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15 Healthy Skillet Meals You Can Whip Up For The Family

Are you searching for some easy meals to feed the fam with? Instead of popping in a frozen pizza, why not look for fresh ingredients that are better for the kiddos but as equally as easy to make. These 15 healthy skillets meals are perfect for whipping up for the family any day of the week! Even after a long day of work, you’ll be able to make this happen in no time and enjoy a meal with your loved ones.

1. Chicken Broccoli Quinoa Skillet

Chicken broccoli quinoa skillet

A Spicy Perspective brings us this delicious and colorful chicken quinoa bowl that’s full of flavor and good-for-you ingredients. This is a great way to get the kids familiar with quinoa and sneak in some broccoli. Thankfully, it’ll also feel you up without any shame.

2. Tuscan Chicken

One skillet tuscan chicken

This tuscan chicken skillet is full of hardiness and delicious bites. Olives, chicken, tomatoes, spices and herbs with bouts of yummy beans, it’s a masterpiece made by Delicious Meets Healthy. Hop on over now and check out the fab recipe.

3. Harvest Chicken

Chicken bacon brussels sprouts skillet with sweet potatoes and sauteed apples every fall flavor you love in a healthy delicious one pan meal

Well Plated went with a harvest chicken skillet that’s topped with Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes too. This will too fill you up without any shame because all of the ingredients are hardy but also really good for you. There’s some apple in there too for a bout of sweetness.

4. Lasagna

Healthy skillet lasagna

Who really loves lasagna? Well, it’s a comfort food for a lot of people but thankfully we’ve found a way to make it a bit healthier. And all you have to do is check out the recipe at Apple of My Eye to learn how this skillet meal is really just a dream come true.

5. Cheesy Taco

Healthy cheesy taco skillet meat

Everyone loves a good, cheesy taco. It’s comforting, it’s indulgent, but fortunately there’s a lot of ways to serve up those flavors in a healthy way without all the calories and carbs that sometimes comes with it. Check out one of those recipes over at The Garlic Diaries.

6. Spinach & Cheese

Spinach and cheese breakfast skillet

Spinach, cheese, potatoes, and some bacon too, this is a delicious recipe that can both start or end your day. Check out all of the details over at Eating Well. The family will love this one, even with the spinach involved.

7. Italian Sausage with Veggies

Sweet italian sausage skillet

Well Plated has this skillet meal up their sleeve too. If you have a family that loves a meat and potato type of dish than this is the recipe you need to try. Italian sausage, potatoes and veggies will be filling everyone’s plates.

8. Lemon Chicken

Weeknight lemon chicken skillet dinner ck

This lemon chicken is absolutely delicious – I know because I’ve tried this one myself. It’s creamy and you feel like you’re indulging in something special – but it’s actually on the healthier side of the food pyramid. Check it out over at My Recipes.

9. Pesto, Tomato, & Broccoli Pasta

Top skillet healthy pesto tomato broccoli pasta recipe

iFOODreal went with a pasta dish that will satisfy all of your carb cravings. But, it’s also filled with a lot of delicious flavor and ingredients. Pesto, broccoli, sun dried tomatoes and more round out this beauty.

10. Salmon Potato Hash

Skillet salmon potato hash

Cookie Canuck went with salmon as their meat and rounded it out with some potato hash. It’s colorful, it’s filled with freshness, and it’s surprisingly a delicious way to serve up seafood. Grab the recipe after taking the leap over.

11. Shepherd’s Pie

Healthy skillet shepherds pie

Healthy Seasonal Recipes took a classic recipe and turned it into a genius skillet meal. Shepherd’s pie is a comfort food that so many people like to indulge in. Fortunately, there’s some better ways to make it and this is one of them!

12. Unstuffed Bell Pepper

Unstuffed bell pepper skillet

Stuffed bell peppers are so delicious because the flavors go together so nicely. Well, you get all the flavors of those beauties in this skillet dish but without the oven and the stuffing part. Snag the details by visiting Kristine’s Kitchen.

13. Garlic Parm Chicken

Skillet garlic parmesan chicken thighs

Garlic parm chicken is filled with ingredients that everyone loves to enjoy. Strong flavor and nothing that will make you feel guilty to eating it, Joyful Healthy Eats gives us a super delicious recipe to try out this week. Serve it up with a baked potato or side salad.

14. Hamburger and Zucchini

Zuchinni hamburger skillet

Julie’s Eats & Treats gives us another homerun skillet recipe. Ground beef, cheese, and zucchini, it’s a family-friendly meal that serves as a sneaky way to get the kids to eat their veggies. And it’s one of the easiest ones on the list to whip up!

15. Shrimp & Sausage

Paleo newbie shrimp sausage

Finally, if you likes to mix your meats, this “surf and turf” combo from Paleo Newbie will be the winner for your fam. A bit of veggies, sausage and shrimp never looked so delicious. All you need is a skillet to start it out.

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