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15 Delicious Recipes for Ham Lovers

If there’s one kind of meet we can always count on to be delicious and well loved by every member of our family and just about any guest we have visiting our house, it’s ham. The taste is light and pleasant and there are just so many ways that you can prepare it! That’s why we always have our eyes peeled for new ham based recipes and ways to cook ham that we’ve never tried before but that we think look very tasty indeed.

1. Cheesy ham and potato bacon casserole

Cheesy ham and potato bacon casserole

Are you the kind of person who likes to ignore all health points every once in a while, making something purely for its deliciousness and how satisfying it is no matter what your brain tells you about calories? Well, if you happen to love both cheese and bacon just as much as you love ham, then we have a feeling you’ll adore this mouthwatering cheesy ham and potato bacon casserole recipe from Oh Sweet Basil just as much as we did!

2. Baked ham with brown sugar glaze

Baked ham with brown sugar glaze

Maybe you’re actually such a big fan of ham that you quite like to keep it quite close to its original flavour whenever possible, even when you’re adding a little extra flavour? In that case, you’ll need something lighter, but we still think you’ll appreciate the way this recipe from A Spicy Perspective gives you a small element of sweetness! Take a better look at their recipe to see how they prepared their ham with brown sugar.

3. Spicy tamarind and honey glazed spiral ham

Spixy tamarind and honey glazed spiral ham

Preparing ham with honey is certainly nothing new; in fact, honey glazed ham is a delicious classic that we honestly can’t get enough of! Just in case you do want to add some delicious flare, however, here’s a recipe from Bon Appetit that shows you how to get creative with flavour by adding some fragrant tamarind into the mix.

4. Ham and cheese make-ahead breakfast casserole

Ham and cheese make ahead breakfast caserole

If you’re a big fan of breakfast casseroles like we are and you’ve never tried the make-ahead kind that make your morning a little more low maintenance than preparing the whole thing when you wake up, then we are about to change the game for you! Foodie Crush is here to teach you how to make a delicious ham and cheese make-ahead breakfast casserole that’s perfect for family brunches or special occasion mornings.

5. Ham and cheese hash brown waffles

Hamd and cheese hash brown waffles

Just like we said about the casseroles we mentioned above, you’ve also been missing out if you’ve never tried hash brown waffles! These are just what they sound like; finely chipped potato hash browns that are pressed into the classic waffle shape. This recipe from Damn Delicious is one of our favourites when it comes to those because it shows you how to make them with ham and cheese.

6. Easy ham and cheese quiche

Easy ham and cheese quiche

The two ideas we showed you above certainly aren’t the only ways that you can enjoy ham and cheese along with egg in the same place! One of the most classic recipes to combine all of these things is quiche, which we’re a little bit obsessed with, if we’re being completely honest with you. Just in case you’ve never made a homemade ham and cheese quiche from scratch before, here’s a great recipe from Spicy Southern Kitchen to help you along the way!

7. Holiday ham with Riesling and mustard

Holiday ham with riesling and mustard

Are you the kind of classic ham lover that often enjoys your favourite meat the most when it’s served… rather plain? Well, when you’re talking about something that’s already so delicious on its own, we can’t say we blame you! Even so, it’s nice to put something on the side sometimes that guests can at least use for tasty dipping. That’s why we like this simple recipe and tutorial from Bon Appetit for holiday ham prepared with riesling and served with mustard.

8.  Roasted butternut squash and ham risotto

Roasted butternut squash and ham risotto

Just in case you’re still intent on finding another dish that ham is served in but you’d prefer something fit more to be a dinner entree, rather than something prepared for breakfast? Well, if you’re looking for something very satisfying indeed, we think you’ll really appreciate the way Give It Some Thyme made this irresistible roasted butternut squash and ham risotto.

9. Homemade leftover ham pizza

Homemade leftover ham pizza

Have you actually already made and eaten a delicious ham meal that was very yummy indeed but now you’re looking for a way to make the leftovers a little more interesting than just heating them up in the microwave? Well, if you’re also a pizza lover, than we have a feeling you’re going to simply love the way The Cookie Writer made this homemade leftover ham pizza that’s practically to die for!

10. Potato ham chowder

Potato ham chowder

What if you’re the kind of person who adores making soups more than just about anything else because you find them warm and satisfying in the winter and simply delicious during the rest of the year? Then why not start a list of mouthwatering ham soups that you can make your way through? We’d recommend starting it out with this great tasting potato ham chowder outlined ingredient by ingredient on Damn Delicious!

11. Marmalade glazed ham

Marmalade glazed ham

Have we mostly caught your attention effectively so far with the mention of different ideas that add a bit of sweetness and a bit of fruitiness to the meat you love so much, but none of those previous ideas have really held your attention yet? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Bon Appetit made this delicious entree star using- you read that right- marmalade!

12. Ham and cheese pastry puffs

Ham and cheese pastry puffs

Are you actually still not over the idea of adding ham, along with irresistible melted cheese, to things you might serve at a brunch or family breakfast on a special occasion, but you’re looking to gather as many ideas as you possibly can? Well, if puff pastries have ever been your thing, then we’d definitely suggest giving these amazing ham and cheese pasty puffs from Plain Chicken a try!

13. Hawaiian fried rice

Hawaiian fried rice

Maybe you’ve actually been scrolling through our list hoping to come across a recipe that will let you use ham in a way that’s a little more exotic or foreign to what you’d usually make? Then we’d definitely encourage you to take a look at one of our very favourite side dishes, which is this pineapple and ham filled Hawaiian fried rice outlined in full detail on The Recipe Critic!

14. Pineapple glazed ham

Pineapple glazed ham

Have we actually really caught your attention now with the mention of ham and pineapple in one place, but you’d rather keep your ham at centre stage than reduce it to a side dish? In that case, we think you simply must take a look at the way Bon Appetit made this fragrant and fantastic pineapple glazed ham in just a few simple steps.

15. Fig, melon, and Spanish ham salad with basil

Fig, melon, and spanish ham salad with basil

Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to find something extremely unique indeed or closer to what you might be served in a fancy restaurant because you’re hoping to impress someone you know who really loves ham, so you’ve been holding out? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Serious Eats made this delicious salad involving fig, melon, Spanish ham, and basil!

Do you have another favourite recipe made with ham that’s always a hit in your family but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about it or link us to the recipe so we can try it out as well!

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