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15 Easy DIY Home Improvements To Crank Out This Weekend

Not all home improvement projects have to be expensive, time-consuming, or really intricate. Instead, there are a lot of novice-level ways to transform your house into a new level of style. We’ve compiled 15 easy DIY home improvements to crank out this weekend. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever done a project like this or not – they’re doable so dive on in!

1. Organize & Declutter

Organize and declutter diy

Extra Space will help you declutter and organize every inch of your home. This one is really a no-brainer and will definitey improve your space within the confines of your weekend. Go through every area of the house and de-clutter, clean-up, and throw out any excess.

2. Window Trim

Diy easy craftsman trim

Yes, you can even whip up some window trimmings. If you’re working with some bare bones, this will take every room of the house to a new level of sophistication. Check out the tutorial at Remodelaholic.

3. Bathroom Revamp

Diy bathroom revamp

The Lovely Drawer has some really great ways to tidy up your bathrooms. You can DIY these storage bags and re-organize your guests, master, and even the kids’ spaces both stylishly and easily. Coordinate colors and get started!

4. Wooden Countertops

Diy wood countertops

Artsy Chicks Rule went the route of a bigger redo. These wooden counter tops will completely change the space that you install them in. Kitchens, mud rooms, and laundry areas, specially, could use the farmhouse-quality uplifter.

5. Casing & Corbels

Casing a doorway and adding corbels

Similar to the window trimmings above, Remodelaholic will also walk you through this gorgeous process. It really levels up the home in ways that you don’t realize were possible. Casing and corbels around the entryways will really help to transform your house’s overall style.

6. Temporary Backsplash

White subway tile temporary backsplash

Have you been toying with the idea of a new backsplash in the kitchen. Well, if you visit The Crazy Craft Lady you’ll learn how to install some temporary subway tile backsplash. It’ll take your kitche from boring to modern and chic in no time.

7. Homemade Pantry

Diy pantry shelf

You don’t need too many skills to put this DIY pantry together – just the right tools and materials. If you have the luxury of space, whip this up and get yourself (and the family) organized. Learn how by jumping over to Handmade Haven.

8. Shiplap

Diy faux shiplap

Rain and Pine knows that shiplap can help bring new life to virtually any area of the house. Even if you use it as an accent wall to some of your smaller space. Take the leap and start the new improvement this weekend (we know someone who did an entire nursery in two afternoons!).

9. Building Shutters

Diy shutters

Shutters will help with your curbside appeal. Whether you want new ones or never had any to begin with, they can certainly breathe new life into your sacred space. Check out all the details at The Handmade Home. And remember, you can always add color for some personalization.

10. Recessed Lighting

Diy recessed lighting

Add some more light to your kitchen – or playroom – or even basement, by visiting Bitterroot DIY. This recessed lighting tutorial is a really great project to have in one’s backpocket. Grab a pal so you have an extra hand for this one. But don’t worry, it’s easy to follow along!

11. Barn Door

How to make a barn door diy

Get rid of those traditionla doors and add one of these trendy barn doors to the mix. A Turtle’s Life for Me will show you how to build one from scratch and install the sliding beauty after all is said and done. These are perfect for closets, pantries, or even inside the foyer.

12. Basic Shelving

Diy dining room open shelving

The Wood Grain Cottage knows that adding some basic shelving to your home is and can be a giant home improvement as well. Not only will it transform the aethestic but it helps with organization! Do this for your extra living room or bedroom wall space.

13. Board & Battern Wall

Diy board and batten wall

Similar to those shiplap walls, board & batten virtually works well anywhere too. It adds subtle style to modern or minimalistic lovers everyone. Grab the tutorial at Lovely Etc.

14. Reupholster Chairs

Diy reupholster a chair

Being able to reupholster furniture is something that you should definitely learn how to do and have in your back pocket. Redo old pieces around the house or redo flea market finds to fit your vision! BHG has some great tips on getting through your first project.

15. Add Mirrors

Diy gem mirror

A Beautiful Mess has one of the easiest home improvements on the table. Adding mirrors to hallways, nooks and crannies, and any of the bedrooms will always be an uplifting feature. They add the illusion of more space and light – and reflect natural sunshine as well.

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