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DIY Jewelry Made with Feathers

We’ve talked about feather decor and feather-themed crafts before, but the more we thought about it, the more we felt that there just wasn’t enough emphasis on DIY feather jewelry! Depending on how you style the piece, adding feathers to your jewelry is a fantastic way to either soften it and make it look natural or jazz it up completely until you’re practically a showgirl!

Check out these 15 cute feathered jewelry designs that we’re just itching to make. Whether you want to choose projects that involve real feathers or ones that are just feather-themed, there’s something on this list for you!

1. Hand embroidered feather pendant

Hand embroidered feather pendant

If you enjoy hand stitching and needlepoint projects, then this delicate little flower pendant is absolutely up your alley. It takes patience and detail, but it’s not particularly complicated once you’ve got the technique. Check out how this one was made on The Boy Trifecta.

2. Painted faux feather necklace

Painted faux feather necklace

Are you much better at painting than you are at stitching and sewing? Thick water colour paper, some finely pointed brushes, and a thin fine liner pen are the key to this gorgeous hand painted feather design. I Love to Create walks you through the process.

3. Leather scrap faux feather earrings

Leather scrap faux feather earrings

We love projects that can be made with little pieces of things you might already have lying around! These feather-inspired earrings made from scraps of leather are the perfect example! Transient Expression shows you each step for making them.

4. Polymer clay and mica powder faux feather necklace

Polymer clay and mica powder faux feather necklace

If you’re very detailed oriented and love the idea of forming things with your own hands, this clay sculpted feather necklace by My Mandarin Lucky is definitely the design for you! We love the way the mica powders create a colour variation that gives it a subtle shine.

5. Gold feathered chain

Fashion mode styling outfit diy

Dana’s Fashion Blog provides you with this great tutorial that makes feathers look as thought they’re made of gold leaf, but for much less money! We love the wrapping chain design in place of regular necklace clasps.

6. Coloured feather and gold chain earrings

Fashion mode styling outfit diy

Are you looking for an accessory that really draws the eye and adds some colour and flair? Look no further than this tutorial from Dana’s Fashion Blog. You can pick any colour of feather you want, but they’ll still look great fluttering as you move!

7. Fringed DIY leather feather earrings

Fringed diy leather feather earrings

You’ve already seen another earring project made from leather scraps, but here’s a variation for you! These ones are more fringed, so they have a little more movement as you go about your day. Check out how they’re made on This Blog is Not for You.

8. Feather and rope necklace

Feather and rope necklace

I Love DIY shows you how to make this chunky rope necklace with feathers of different sizes, colours, and textures. We love the visual contrast the whole project creates, and we’d definitely wear it as a statement piece!

9. Glitter feather necklace

Glitter feather necklace

Everything is better with a little bit of glitter! If you think so too, then we’ve found your ideal feather jewelry project. Check out this glitter dipped design by Dana’s Fashion Blog. We love the idea of dipping the feathers in different colours!

10. H&M feather and chain recreation necklace

Fashion mode styling outfit diy

Why pay full retail prices for something you can make yourself for less money? This necklace by Dana’s Fashion Blog is a recreation of an H&M look, but we’d never have noticed the difference!

11. Silver and turquoise polymer clay feather pendant

Silver and turquoise polymer clay feather pendant

Do you like the idea of using polymer clay to create a necklace, but feel like the previous clay feather design is a little too big for your tastes? Try a pendant design like this one by Velvetorium instead! We love the way the turquoise stone nestles into the hand carved feather pattern.

12. Etched polymer clay feather necklace

Etched polymer clay feather necklace

Perhaps have the clay idea appeals to you, but you’d prefer a simpler or more minimalist design than the ones you’ve already seen. These adorable little solidly coloured feathers by The Crafted Sparrow might be more your speed! You’ll be able to choose and make any colour combination you want and adorn the feathers with beads of your choosing!

13. Washi tape feather earrings

Wash tape feather earrings

Honestly, when isn’t washi tape useful in DIY? We’d never thought about making it into jewelry before, but we’re very glad we came across this washi tape feather earring tutorial by Duct Tape and Denim because these are totally adorable (and super easy to make)!

14. Crochet peacock feather earrings

Crochet peacock feather earrings

We’re pretty sure the DIY options for crochet enthusiasts are limited. There’s hardly anything you can’t crochet if you try! That’s why it was no surprise when we found this great tutorial for crocheted feathers earrings by Whistle & Ivy.

15. Plastic “doodle” feather necklace

Plastic "doodle" feather necklace

To create the necklace in this tutorial by Lil Blue Boo, you’ll need to buy a special pen that melts plastic and lets you draw patterns and shapes with it. If you’re willing to invest in it, however, the pen is an awesome tool for all kinds of crafting! Check out how these intricate, delicate looking little leaves were created.

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