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49 “More Than Just Fried” Green Tomato Recipes To Try

Who doesn’t love a crisp and crunchy … and maybe even a bit spicy, fried green tomato? Topped with some cheese or even black eyed pea relish, it’s quite a delicious side dish or appetizer. But what else can you do with those green tomatoes? Dive into 50 recipes to try out and start experimenting with, we’ll start off with the classics and feature some more unique plates as well.

1. Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes

Simply Recipes will give you a classic recipe to keep for the recipe box. Whip up some delicious fried green tomatoes for the entire family to enjoy!

2. Green Tomato Mayo

Green tomato mayonnaise

Slather some of this deliciousness on your next burger. My Recipes has all the details for this green tomato mayo.

3. Green Tomato & Leek Frittata

Green tomatoe and leek frittata

Cooking Books makes this delicious green tomato and leek frittata that’s both nutritious and delicious. It’s satisfying and full of flavor.

4. Fermented Green Tomatoes

Fermented green tomatoes and hot peppers

Nourished Kitchen shows us how to ferment your green tomatoes … but with a kick of hot peppers! Garnish a lot and add some spice and bite to so many different dishes!

5. Grilled Green Tomato Tostadas

Grilled green tomato tostadas