY enthusiast with a brand new laptop that could really use some protecting? Share this post with them for a little bit of crafting inspiration!